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  1. Keep us posted, I'm interested to see the results of your KH/GH tests. In the past I have had trouble with low KH water which I had to buff up with sodium bicarbonate, which also raised my pH. Don't have these troubles now!! I have water that furs up the kettles Regards Slugger:)
  2. Hello, Interesting reading, but I don't quite understand it The hardness of water (alkalinity) doesn't have to be linked to pH, ie you can have hard water with low pH or high pH. What a water softner does is mess around with the alkalinity of you water. This means that by hardening or softening your water you won't necessarily be moving the pH. I believe that water softening (adding salts) can both move your pH up and down. I found a link on wikipedia that explains it a bit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_(chemistry) Hope this is useful. Regards Slugger
  3. Hello, This makes for very interesting reading!! Well done and keep it up. Don't know much about this, how about potassium permangenate, or other pool disinfectants? Regards Slugger
  4. Hello, One thing that gets rid of nitrates are anaerobic bacteria, often cultured in denitrificating equipment, or in a plenum beneath the gravel. In the marine hobby, they are commonly used together will micro-organisms in coral "liverock" to reduce or get rid of nitrates. Don't know what's going on with your tank though, coz it doesn't look anaerobic!! Regards Slugger
  5. Hello, Cometgirl is quite right that epsom salts are used differently. As I understand it, different foms of salt, chlorides, bicarbonates etc will in solution produce different pHs. I can't remember if epsom salts will cause pH to go down, but if that is what you have found, then it could be the case. I'll have to do some more reading to find out what causes the different pHs. (chemistry lessons are a bit hazy ) I'm guessing it is when the salt molecule temporarily splits into ions when in solution, that it affects hydrogen ions, but am not sure. Could anyone else help? Regards Slugger
  6. Hello, I have attached a link to a pretty good article. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/june2004/review.htm I don't run phosban on my marine tank, but live with a bit of algae Hope this helps Slugger
  7. Hello, I agree with Erinaceous that a uv shouldn't really affect the bacteria in an established filter. However when you start up a filter, you are trying to grow a colony that muliplies faster than it dies off. I would feel that keeping the uv off might help a little bit when starting up and you don't have much bacteria. I haven't tested this, but it is just a feeling. In any case, it doesn't hurt to switch it off for a week because: a) if algae/green water appears, it doesn't hurt the start up and will disappear once you restart the uv b) parasites are not being intoduced to your tank because you are not adding new fish (hopefully?) c) similarly harmful bacteria are not being imported to your tank at this time. If you are worried about dormant parasites/bacteria previously suppressed by uv then flaring up when you switch it off, you could maintain water quality through water changes. Just my tuppence. Regards Slugger
  8. I found this useful document published by the san francisco public utilities commission, linked below: http://sfwater.org/Files/FAQs/removal.pdf Apparently there are a few methods to remove chloramine, and it will dissapate eventually from standing water. Hope this is of some use. BTW, does anyone know of a test for chlorine and chloramine? Regards Slugger
  9. Hello, An alternative to dechlorinator would be to "age" your water for about a week. You could fill a bucket and run an airstone to keep the water agitated, which will help to disperse chlorine. Not so sure about chloramine, so will look it up and get back to you. Regards Slugger
  10. Hullo Yellow, I've found that no matter how much you feed 'em, they are always hungry!! Goldfish, like carp are natural scavengers and will keep swimming and eating, so provided you are feeding regularly and in small quantities, say a thumbnail or teaspoons worth per medium sized goldfish, I wouldn't be too worried. Regards Slugger
  11. Hullo, I had a quick read of you other threads, you seem to have been very unfortunate It might be worthwhile to check your water parameters again just to make sure. With so many water changes, there is a chance your good bacteria has been disturbed. Your basic tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH would be good. Regards Slugger PS Good luck!
  12. Unfortunately, it's coming up to midnight in the UK and I have to work tomorrow I'll try and take a pic over the weekend and post it. I'm also trying to get a pufferfish this Saturday for my marine tank, so I may not be able to. Regards Slugger
  13. Thanks for the info. I have also used cat wormer pills that contain praziquantel. You have to look carefully at the ingredients to make sure it contains this medication. The problem with prazi in pill form is that it is nearly impossible to dissolve I can't remember the brand, but will keep an eye out for it next time. Regards Slugger
  14. Amynmitchell, Good to hear that your pH is normally stable, things should be hunky dory. I only really used to test kH right at the start. Once you know your tap pH and kH, you only really need to regularly monitor pH. (Unless you get lazy like me). Pixiefish, Yup I got pond with 12 fish in it, mostly koi and some goldfish. My biggest fish is 3 feet long!!! I do miss keeping fancy goldfish though... Regards Slugger
  15. Hello Pixiefish, wow Mod and so many posts!! Good to be back and see some familiar people around. :alc I may have got my numbers a little wrong on the ppm because it was a long time since I buffered goldfish. Please do correct me I now keep koi, which I don't buffer, and marines, which I buffer to about 350. Regards Slugger
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