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  1. I had a betta that was especially sensitive. He jumped out of the cup while I was changing the water for a couple minutes and was fine until his water reached the TINIEST TRACE of ammonia about 5 days later. He looked like a goner, laying on the botton on his side and hardly breathing. I got rid of the ammonia and he was better the next day If you have Prime water conditioner, use that instead of a waterchange. It will detoxify the ammonia without further stressing your fish.
  2. Hmmm no I tested the tap water for phosphates and they are at zero. I added phosguard but that only seemed to help minimally. Waterchange tomorrow.
  3. I think I need a little chemistry review on phosphates... One of my aquariums has pretty high phosphate (about 2ppm, or whatever the units is that my test kit uses) but there is almost 0 nitrate, and all other water parameters are excellent. Why? I always thought since phosphates were accumalated from organic waste so wouldn't there be an increase in nitrates also? This aquarium has had this pattern in the past and I've used a combination of waterchanges and phosguard. Is there a different way to be solving this?
  4. Well my actual job is to clean and maintain aquariums in the science buildings of our campus. We have extra empty aquariums and all the supplies... I think maybe he just doesn't want me to have too many hours since freshwater (what I want) is fairly cheap to maintain long run.
  5. Good and bad news: My boss is not retiring til May and then after that will either work part time or volunteer for at least the greenhouse and stockroom. No goldfish or new aquariums I saw the cutest orange and black telescope this weekend too. Oh well. Maybe in a few years.
  6. So I haven't had a goldfish myself for about 3 years now. I've kept in the fish hobby, focusing on tropicals and bettas myself and then taking care of more tropicals and saltwater at work (I maintain aquariums at my university). We have one little fantail in with the tropical 50 gallon and she's doing well. Flagstaff fish seem healthier. My boss says no more tanks....but he retires in January...and we have 5 empty aquariums in the back. So I think I will get a little moor or a bubble eye. Maybe both Just letting you guys know!
  7. He is really cute! He's the kind of fish I would buy without a second thought.
  8. Hah! Now that's a man with self esteem issues. You said it.
  9. I understand what you mean. My boyfriends (and friends too) soon realize that respecting fish (and other things that are important to me) is just as important as respecting me. Although I did have a boyfriend who became jealous of my fish...
  10. Easy to weigh down, just put weights either inside larger structures or hidden behind them. I'd put everything on a lego platform.
  11. I've been trying to come up with some creative ideas for a tropical aquarium without having to use live materials. More than anything I want to set up another jungle, but I am in a very mobile phase of my life and moving a masterpiece of live plants would be problematic, and I don't know anyone skilled enough to care for something like that if I was to leave for an extended time. I'm open to ideas! Anyway.. has anyone tried legos? Making a lego land aquarium would be a neat idea. I'm worried about a couple things: 1) Can water get inbetween the two stuck together legos and get anaerobic? 2) Algae will be a problem if I get it in between the little bumps on top. I need an algae eater! The bumps are pretty smooth since its made of plastic, but could if warm an algae eater go repeatedly go over edges?
  12. As many of you know, I have a job maintaning the fresh and saltwater aquariums at my university. When my supervisor was training me, one of the things he told me was to ALWAYS make sure we turn off the DI hose if we are topping off a sw tank before we leave. Every single employee who had this job had done it at least once, and I probably will too. Well I'd had the job for a little over two months... I was inbetween classes and I came in to the bio lab to top off and scrape algae, feed, etc. I got distracted because there was a TA meeting and they all started asking me aquarium questions, and I needed to check out a microscope from the head TA for my own research. Yah... I left it on and left. Thank god there was someone there to notice it, so the salinity only dropped to 28ppt (originally 32) and I didn't flood the building. That HAS happeded a couple times before, I know some of the former workers who left it on a friday night and it would go all weekend and flood the entire floor, and all the fish and corals were damaged. I hope it doesn't happen to me! Anyways, I had come back to work later that day and there was a not taped for me: "Lauren, guess what you forgot to turn off? The DI hose in the lab classroom. Go raise the salinity, its not too bad. You've been christened into the job...welcome aboard" At least he was lighthearted about it.
  13. Give it a shake... it should rattle. If it doesn't, the little plastic flap in the back of the connecter piece is stuck. Also, make sure your tank is a good level higher than your bucket as it is a gravity-propelled system.
  14. Kissy


    Well I said thank you (I always do this, whether I'm dissecting, feeding etc) and gave them to my betta. He was a little suprised but then went digging in the marbles looking for more ^^ They pretended to be dead (the ones from this lake do this often for some reason) but my fish was smart enough to realize he was still food...anything floating at the top of his tank is food lol.
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