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  1. They have Ghost shrimp, so why not Ghost fish? Cool shot, even if you can't really see the detail on your fish. Do you use your flash? If you do, try getting a few shots without the flash and see if those work out. You may just get lucky.
  2. I'm always getting the pyramid shots. They're all camera hogs so whenever they see the camera they huddle around and try and get in each others photos. Mars is notorious for it. It'll be a pic of Moonbeam and all there will be is Mars tail in it. lol! It does look that way and considering Mars was chasing her around for about two weeks before this, I wouldn't put it past them.
  3. This is one of my worst that I can find. I hate shots that are out of focus or the lighting is off. Anyway, I have to admit that I have had some tail only pictures and plenty of ones where their heads are cut off. I can't find any though. Lol, well, Mars in this one is head only...so I guess that counts. Or I manage to catch them as their cheerleading pyramid is crashing and they're just a huddle of fins
  4. thanks everyone. One thing I was worried about was if she was stunted too because she never grew much. Then she had the growth spurt. I'm really happy I'll be getting a larger tank for them in a month. She is beautiful and I adore her, but it's always nice to get a good deal on a fish once you start knowing more about the breeds and seeing the beauties they can grow into. I recently started feeding them Hikari Gold since I can actually find it in my town now, I'm thinking that may be the cause for the growth spurt because Sparky has grown a ton too. Right now they are all eating the green algae on the sides of the tank. Earth!Mother she is a little fatty. Between her growth spurt and her belly she's probably doubled in size compared to what she was. None of the others are getting fat, except for her. small_ranchu, as they get older can they stop developing a hump? Hers has grown a bit so far. Also, is there anything I can do to help her in the development. I know with wens you can feed them special food for wen growth.
  5. Okay, so my mom bought me a Ryukin, Moonbeam, when she was here in Sept. Moonbeam has about tripled in size since then (she was tiny) and I was just curious about what people think of her now and what she might become. She is about 2 1/2 inches in length now. So, still a bit of a baby. She's done a lot of growing (about 3/4 inch) in the past 3 weeks due to a never ending snack of green algae, she's crazy for the stuff. Her coloring is more red than this, I've been having exposure issues with my camera. I got her for $4, so it's interesting to know how she fairs to "good" quality since all my fish are cheap pet store fish. Oh and for anyone interested in Mars...he's now gone from white with orange fins to.... ALL white. He finally lost all the orange so he went from black to white in 3 years...brat. Oh and Sparky is now almost as big as Mars.
  6. There are places where you can buy extra tubing and I'm thinkin gof buying a little extra to test the idea. The weighted plants, are they easy to find? I'll have more options to buy stuff when I'm back in Washington so I'll look around there. I'll try and post pictures. I'll be on dial-up on so it will be more difficult to upload and post pictures.
  7. I have had the worst of luck keeping 55 gallon tanks. I always get them on 'permanent loan' it seems. People will say "oh i'm not using it so you can use it" then they'll decide they want it back and my babies are back in the 29. I have finally managed to come up with a plan and save up for a 55 gallon tank. I have the money to buy it right now but I'm going to hold off a little to make sure that I can pay my electric and cable. I'll probably wait until I am back in Washington before I buy it, but I can now! My own 55 gallon! Problem is I don't know how I'll want to decorate it, such a dilemma... So, any recommendations as how to, or where to get plants (fake, I don't have patience for real ones), that you can put in a barebottom tank that don't need to be 'planted' in order to keep from floating?... I just came up with an idea. I don't know if it'll work though. I was just thinking since you can buy the cord holders. If I cut a couple little holes in the air tube, then put the plant ends in there to hold them and use the tube holders to place the hose along the bottom, it will create numerous places for aeration as well as hold down the plants. Does anyone think that'll work?
  8. Larger stones that the goldfish cannot fit in it's mouth at all is ideal. Sometimes they may have a problem spitting the smaller pebbles out, it will get caught in their throat and you'll either have to get it out delicately with tweezers or the fish may end up dying before you even know what's going on. It's just better not to take the chance. Barebottom is a really good option. I have a few large stones at the bottom of my tank but there is still plenty of room around them. If you have a gravel cleaner siphon thing, then you can clean up all the left overs on the bottom with ease without taking too much water out of the tank per water change. It makes it much easier on you and less stressful for your fish.
  9. I'm going to be in Kitsap County. It's across the water from Seattle, near Bainbridge Island. I don't think I have mentioned this either, but my mom is going to be here in about an hour! YAY! I get to see my mommy again and I'm really excited. I'd be crazy excited too if my dad was tagging along as a surprise but I don't think it's happening. My apartment is far from 'mommy clean' so I feel kinda bad, but I just haven't gotten myself to really scrub it. My vacuum cleaner died too, which sucks.
  10. Closer to Seattle is where I'll be moving. Part of me can't wait either. It's going to be so nice to be close to a city again, like a big city. I'll have a decent mall and I'll be back by the concert scene! YAY! Any band who's worthy of a tour stops in Seattle, lol. I'll be able to help my parent's be near nature and parks and water! I'll also be getting my license, going back to school and getting all my insane bills paid. It's a good move for me although my fish are going to miss the sunlight, they are going to be with me in a basement. Poor babies. Are there artificial sun lamps for fish?
  11. thank you everyone It may sound horrible, but I'm happy my three favorites are still okay. I feel so bad, but with all that is going on in my life I have to find the positive in everything I can. Mars is fantastic, now big enough to suck my finger into his mouth when he's getting food. Sparky who I raised from 1/2 inch baby 1 1/2 years ago. And Poe. My dear, little, miracle rescue baby. I am going to be moving back to Washington in a couple months and I know that if they weren't healthy and I was still struggling with them they would have died on the trip and risked the health of the others. I miss them, and I cried my eyes out, but I gave Pumpkin a better life than he probably would have had and Pie and Baby, well, they didn't last too long, but I wasn't expecting (or trying) for them to live at all. As they got bigger they showed more and more issues in development that weren't noticeable when they were little, so it may have been for the better. I'm kinda numb to everything right now, so if this sounds kinda harse, I'm sorry. I miss them and I loved them, but I couldn't put in the time and money they needed or the medication and special needs. I had Spaceboy hold on sick for three months and at the end he was so horrible and it broke my heart looking at him everyday waiting for him to give up. These three went fairly quick, so at least it wasn't prolonged.
  12. I have tried salt and yes I premeasured, but it really dosen't mean anything. they could have still fed them more. I think they might have taken a snail from their tank (since I have green algae growing in mine, favorite snack of moonbeams) to try and 'control my insane algae PROBLEM', the use of that ticked me off. Green algae is good for fish! So that probably introduced something that is killing my fish. Oh, Pie and Baby have passed. They're tiny bodies couldn't take it. Pumpkin as well. Frankie isn't going to last much longer from the look of it. Mars, Moonbeam, Sparky and Poe all look really good. Mars, Moonbeam and Sparky never felt the affects the first time and Poe looks as though she has eggs and Mars has been chasing her. So, the water I have now is good, just whatever got them before did too much damage.
  13. So, I went away for a week and had a neighbor come over and feed my fish. I just told them to feed them and I honestly don't know what else they did. Pumpkin and Poe both had this white fungus stuff on their wens, Pie had a little bit as well. They were the only three affected and Pumpkin was the worst. I medicated and the fungus left, everyone healed it was all grand. Then five days ago Pumpkin developed Pop-eye and it's only gotten worse. He's in quarantine in medicated water, with medicated food, etc... I've tried everything but don't have money to buy anymore special meds. He's swimming like his head is too heavy (looking at sudden wen growth spurt I probably would be too). He's still really active and I fed him the medicated food for four days and since he's looking a little thin I caved and just gave him some flakes and he's gobbling them up like he hasn't seen real food in weeks (which is a few days in goldfish time I guess). Mars and Sparky seem to be the only ones who are unaffected by whatever was introduced in my tank, which apparently also caused an ammonia spike as Moonbeam and Baby later showed as black form on the tips of every fin they had. I think the fungus might be back as well, since I see a wee little spot on Poe. I would put this in disease and diagnosis but I've already done everything I can with my funds so I'm just going to have to wait it out now and see what happens. I just thought I would let everyone know in case 4 of my fish end up in the obituaries section.
  14. Hands, especially with Mars. He'll freak out if I put anything in the tank, whether is be a jug or something and he'll try and cram himslef behind the filter intake. He's lost some serious scales doing that before. My hand though he completely trusts, so all my babies are now used to being picked up by hand.
  15. They are beautiful! Roxanne is gorgeous. How big is she?
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