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  1. Yes I was so sad to see them go especially when I wanted those two types and colors. Very disappointing on the chocolate oranda but I knew that going into it that this could happen. The white ranchu he was not what I expected to turn out like at all, no head growth at all. So when it came down to having to part with two my decision was really easy. Now they will be together in another tank. These two red caps are so happy they are just motoring in the tank and having so much fun together. I was really worried about them as they were quite lifeless before that. The mean guy is gone now they are happy.
  2. Well I parted with 2 of my goldies today. In nov of last fall I bought what was at the time the most beautiful colored little chocolate oranda and a white ranchu. Wow what poop machines. These two are enormous and the chocolate is anything but now. He is a beautiful huge I mean huge orange oranda and the ranchu stayed a nice white. I placed them in a new home not due to the colors but to what it has been doing on my system. Big fish = Big Poops. It was just to much. I also have alot of love for my very first two red caps and they are older but a bit smaller than these two were. I would sometimes find the littler red cap in a corner being held there by the chocolate. These two fish were clearly not happy in the tank with the other two so it was time that they went to a new home. Now the two red caps are more happy than I have seen them in a long time. They are busy bodies going over the sand bed and just being the fish they were in the first place. Lesson learned, they were happy and should have been left that way in the first place. I am happy to find a new home for the other two though.
  3. Oh you don't want ugly be happy he is staying blue. I would have loved for my chocolate to stay the color he was when I got home. I don't have a pic of that wish I did but I guess we will see what happens in the end. This fish changed color so darn fast, I have only had him for 4 months. Now what would be very cool is if those fins and tail stayed dark the rest go orange. That would have me changing my mind...
  4. Do any of you know how to sex orandas? Is there anything to due with their size or is it just the bumps on the gills?
  5. Thanks all for the replies. I will just be patient and see how he/she turns out, would be kind of neat if those dark fins and tail stay dark that would make me happy. I will post more pics in about a month for comparison and see the change.
  6. Okay, I hope these work. I appologize for the really crappy pics with glare and not clear as this fish will not stay still for a min. There is a pic when I first bought it, I did not get a pic for inbetween that shows it at its darkest but if you look at the tail now, that what the color of this fish 4 weeks ago the whole body was that dark color.
  7. Ya I know what you all mean and I knew it was a huge gamble to boot. I thought I would just luck out. If my oranda looked half as good as your telescope I would be very happy. I guess it will be a wait and see what the ugly duckling will change into. Its a very boistrous fish compared to the other 3, they are so pleasing to watch int he tank this one is insane.
  8. I want to just cry.. I took a chance bought what I thought was a very beautiful young chocolate oranda. This was in Nov of 2011 so not that long ago. This fish has grown so fast so big and so ugly I want to just die. We came home in Jan from Hawaii and it was such a nice deep dark chocolate with a touch of white on the very under belly. No gold, orange showing anywhere, I thought I hit the jackpot. Well 2 weeks after we were home from holidays I notices some changing taking place. Everyday it is getting worse. The wen is just about completely orange nice growth but its orange :-( almost all of the body is just about a white with some gold but the fins are very very dark still and so is the tail very dark. Everyone comments "is that fish okay" my reply. Ya it was my treasure or so I thought. It will be interesting to see what it turns out to look like. I don't know if I will keep this fish in the end. Its quite aggressive in its moves and his quite the bully towards my red caps that I have had longer. I would post a pic but this fish is insane, I cannot get a clear pic of it as its always on the move.
  9. Okay thanks, I sure hope it does get a wen later on.
  10. I have a question about my white ranchu, it is quite a size now but still young. I see no head growth at all on this fish, is it normal for them to have no head growth?
  11. Thanks Ranchudressing i was waiting for you to see them. They have changed a bit since the pictures. The chocolate is darker now just hope it stays this way, a bit more head growth as well too. the white guy you think might be a ranchu? I sure would like to know which of the two it is, I will post another pic of them in the new year for you to see. One thing though, the lionhead/ranchu is not sporting very much head growth, still pretty smooth all around, maybe it just needs more time. The two red caps are huge, the one has such a headgrowth i fear for his site but they are the talk of the house when company comes over for sure.
  12. I have mine: chocolate oranda, white lionhead, two red cap orandas....
  13. Thank you all for the kind replies. I am really enjoying them. Its been quite a few years since I have just had a tank dedicated to goldfish and it is nice. I have been keeping different types of tropicals in this tank until now. I guess my little white guy is not a Ranchu but someone said a Lionhead. Who knows maybe evern a Lionchu I guess time will tell as they age. I was just looking back on when I bought the two red caps whom were the size of the white lionhead back in June of this year which is not that long ago and their size now, holly smokes they grow fast. The chocolate is alot darker than in this pic, if I can get him to stay still enough to snap another picture I will and then post it. I hope he stays dark. I just cannot get over how I lucked out and hit the jackpot on this trip. Anyone see Ranchudressing? I posted pictures just for Ranchudressing as I have been saying that I will do it and now I figures out how to do it and here they are.
  14. In the goldfish picture section titles "My Fish"
  15. Thank you all for the kind words. I love them all equally. I cannot wait to see how the two new ones develope. I get so many comments when guests come over on the red caps, they are so funny to watch and I love their pushed in faces and chubby cheeks.
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