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  1. I LOVE the tank too! And you're right, dojos are so much fun to watch....you did a really great set up there....enjoy!
  2. I agree, mrb....my smaller tanks got to the green stage very quickly and I think it's because the light can penetrate the water depth so much easier. I just recently changed the bulb type on my large tank and the better/different lighting is now turning it to green. Brown alage is so much harder to look at. I just usually scrubbed it off at water changes, but since it's now turning, I'm "trying" to not scrub so much and see what happens.
  3. Congrats Jeana! They are sooo cute! I think I want a blue ryukin now! I'm glad they are all doing so well!
  4. Wow Jeana...I know how excited you must be! Congrats! And like everyone else, I cannot wait to see them!
  5. Congratulations! He is a beauty!
  6. I really like the pond setup, Blue! Your fish are cuties too!
  7. Thanks for the pics Erika! I'm glad ya'll had a good time! All of the fish look gorgeous....and Carol, you are SO not old!
  8. Wow Carol, that all sounds so amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself even though I know it's probably bound to catch up with you today or tomorrow. So get those fishies tended to, eat something, rest and then I would definetly LOVE to see some pics later on.
  9. Wow, those are all beautiful! I wish you could find a way to make those happen...I want some! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!
  10. Hi Carrie and welcome to Koko's! I'm glad you inherited some fish...that's awesome! Since you are adding water from buckets, it is fine to only add the amount of conditioner for that many gallons. I used to do it that way myself. I now have a bigger tank and fill directly from the faucet. When you fill directly from the faucet, you should then treat for the entire tank amount. Hope this helps ya, and hope to see you around more too....LOTS of wonderful things to learn here!
  11. Jen??!? A Straw?!?!? I love either of Daryl's theories! What a hoot!
  12. Beautiful! I will have to just enjoy your tanks too...cause I went totally brain dead when I started trying to read your book on how to achieve it! I've always admired your tanks....and now, I do even more!
  13. Welcome back Jen! Glad you had a good time in Montana and your fish are just fine. Yep, we'll convert "fiance Craig" before it's over!
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