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  1. I did the same with mine. I have 2 filters with extended intakes on the bottom of my barebottom and it never looks dirty. The bristlenose pleco I have helps as well with the algae.
  2. Found it! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=39032
  3. Ok kids... my head is killing me and I cannot think straight. My mom just put the ammonia absorbing stuff in her tank.... you know the little rocks. What makes it release the ammonia? I know there's something and I want her to avoid that happening accidentally. I personally have never used it but she has fry in an uncycled aquarium and needs to get the ammonia controlled. I just want the babies to be safe. Please help me here...
  4. Wow. wow, WOW! Sterling is gorgeous! Someday, I will have a fish like him... All I can say is wow! I am nearly speechless.
  5. What a coincidence. There are 2 shows on Noggin (a network for preschoolers) one is Oswald about an octopus and the other is Max and Ruby about two sibling Rabbits.
  6. Very cute. Did you get the names off of Noggin?
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