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  1. I did the same with mine. I have 2 filters with extended intakes on the bottom of my barebottom and it never looks dirty. The bristlenose pleco I have helps as well with the algae.
  2. Found it! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=39032
  3. Ok kids... my head is killing me and I cannot think straight. My mom just put the ammonia absorbing stuff in her tank.... you know the little rocks. What makes it release the ammonia? I know there's something and I want her to avoid that happening accidentally. I personally have never used it but she has fry in an uncycled aquarium and needs to get the ammonia controlled. I just want the babies to be safe. Please help me here...
  4. Wow. wow, WOW! Sterling is gorgeous! Someday, I will have a fish like him... All I can say is wow! I am nearly speechless.
  5. What a coincidence. There are 2 shows on Noggin (a network for preschoolers) one is Oswald about an octopus and the other is Max and Ruby about two sibling Rabbits.
  6. Very cute. Did you get the names off of Noggin?
  7. Actually, I was. I use prime in my tanks but I had some stress something. I can't remember the name and I used it a couple of times in the bowl just to get rid of it and because it is less concentrated. Today though, I used prime because I was thinking the same thing. I'll stop with the food. That is a very good point. Tonight the goal is to do water changes on top of water changes to get them back in a normal home without all this water change stuff in a few more days.
  8. Oh, I am so sorry! I just found this thread and kept reading and praying. Not the ending I wanted. I can't imagine how sad you are. :
  9. Darn. I just checked them and they are still sliming. :crp
  10. Ok, I got them out of the bowl and into a 8 gallon rubbermaid type container. It's small enough that I can do daily water changes for the next few days and hopefully it will relieve some of the stress they are experiencing from what I think is the amount of waste in the water over a days time. It is a lot bigger than the bowl they were in. I am hoping to see the slime disappear today. It kills me that they are stressed. I hope to have them in a tank by saturday.
  11. She chased own her food this morning. That is a very positive sign!!
  12. Don't be too hard on yourself, Alex. Those little shells are just so delicate. Accidents happen. He was lucky to have been loved by someone who cared to try to save him. Think of what the average person would have done. I am sorry to hear he didn't make it.
  13. Oh, no!! It's a 50 gallon tall. Maybe if I do 50% morning and evening, which will kill me for 3 days, I can get them back in. Their treatment isn't over until tomorrow. Thanks for your help, Donya. The treatment is finished in the betta tank so I will head that direction first , but work toward getting them back in the big tank in time for me to test and see what direction the tank is headed with cycle wise before I leave on vacation. My poor little babies. I hate that they are so stressed. I want a snail tank. This may just have sealed that deal for me.
  14. I am cdefinitely changing the water every day. It gets too gross not too. The good thing is they are getting much more social with all the interaction. I feel bad for them and wish they could get back in the big tank. A mini cycle is going in the betta tank. It started already. I can't win. I just want a place to put the snails while I leave for 4 days. I think the betta tank is my best bet for that short time since it is only 10 gallons and I can do one 75 - 100% change a day or every other before I leave. The parasite meds in my goldie tank really concern me. That tank is too large for me to do the changes you describe and not end up at the chiropractor. So I guess I will maybe treat the small tank with bio spira to shorten the cycle in the betta tank (the betta has been great with snails in the past so I think this is ok). What does that slime mean anyway? I wish they would eat. That is my biggest concern.
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