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  1. just a small thought, it takes a really long time to make any mutation become permant in any breeding, especially when it comes to size, i mean it takes alot of selective breeding with the smallest fish then imbreeding to remove any of the indesirable traits in this case the genes that may make the fish grow to a large size, i just dont see the point in really paying any extra or going out of your way to buy these fish when they may develop a growth spurt later in there life and grow close to normal. i mean even now occasionally in the fry of fish without a dorsal fin the fry develop one
  2. i have two black moors (one of them has only one eye)with a pearlscale, oranda and a ranchu. my moors are the most pushy and the biggest pigs in the tanks, im surprised anyone else gets anything to eat, i have been hit by water in the face when i open the lid to feed them
  3. never move a tank full of water or your floor will be full of water, glass is really strong as long as it isnt being twisted arched or flexed remove as much water as possible and move it then refill it. i know people who just nudged there tank to slightly reposition it and wam there carpet is ruined
  4. a massive no on the clown loach for 2 reasons 1 they get really big, between 8inch to a foot 2 they do much better in small groups. in a small tank like that i would go for a small group of livebearers, i particularly like platies as they arent as nippy as guppies, definitly a few corys, and maybe some kuhlis loaches(some of the most entertaining fish to watch) you could also try some hatchets, dainos are fine when they are in a group
  5. i have had 2 sliders for about 10 years and they started about the size of a quarter and now they are about 8 inches from one side of there shell to the other and about 12 tail to mouth, they live with some comets in a large pond, i wouldnt recommend them living with and fish unless they have a whole lot of room, definitly not indoor animals
  6. depends on where the dojo is from, there is more than one type of loach called a weather or dojo loach, in some of the souther asian countries they are eaten like eel, they are raised in crowded tanks and grow on an average about a foot, but most dojos you get at pet stores max out at 6 to 8 inches. i have kept alot of dojos and had some live for years maxed out at 5 inches and others get about 9
  7. froggydella both brigs and canas are types of applesnails, brigs should be fine but i would watch out with canas as they are voracious eaters http://www.applesnail.net/
  8. they never bothered any of my lucky bamboo
  9. bettas and goldfish dont mix, betta like warmer temps and they nip the fins of goldfish and the koi will eventually get larger then 2ft and the betta will make a delicious snack for it, and the koi will out compete the goldfish for food and the betta will just starve.on a side note what sized tank are these fish living in
  10. watch out with the dwarf frog and goldies as the poor little froggies will make a nice snack for them and i do believe they perfer a warmer temp. sexing dojos is kinda hard but typically the males pectorial fins are longer and are more triangular
  11. when clown loaches get bigger they can be kinda mean to other fish especially smaller ones whom they will eat when the prepare to mate, im not so sure of yoyo's but i have heard they can be bully's as are most botia, dojos on the other hand are cold water fish and do fine with goldies, have a few in my pond. on a interesting side note there are a few known small populations of feril dojos living in the us
  12. if you felt like driving down here to miami they could live in a pond im building
  13. its been a few days and his eye is almost completely filled in, the socket was pretty deep so i am amazed that it has filled in so quickly and he doesnt even seem like he knows his eye is missing and i think my female pearlscale likes him better now that he looks like some kind of pirate as they both have seemed a little friendlier lately
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