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  1. Actually he was 15, I got him 14.5 years ago, I just went back and creeped the post I made on here when I bought him. Is anyone from the olden days still here?!
  2. Mine was my koi named Ping, he was 17 this year I do believe, he just passed away the other day 😪
  3. Ok this is kind of a lame tip, but it might come in handy for someone who is not so handy This is for anyone that uses or will need to use in the future a rubbermaid or similar storage bin for their fish. If you fill a larger one, you will notice it bowing out. Many members here are happy to share ways to build a frame around the tub with you, which is great.....but what if you are not handy! What if you can't use a hammer without pounding your thumb, or what if you are in a hurry and the fish will only be in the tub for a week or two..... Well I found a great lazy man's way of keeping the tub from bowing. First you need some bungee ties. You DO NOT want to force them across the tub, because that will put stress on it. You want bungees that will span the tub lip to lip without having to stretch the bungee at all, in other words a perfect fit. Now tie a loose knot, basically just a loop like when tying your shoe in the bungee. This should make it the perfect length. Again, you don't want to have to pull the bungee to get it to attach. Your tub will probably still be bowing, because the bungee is rather loose, so add another and another till it no longer bows. In this case it took about 3 for a 40 gallon tub. I have some before and after pictures to share with you. This is Before!! Notice the HUGE bow in the tub! View attachment: rubbermaid.jpg
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