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  1. I made this video. Thanks. The ranchus and the Thai orandas were out of this world. So affordable too... The black ranchus... the huge bubbles eyes.. Definitely some of the largest and most amazing goldfish I have seen. I barely scratched like 10% of this place too. Next time I go, I'll make a video strictly on Goldfish.
  2. The sheer amount of cheap and high quality of goldfish available seriously made me cry. I love ranchus and there were some perfect specimens for as little as 10 dollars. Man... I wish I lived there or I wish the rest of the world had fish for that cheap. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. seriously, china and the surrounding areas have excellent quality fish. It's a shame to see some of the stuff we get here. You guys are so lucky there.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. This is my 55 gallon tank. It's home to much smaller goldfish
  5. I recently moved some of my fish into a 60 gallon tank.
  6. well coming out from her butt they are cloudy... when fish fertilize the eggs is the sperm noticeable in the water? all im seeing is the oranda chasing her and eating her eggs and then sometimes she'll turn around and eat them too.
  7. how do i know if they are fertilized or not? I'm more concerned about the tank over feeding themselves... because i jsut fed them this morning and then bam she started releasing and still going at it.
  8. So should I just leave them in there? The chasing isn't that bad and no tails or anything have been split. It's been going on for at least 2 hours now though. The female fish is really fat from eggs... I just thought the store overfed.
  9. i dont see the oranda fertilizing the eggs...seems to be like he's just chasing the butt and eating the eggs
  10. can some goldfish bite and split the tails of others? I have a suddenly aggressive or smart black oranda that seems to be chasing the ###### of my new large calico and biting it... and eggs are coming out... what should I do? Everyone in the tank is having a great time eating the eggs.
  11. can a larger fish bite the bubble off of a bubble eye if the bubble is small enough to fit inside the larger fish's mouth?
  12. i highly doubt he has flukes. he's not scratching or anything. his fins are erect and he swims really well. When there's food in the tank, he won't go nuts like typical goldfish. he'll take his time, and searches for it slowly and ends up missing the pellets or flakes and when he does happen to get some in his mouth, he'll spit them all back out. Even though I can still see his eyes from behind his facial growth, i still believe he's slightly vision impaired, but not completely blind. I just moved him to his own 60 gallons today with my shubukin comet. So far it doesn't look too good, he'll swim right by food and I doubt he'll ever change enough to be able to compete in my community goldfish tank.
  13. no, swims and is most active compared to my established fish. he does get the food inside his mouth but will spit them out. i also moved him into a 40 gallon quarantine tank. I think he's never been in a barebottom tank before. hopefully he'll learn soon and i'll put him back when he eats like everyone else.
  14. ive never experienced this before with any goldfish or any fish for that matter in 15 years plus of keeping fish and more than 5 years on new life spectrum, but my recent fish purchase does not seem interested in the foods ive been offering. He seems to be22 bent on finding food on the surface only, yet all of my foods either sink or float around and then eventually sinks. While all the other fish have adapted instantly, for the past day he's just swimming up top while all the other fish eat all of the food. Sometimes he just seems completely oblivious about the pellets or flakes in the tank. Aside from having to buy floating pellets, any ideas? btw, the fish appears very healthy and swims very quickly, it might have some vision problems from its large wen, but its not blind.
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