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  1. I'm not actually sure of the volume yet, I only just got it today and it's dark outside, but I can get a photo tomorrow. I would guess around 20 gallons, probably no bigger. I will look into that, I like a DIY job! Thank you.
  2. Hi guys! I've just bought a half barrel for my patio and since I've been out of the 'goldfish scene' for quite a few years I've realised I have no idea where to start when looking for a filter for it (like best models or type etc.) since everything's changed since I last went fish stuff shopping lol! Also consindering heating it so that I can keep a couple of goldies out all year (in UK), I wonder if there are many small pond filters with inbuilt heaters and if anyone has any experience with how reliable these are (or even seperate small pond heaters!?). Thanks for any advice
  3. Oh yeah we did get to go camping still! My aunt and her husband came down to help and some people we were camping with stopped after they saw us at the side of the road and we loaded all the stuff out the bus into their cars because we thought the bus would have to be towed back home, but when the RAC guy finally got there he towed it with his van to the campsite as it was only 5-10 minutes away, then arranged for the flatbed to come to the site today and tow it home. He was really helpful as he shouldn't have done that! My aunts husband (step uncle?! lol) recons it got very overheated for some reason and the engine had ceased up. He might have figured more than that but he was talking about bits of engine and things I've never heard of, lol! This thread's got so off topic, haha. I'll take some good pictures of the fish tomorrow, I need sleep right now, I ended up 20ft up a huge tree at 3am this morning.. but that's another story..
  4. My wormer plus got here while I was away One of them has got quite skinny again so I hope this works. Camping didn't quite start out as expected.. We were going along the motorway (this is in the 1965 VW) and we can hear this loud rattle coming from the back but we just figured it was the camping chairs stacked up over the bit where the engine is, then it gets louder and I noticed the chairs had stopped rattling and were bouncing as we went over some bumps in the road, but the rattling noise was still getting louder. My cousin figured out when she put her foot on the accelerator it got louder and if she took it off completely the noise stopped, so we decided to take it slow and pull over after taking the exit. Then I mentioned the smell of burning rubber was getting stronger (it had been there before but you sometimes go through an area that just smells like that, then it goes) and just as we were discussing the smell the bus started jumping and the engine cut out, just before the exit, so we pulled over and got out to look and there was smoke pouring out the back. We called the fire brigade who came and rescued us. The smoke had gone by the time they got there.. we still aren't entirely sure what happened, or how an apparent fire went out by itself. ...I couldn't resist taking this picture when I was walking behind them. They helped get the bus into a layby off the motorway.
  5. Yeah I was thinking about shrimp actually. I've always wanted one of those massive ones with the big furry paw things.. I reeeally want my own VW. I want to live in it for a while. Have fun!
  6. My cousin has a VW camper, so we all pile into that and go down to the new forest then set up a few tents around the van and have a BBQ party, usually for her and her housemates birthday. Where are you camping? I'd laugh if we were at the same site or something!
  7. Yeah I got some pretty good overfiltering goin' on! Just ordered the wormer plus so I hope it gets here before they die or something. I'm going camping tomorrow for a few days which is worrying.
  8. Cool, thanks! There shouldn't be ammonia, I don't have a test kit as I just chucked mine out, it was getting old and I'd rather not have one than have one that's gonna give me false readings. Spose I better get a new one. The filter has been cycled for about 2 years, it's from my old goldfish tank, so should be used to high waste. Do you know if Maidenhead Aquatics stores sell Wormer Plus? Or Pets at Home? Otherwise I guess I'll order online. Might get another Oto or two in a couple of months, just to make sure I'm gonna grow enough algae to feed them all. My last one died because I just ran out of algae!
  9. Wow that's pretty cool. I like how that branch thing has sort of 'caught' the mossball like a hand ^.^
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while. I don't have goldfish anymore, or a tropical community, all the tanks were getting too much to clean and we will be moving soon and I didn't want to have to move them. So pretty much everything got re-homed. Including my toads. Then I turned the 6.5G toad tank into a little fish tank because I couldn't really not have ANY fish. Then that tank decided to start crumbling and cracking in the bottom corner, just as I was acclimatising my new puffers.. so I had to run back out and buy a new tank, which is 8G and really nice (day AND night lighting in the hood!). So I have two dwarf puffers, which I am a little bit in love with now. And an oto and a kuhlii loach. I think I still have the oto anyway, couldn't find him today.. Few questions: I know they are still settling in (bought them yesterday) but they don't seem very interested in eating. Their bellies are full compared to how they were when I bought them, they were kind of caved in. So they must be eating something, probably snails. But last night they had a couple of live bloodworm each and now they just look at those and swim off. Should I worry or give it time? Or maybe try something smaller like daphnia? The bloodworms are nearly as big as them. Is it a good idea to worm them? I found out mine are wild caught ones and read something last night about their bellies caving in being a possible sign of internal parasites. I just noticed one of them is flicking on leaves.. how much salt can they take? Bearing in mind there is a kuhlii loach in this tank. I figure I have room for a couple of panda corys or pygmy corys if I can find some.. think the puffers will kill them, or not notice them? Pictuuuures. Sorry about the quality, my camera is not charged. It never is, lol! They are difficult to photograph!
  11. Righto, I've done it. But it just looked like it all just came out the hole after I pulled the needle out.. but I guess it's still in the water.
  12. Thankyou for the link That's slightly different to info I've found.. but it looks like I should be ok to give her 0.1ml. I think I know what I'm doing now. I found a thread I just remembered I have that Fancy Goldfish book right in front of me which explains injecting etc. a bit. Explains where to stick the needle too which is helpful!! But if anyone has any tips for holding a telescope with pretty big eyes to inject.. that would be reeeally helpful!!
  13. I am searching because I know it's in a thread here somewhere (ages back) but just incase someone can reply quicker than I can find it.. Does anyone know the dosage of baytril needed for a fish around 3 inches? My Freddie has septicaemia and is pineconing a tiny bit. I have maracyn and medigold, but it's all about two years out of date.. and I can't easily/legally get it in this country to get any more. But my friend has some baytril and needles which she's bringing round shortly. Which is probably better than the maracyn anyway?
  14. Yeah, I'll probably do that.. see if there's someone I can email.
  15. Thanks Claire hmm, yeah that say's he must have blue.. he seems to be most of the other things on the list though. Just he's not very pointy.. and I have no idea what they mean about the eye shape.. I haven't sent of the thingy with the cheque yet.. I need to do that, cheers for the reminder!
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