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  1. Where did you move to Koko? Thanks to you both I know you either of you would have taken him and he would have had a great home.
  2. In a few weeks I will moving from San Diego Ca to North Carolina and I need to find Fred a new home. He is a Sarasa about 9 or 10 in including tail. He comes with his own home (29 g). If anyone is interested please email me at dmb6559@aol.com ty Linda
  3. For anybody that hasn't bought one yet but plan to go to www.BigAlsonline.com they have really good prices and shipping isn't bad either........Linda
  4. Great pics Debi! Your pond is really nice. How big are the Orandas? They're real beauties. I'm sure it is alot of work but it must be so nice to listen to the water running and watching the fish swim around....... Linda
  5. Does anyone feed their guys Omega One large pellets if so how many do you feed each fish? I've been feed my goldies Omega One flakes and they like it alot but would like to add the pellets to their diet. Thanks in advance for any replies...... Linda
  6. I'm not sure what you could do to make it easier for your fish to eat oranges. If he is that small and has a problem eating them maybe you should hold off feeding him oranges until he get a little bigger. What else are you feeding him besides peas and oranges? Linda
  7. Yeppers....When feeding peas you have to take the skin off before feeding them to your goldies......... Linda
  8. Hi Megan When I used iodine i could still see it on the fish when I put her back in the water though I'm thinking some of it may wash off. I did put neosporin over the iodine so most probably stayed on. I used the petroleum based...... Good luck with Gremlin I hope he gets to feeling better soon...... Linda
  9. It sounds like planaria to me. Even though it is yucky to see them in your tank they are harmless to the fish. If there is excess food in the gravel your tank could get them. Make sure not to over feed and to vacuum the gravel good when doing your weekly water change. Hope this helps if you ever see them again. Linda
  10. Several times I've seen those so called goldie bowls and have put a note inside thats says " did you know that there is a 10 gal per fish rule? find out more about it and how to have happy goldies at Kokosgoldfish.com". I don't know if it has changed any bodies mind from buying the bowl to buying at least a 10 gal but I hope it did. Linda
  11. Another site you might want to check out is.......http://www.bigalsonline.com/ They have good prices and the S/H is very reasonable. I've ordered from them quite a few times and have never had a problem. Linda
  12. Looks like I'll have to stop saying I have a Shubunkin and change it to a Veiltail. I always wondered why I couldn't find any other Shubunkins that looked like Chip....... Linda
  13. Kim your fish is a real beauty. Other than color he looks just like my guy Chip. I was told when I got him that he is a Shubunkin. I love watching him swim and see his fins flutter in the water. Linda
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