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  1. Thanks Helen. Just to let you all know my sweet baby Maxine just passed away, glad she's no longer suffering.
  2. My girl is still going. Her mouth is now completely stuck open though but I can see her gills slowly moving. My guess is that the tetanus bacteria has taken hold and that's why she can't swim and her mouth is locked into place? I'm guessing it took hold because she was already ill with the dropsy. Anything that can be done in this late stage..? ????
  3. Update: just tested and ammonia levels are reading as usual, between 0-0.25, same as main tank and same as tap water. Please note the range is simply because I find it soo hard to determine which it is from the test card reading and I'd say it's somewhere between the 2 colours.
  4. No I haven't but it's the same water that I'm using for my normal tank water changes (which I change at the same time because it's easier) but there's no odour - also I think it smells of ammonia, to be honest I was just avoiding being crude but it smells like a public toilet. (Sorry)
  5. Thank you. I dropped a couple of peas in but she's not even acknowledging it she's completely out of it yet somehow still going ????. Her mouth doesn't fully close either now. Also is it normal that her qt tank I've put her in heavily smells of ammonia? That's the only way I can describe it. Do fish who are extremely ill produce more ammonia? I've done a water change for her today just to help make her more comfortable because the smell was disturbing but it's back again. She's continuing to turn even more black and her fins are heavily streaked in red which I guess is normal because it the stress she's under.
  6. Thank you for your kind words ❤️ Before I left for work we moved her into her own tank so that she's not pushed around by the current and I also think my other two seemed a bit slower with her in there, they could obviously realise how sick she is I think. She's still going but barely moving, just floating now not twirling and occasionally moving her mouth, very slow breaths. Am I doing the right thing by not attempting to feed her? She hasn't eaten for about 48 hours but before that wasn't eating too much anyway. It's so hard seeing something you've had for so long and grown so attached to in this state, especially because she's thrived so much for the time I've had her. She used to be a tiny little not the best looking red cap and she grew to be a beautiful round golden stunner with the most lovely feisty character ever, she brought me soo much joy. Seeing the pain she's obviously in right now has completely put me off goldfish. In the past when I've had fish pass it's usually been quite quick and not like this. I think after my other two go one day I will be giving up the hobby ???? it's crazy the effect that 'just goldfish' as people love to say, can have on you. You guys have honestly been the best support though and if it wasn't for all your advice I wouldn't have had a clue how to try and treat her and I would feel even more guilty right now about the state that she is in. You're all incredibly knowledgeable and have put so much time into helping me and I really appreciate it ❤️
  7. Sorry late reply, had a busy week with work. My new fish was in qt for a few weeks before joining the tank. I continued rounds of prazi treatment with all of them when my new fish joined and I had previously done a few rounds of prazi treatment a year before. After discussing the baytril option with my family and calling a few dismissive vets, we decided it's probably better not to put Maxine through much more. She seemed healthy and active otherwise and eating well despite the fact she looked a bit battered. However yesterday morning when I looked up she's rapidly deteriorated, it's like she can't swim anymore and is just whirling around upside down being pushed around by the current. She's not responding to me anymore or the other two fish and her breathing has slowed down. I thought she would pass whilst I was at work or overnight and she still hasn't. It's the most horrific thing I've seen yet. If I believed in euthanasia I would be doing that but I don't going to remove her from the main tank shortly and put her in a separate tank so that she can peacefully die without currents. Thank you one again for all your help, you guys are incredible x
  8. I'll send pictures as soon as I can. She initially had a course of metroplex and kanaplex in combo with Epsom, then had an extended course of metro and triple sulfa with Epsom. If you would like exact durations and dates of each treatment I can work it out if it's helpful? Do you know roughly how much baytril would be? And would this be in injection form right? Depending on how expensive we're talking I would be willing to try it for my little baby. Do you know roughly how much this could be? Would I need to find a vet who specialises in goldfish specifically? If anybody has any recommendations for someone in london uk please do let me know. Will get back to you with the pics as soon as I can and once again thank you so much for your continued support and time.
  9. Anybody have any thoughts? My Maxine's still going.. She's still very pineconed though and has developed black marks on her scales and face, almost looks like ammonia burns but my levels are all fine and the other two aren't affected. One scale was bloodied today also. She's slowed down a bit today and is bottom sitting in a quiet corner of the tank a little.
  10. She's still doing the same, the blood on her tummy seems to have disappeared but still as pineconed as before. She seems to go through phases in activity, one day a bit lethargic spending a lot of time at the top, the next really active and normal, today's one of those good days.
  11. Again not the best pictures but if you need anymore please let me know and I'll try: 1) tank shot - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/CBB773D2-1B5A-4DD3-8041-107E807937C2_zpst6zfwp8u.jpg 2) you can see the speckles of blood on her belly here - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/822DFD73-E073-4E53-ACE1-0BC93CE45F26_zpsgykhss3d.jpg 3) overhead shot - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/305156C8-43ED-43BF-AF16-FAF9690C50A3_zpsuaqqkkao.jpg 4) you can see her very swollen stomach from below gill flap really distended - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/DF8BE85D-3613-4D14-9377-7701F8ABB14A_zpsc8eoyhws.jpg I don't think the pictures really depict very well how much her body shape has changed. Also I tried and failed to get pictures showing the state of her fins but there is a couple of tears but they've gone white and fluffy around the edges.
  12. Maxine's in a terrible way, she's severely pineconed to another whole level, she probably couldn't get worse. Really really bloated and completely distended, has blood streaks on her tummy and her fins have a few tears and look white tinged in places. Otherwise my beautiful girl is really active still and eating well. So distressing to see. The black growth in her wen does seem to have gone. I've left her with Emily and Barbs because they aren't bullying her and I think it's probably best she dies with her friends if no further treatment can be given?
  13. So it's still there, but not as dark and obvious looking as it was. Her pineconing looks worse again today though sadly, it's gone back to how it was on the last few days of the antibiotics, not at it's worst but very much there. She's not been bottom sitting today though at all which is good. I'm guessing there isn't too much I can do? ????
  14. Maxine's been bottom sitting a lot today, really active though when she sees movement in the room and begging a lot but otherwise all my fish seem to want to be cuddling up to her in the corner today.
  15. Thank you so much I really appreciate all your time and effort. It's just the strangest thing, it looks so so deep inside. Yet the surface of her wen is completely intact. I wish I could show you what I mean. She's still behaving normally and really active thank god.
  16. Thank you. The picture doesn't really show it very well but in real life it's pretty obvious that it's not just a surface problem and definitely looks deep. It developed probably over the space of an hour or so. Just so strange.
  17. Can't believe I'm saying this but a new problem has just surfaced. ???????????????? Just noticed Maxine has a really dark black patch on her wen, but it's not on the surface like an ammonia burn it looks like it's quite deep inside. She's active and behaving normally but just noticed it. Never heard or seen anything like this. Please help http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/E697E06A-FE4A-470E-8756-C6698DF2D069_zpszcocw4cf.jpg
  18. Just did a massive water change and clean in the main tank and decided it was time to put Maxine back in as I'm having some building work done in the house from tomorrow and worried that in Maxine's open top qt her water might get contaminated. It's really nice to see them all back together, Maxine is swimming, begging and playing but is definitely looking aged since she was last in! Her scales are not 100% flattened still and she is looking very very puffy underneath her chin at the front bit of her belly, but is looking miles better than what she did. Going to keep a close eye on her now and any sign of worsening going to put her back in qt. Meanwhile enjoying the happiness in the tank ❤️ Thank you ALL of you ❤️❤️ http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/EDDAFC13-234E-469D-825C-C51610C34182_zpsgrr26mto.jpg
  19. Hey guys, Just wanted to update you guys after all the time and effort you put into helping me. So I introduced Emily into the main tank and she's doing well, very active thank god and acting like normal despite her eye. I didn't want to introduce Maxine yet as she isn't as aggressive as my other two and was worried she would be picked on with her illness. So I've kept her in quarantine but with no Epsom nor antibiotics and I'm doing daily 100% water changes. Some how her scales seem to actually be flattening. Her bloating has definitely reduced and on one side of her her scales have almost flattened 90% I'd say (still near her rear they are raised), and on the other side she's still pineconed but nowhere near the extent that it got to. Praying for a miracle so she can join the other two! Thank you so much once again x
  20. So they've both been in Epsom since 26th may at a dose of 1/2 tsp per 5 us gallons. From the 13th June up until this morning they've been in 1tsp per 5 us gallons. Ah okay, as long as I know I've tried my best to help. Do you think I can put the two girls back in my main tank or not a good idea yet? I don't know if this is a coincidence but they both seem to be slightly happier since water change and free from the antibiotics. Could just be the fresh water though, but they seem to be slightly more alert and swimming around nicely.
  21. That's what I was thinking should I bother with the Epsom anymore? No Emily's only symptom is her eye.
  22. Okay I've just done another water change and so all antibiotics have been removed and so has the Epsom. Should the Epsom still be in there? If so at what dose? Do you think I should carry on with the metronidazole with Maxine or not? Emily's eye looks possibly worse the last few days, Maxine's scales are still raised but bloating has reduced.
  23. Maxine - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/4DB4788F-F6FA-4FCE-9383-A4E48DC4B2BC_zpslvktlqs6.jpg http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/255A1D85-18DA-47FB-8BB3-8DF14CE43356_zpsq24ngpjn.jpg Emily - http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/AE9961BE-700F-4C4E-9A3C-3EE95E484CFE_zps6st1b7hw.jpg http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/lillypetal1/890B8DBD-227C-4527-AD1D-C77782CE5B3E_zpsphkq0e5g.jpg Excuse the pics, had to get Emily to do all sorts in order to get these shots!
  24. I've just done a water change before I saw this and put in a new dose of erythromycin and Epsom for Emily and metro triple sulfa and Epsom for Maxine. Can I wait till tomorrow to do a full water change and remove the meds? Will post a pic of them shortly, they're not in great shape but still very active.
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