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  1. I got Fancy Goldfish last summer and learned a lot by reading it. I think that with that book, and this forum, you're pretty much set for info! Now, if only all goldfish owners knew about Kokos?
  2. I would just be a little sad if the black were a color change... I love my little lemonhead! She's still doing quite well, back on Pro-Gold and Spirulina.
  3. Your fish are as silly as you are!! Honestly though, those photos are just beautiful. You should come take pictures of my fishies!!
  4. I've used AmQuel+ for over a year and never had any problem at all. It sounds like your fish was suffering from ammonia burns due to an uncycled tank... IMHO, it was the 75% water changes that saved your fish, and not the removal of the AmQuel+. I would like to hear more experienced users weigh in on this.
  5. Yes, Roxanne is acting fine so that's probably it. It's been 14 days since I first spotted her pineconing, so I have stopped feeding MetroMeds. The black seems to have subsided a bit, too. I also turned off the heater to let the water slowly cool back down. It's now at 72F. She seems ok!
  6. So I went away for the weekend and my mom fed Roxanne MMs twice daily. There was a heater regulating the temperature. I did a water change just before I left. And when I came back, Roxanne looks fine and is acting fine except that her wen has black spots all over it. ?!@ Water tests: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 15 Temp 76F 1/2 TSP of epsom salt dissolved in 20 gallons They don't look like sores, just black. Is this a color change? (Are Reba and Roxanne swapping? ) Will try to get a decent picture.
  7. I LOVE river rocks in my tank. I have it about half barebottom, half river rock... I make patterns on the bottom with the rocks... it's a lot of fun and the fish love it and they can't choke. Win-win.
  8. Hi Kymie, Based on the information you provided, I'm thinking that your Luigi might be suffering from flukes. Since you say the tank is about 3 months old, your fish are fairly new. Flukes are a microscopic parasite and are very common with goldfish. Flukes Here's an information page about flukes. Does this seem to match your fish's symptoms?
  9. Go buy some ladies stockings! Haha, but seriously, you can take all of the gravel out at once and put it into pantyhose! Then you leave the gravel-filled stockings sitting in the tank, taking them out one by one as to stagger the removal as Trinket advised. That way your biobugs keep your cycle going, but your fishbabies can't choke on a piece of gravel.
  10. Is there something in the water quality that is making them sick? Did you not quarantine your new one? I'm just trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the fish, because if you don't know the diagnosis you shouldn't treat with Pimafix and then run off for the weekend. You're absolutely certain you can't get someone to fish-sit? I'm not sure that you have any options other than to change 100% of the water and hope for the best.
  11. How are your fish today, Gaines? I spoke with a fishkeeping friend of mine and he suggested Zeolite chips to bind the insane amounts of ammonia in your water. They get "full" of ammonia after awhile and must be recharged in salt water, but there is lots of advice about that in the water quality forum. Cheaper and easier than spending a lot on ammonia detoxifiers!
  12. Penguin came over to visit the fish and helped me do a 50% water change (he can lift a full 5-gallon bucket... wow, I definitely can't!) I didn't add back any epsom salts so that puts the tank at 1/2tsp or 1/4 per 10 gallons. Roxanne is doing just fine; very active and still very hungry! I'm going out of town for a few days, so I left the MMs in a pill sorter labeled "Fri PM," "Sat AM" and so on for my mom to feed her. Also discovered that the reason my Eheim has been so noisy is because the axle in the impeller is busted in half. Sigh!
  13. I think I'm going to keep Roxanne isolated in the 20gal for the time being. The Eheim does a good job of keeping the tank pristine, plus it's a bare-bottom so no gravel to trap bad buggies. There's also a heater in there regulating the temperature. I'll also finish out the 2 weeks of feeding MMs. Should I gradually lower the temperature since she's no longer pineconing?
  14. Ammonia detoxifiers That link should help you pick the proper ammonia detoxifier. You might want to open up a thread in the Water Quality forum to address how to deal with ammonia at 3.0ppm straight out of the tap.
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