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  1. Sorry, no experience with that filter... wish I could help.
  2. Well my guys stopped chasing "Mr. Limpet". I guess the mood passed. It's funny, it's like they have no interest in the female anymore. I'm relieved, because I was worried that they would kill her.
  3. I 've had 3 fish for about a year now. They have grown to be between 4 and 5 inches long (including tails) and have really put on the weight. They have always gotten along with each other. About a week ago, I brought a small oranda (2-1/2 inches including tail) home. I noticed one of my fish chasing the new one shortly after I put them together, but it wasn't very long before they seemed to have settled in. Well, today all three of my big fish keep chasing the new one around. They just won't leave it alone. I also noticed that the three big fish have little white bumps on their gills (tubercles?). The small fish does not. Do you think that I may have introduced one little female in with three amorous males? If so, will they stop chasing her eventually? What can I do, short of separating them, to give her some relief? Thanks...
  4. Thank for the suggestions. They are in line with what I was thinking, but it is always nice to have experienced fish keepers confirm my suspicions.
  5. I have that brand and like it a lot.
  6. Is there any danger using Ick medicine in a tank with a bristlenose pleco? It looks like I might have to treat my goldfish for ick (newest member is developing white patches on a couple of his fins four days after his arrival). It seems that I read something somewhere that said ick medicine is hard on plecos, but I can't remember for sure what it was. Do I need to make the dose less than recommended? I know you are to raise the water temp while treating. How high can the water temp be for my fancy goldfish and my pleco? Thanks...
  7. I don't have a Python, but imagine that it would be no different than refilling your tank using buckets of water from the tap. Either way you need to chemically treat your water to neutralize the Chlorine and Chloramines. Just add the treatment to your tank before you begin filling it back up.
  8. I have a 65 gallon All Glass tank and think it is a good quality tank. I haven't had experience with any other manufacturers.
  9. Here is a simple diagram that should help you understand how I have mine set up. The spray bar came with my filter; however, mine is a different model than the one you are talking about so I don't know if one will come with it or not. Also, unless the filter says "With Media" you will have to buy that separately. Mine came with it.
  10. The hoses and everything to attach them came with my filter. I'll try to take some pictures of my setup so you can see what I'm talking about.
  11. I have an Eheim but it isn't an ECCO; it's a 2026 Professional. I don't have any holes in my tank. I also have the 18-watt Double-Helix UV Sterilizer. The canister filter sits under my tank inside the tank stand and has two hoses that come out of it. One hose (dirty water from my tank) goes directly between my filter and tank. The other hose (clean water from the filter) goes to the UV Sterilizer input. The output hose from the UV Sterilizer goes to the tank spray bar. The UV Serilizer slows the water flow from the filter a bit, but I also have a hang-on-the-back (HOB) filter.
  12. I just thought of another question. Is there any danger of your fish burning themselves on the heater surface? Does the outside of the heater get hot enough to hurt your fish if they rub up against it? If so, are there protective guards or anything like that for the heaters? Thanks...
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