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  1. I did the water change before we drained the well though, so the PH would have been around 7.2 or so when I did my last water change. When the other Danio died earlier this month with a similar problem, the PH from the tap was normal. None of the other fish have shown any kind of sign of being ill, it was just the one. If the PH had been the issue, wouldn't I be seeing similar problems already with more than just the one? It just has me all confused because of the way they were holding their mouth wide open and then the ruffled scales on the old one and the gills on this one. I had raised guppies before several years ago but had to give them up suddenly (I had raised them for several years prior to that) but had never seen any of them act like this before. The only illness I've had to ever deal with actually was ich and some other odd illness with my old goldfish a long time ago. I know the basic signs to look for but have never had any problems with my tropical tanks in the past. I'll keep a close eye on the other fish but they are all acting normal and are eating well still. I just think it is odd if it's a water/ph issue that just that 1 fish would have been having problems. Thanks for the help. If anybody has any other ideas, please pass them along. If anything else changes with my other Danios I'll post back here. Edited to add: LoL Forgot to mention that we did not have any well problems recently (we did get a new pump in June because the old one was having some problems). We drain our holding tank several times a year but there were no problems when we did it this last week, it was just a routine to help flush the system a bit.
  2. I started cycling the tank before I added the fish, so it was half way done already by the start of August when I added the fish. The tank is fully cycled as far as I can tell. Nitrates have shown up and there is no trace of Ammonia or Nitrite since last weekend. The PH in the tank is stable though so I didn't think it was the PH. The first week I tested with the strips I couldn't tell what the color was. It was between the 7.2 and 7.8 and before then it was 7.5 with the drop test, so I'm fairly sure the tank water itself hasn't had any PH changes. It was just our tap water this weekend due to draining the holding tank we believe.
  3. Too late to edit so sorry for a double post... The low tap water ph problem is solved... I forgot that we drained our holding tank a couple of days ago which would explain the low ph all of the sudden LoL One problem solved.....
  4. First off, the requested information is listed at the end of this post. I want to explain what happened first.... Last night I noticed one of my "new" Danios (Long-Finned Zebra) that I brought home on Aug 23rd was acting like one of my other ones earlier this month. It had it's mouth hanging open like there was something lodged in there but I could not see anything. The gill on the right side did not look healthy as well (this was a new problem, the other fish's gills did not look like this). I could not get a clear picture but you should just see it through the gill covering that it was a bloody red and just didn't look right. The fish was not gasping but was hanging around at the surface. I separated him into an old breeder (without the divider so he had more room) so he was still in my tank with water flow but the other fish would not pick on him. I dropped a couple flakes in at feeding time but he would not eat. This morning he was dead My other fish that started with a similar problem also had the mouth hanging open like something lodged in there but I couldn't see anything. This was just a plain Zebra Danio, not Long-Finned variety and it did not have any problems with it's gills that I could see however it did have a strip of scales just behind it's guts that were all ruffled out. (The one that died today did not have ruffled scales though) That one was not in the tank with the Long-Finned Danios. It happened roughly 1 full week before I got the Long-Finned Danios. At that time, I had already lost 1 fish within 24 hours of getting them and one other several days later for no apparent reason that I could see. My other Danios all look very healthy and are very active and eating well. Any ideas what could have happened? I don't want to loose my other little guys as well. [*]Ammonia Level? 0 (tap water test: did not do since ammonia was a separate strip test) [*]Nitrite Level? )0 (tap water test: 0) [*]Nitrate level? 0-20.. color was in between.. can retest later with a drop kit I still have for Nitrate if needed (tap water test: 0) [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? PH test strip: 7.8 PH drop test: 7.5... Hardness & Chlorine: 0... Alkalinity: 40 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? PH test strip: 6.8 (strip doesn't show any lower than that) PH drop test: 6.0 (See note after the results about this)... Hardness & Chlorine: 0, Alkalinity: 40 [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Jungle Quick Dip Complete (test strips... my only affordable option until I can get more drops.. ran out and they don't have the one kit I usually get, just a $70 Master Kit... store is badly in need of stock recently, hopefully they get the kit again soon ).... PH retested with an old drop kit I still have some of (Tetratest PH Freshwater). [*]Water temperature? 78F [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 20G. It was setup at the start of July, fish added near the start of August [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Marineland Penguin 150B Power Filter... I use 2 Rite Size B filters [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Once a week, more if needed. I take it down to the top of the first intake tube which is about 3-4 gallons [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 7 fish (there were 8 total).. about 1.5 - 2 inches each maybe? I'm not good judging sizes [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? None, we own our own well and have a softner so we know what goes into our water [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? TetraMin Tropical Flakes... twice a day (about 12hrs apart), and I do whatever they can eat in about 1 minute, usually a small-medium size pinch of food [*]Any new fish added to the tank? Not since the problem. Original Zebra Danios (5 of them) were added near the beginning of August (don't recall exact date.. 5th or 12th maybe, it was a Thursday). Lost 3 of them, and on Aug 23rd I added the 6 Long-Finned Zebra Danios and they had all been fine until last night with the 1 fish. [*]Any medications added to the tank? No, did not know what they had so I did not want to buy and add anything. I only have aquarium salt here at home but it's from my old goldfish and upwards of 5 yrs old [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Described above... Open mouth like something lodged in there but not, gills were kind of bloody looking on right side, no other signs on this fish. The other danio had the opened mouth and ruffled scales on the right side behind the guts but the gills were okay looking [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? It was not as active yesterday like the others were all of the sudden. It ate in the morning but not at night and that's when it started hanging near the surface and hiding behind plants and the filter from the other fish. Once separated in the breeder it would not eat on it's own away from the others either. It was not gasping as far as I could see, just hanging near the surface. No swimming problems, it was evading my net very well when I caught it to separate it. A note on the PH... I tested with the Red Sea Fresh Labs kit which was my old test kit but I ran out of everything else except PH in there. It worked 2 weeks ago when I tested but this week I tested both High and Low ph levels (comes with high and low cards). Coloring for both tap & tank tests did not match the colors for each of the cards so I wasn't sure.. It's an old test but worked 2 weeks ago so I wasn't sure... I used an old Tetratest PH that is older than the Fresh Labs one but it tested okay. it's not as accurate as the other and counts by 5 but it's closer than the test strip. I do not know why my tap water dropped so low suddenly. We put in a new pump in June and there were no changes with the water since until within the last 2 weeks. Any ideas what could cause the PH drop in the well water? We don't add anything to it, but it does go through a softner like always has but never had any PH drops like that.... I got the strip test kit on Aug 15th and the first reading for PH was 7.2 (I think, colors are not easy to figure out so it could have been 7.8 the whole time) but for the last 2 weeks it has been a stable reading and has not raised or lowered.
  5. Updated pictures coming soon. I was having trouble with my internet this last week and couldn't get the pictures uploaded. Things seem to be better now but I'll wait until after tomorrow. Going to town unless something comes up for some more Danios and I plan to get a couple more plants too. One of my bulbs has sprouted the leaves finally and is growing very well. It has it's roots started today finally as well. The other little guy isn't anywhere near is big but it's still popping out sprouts. Waterlily is still slowly slowly sprouting but the other bulbs are not doing much anything still. Might grab another pack of them tomorrow too. The Pygmy Chain Sword is doing very well. It has about 6 or 7 bits of sprouts going off in a different directions right now and seems to be taking off well. Ludwiga is still around but has some odd spotting on it. Looks almost like a brown algae but I can't be sure. I'll get pictures of it too. The Hygro is still there too and I see some tiny sprouts on it still but not sure how it's doing.
  6. I have some new pictures. I will see if I can upload them tomorrow evening. There's not enough time tonight, it will take a bit to upload them.... About the whiskers on the Danios... I can see them on my others now too. They are very very tiny and so hard to see. LoL I lost the other little guy. I have a picture of it before it finally gave up the fight and will upload it tomorrow too. It's mouth looked like it was stuck open for some reason, and at the base of the tail, just after the stomach, it's scales were all ruffled on one side. The other 2 are active, eating and not showing any signs of illness and hopefully won't. I see sprouts on a 2nd Aponogeton bulb today now! The sprout is very tiny still but it's popped out finally! The waterlily has a couple more sprouts started on it too. The Onion doesn't seem to be doing much anything though, and the other Aponogeton bulbs haven't sprouted that I can see yet. The Ludwigia and Java Fern are doing well. The Hygrophilia may or may not be doing well. I see some new sprouts on it but the other leaves and stems are starting to show coloring. Will have to see how it goes. I got the test kit today too. Results below using the Jungle Quick Dip Complete test kit. They didn't have anything else and this is my first time using the little strips... Ammonia: 0.5 (just did a water change on Friday... will do another small one tomorrow) Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Hardness: 0 (pretty soft water... guess our softner is working?) Chlorine: 0 (we have our own well so that's never been a problem before but it was on the test strip) Alkalinity: 40 PH: 7.2 Temp is 78F
  7. Yeah, it was weird. None of the pictures or information I'd read said anything about whiskers, but I'm certain it was a Danio. Looked exactly like the others, minus the tiny whiskers LoL I remember it's sometimes hard to get the fish going and thriving well. I had problems in the past with a goldfish a long time ago too. My guppies did really well though. I bought a trio and in the end had like 40 of them LoL One of the other Danios wasn't eating last night again. It's still active but it looks like something is wrong with it's mouth, almost like a broken jaw look. I can't see anything lodged in there and wouldn't know what it would be if there were something (the gravel is all as large or larger than their little heads). Going to see if he'll eat today. He tried last night but I didn't see him get any in his mouth. The plants at least are doing okay. I see another new sprout on the one bulb today but the others aren't showing any new signs of life yet. They might be duds. I'll get a couple more pictures within the next few days. The lighting in my room is horrible and if I use the flash the pictures don't always turn out. It's supposed to be really nice over the next few days though so hopefully I can get some good light coming into the room. Getting the test kit tomorrow, the person who is going to pick it up didn't work a full shift last night and left before the store opened. At least I can get basic supplies (tests, filters, food, etc) from a grocery store somebody works at and for cheaper than the pet stores sell and usually with a 10% discount if the other person picks it up for me
  8. Yeah, I read about the pecking order in advance so I started with 5 Danios. I lost one a day or two after I got them (I figured the shock from being transported and put into a new tank), and I just lost that one this morning so I'm down to just 3 right now. I don't know when I can get to town next but I'm trying to see if I can get somebody to pick up a couple more after work for me this coming week and maybe another Java Fern too. I've always done testing and water changes every week. I'm good about keeping up on that sort of stuff. The first water change was the day before I got the fish and plants. I just did another today... about 3-4 gallons. I went to test my water today and didn't have enough drops to do the Ammonia test. I still can't find a Nitrite around town. I've been looking for awhile. Since I ran out of Ammonia too, I guess I have to just get a new kit. Didn't want to unless I had to, they are expensive here. Giving some money to somebody so they can pick it up for me either tonight or Sunday the person works graveyard and might not be working when the store opens in the morning LoL). I checked the PH and Nitrites and both readings were fine on those. I was watching the Danio that didn't make it carefully and didn't see any of the usual signs other than just hanging around the surface (it wasn't gasping though) and just not moving around much. It wasn't eating yesterday but did the day before. No signs of disease, no clamped fins, no gasping, no flashing... The others are still active and eating well. Quick question about the Danios... The one that didn't make it had the little whiskers and barbels. Do the breed normally have those? I don't see them on the other fishies, just on that one. They were very small and hard to see. Just curious, since of all the information I had read in advance, none of it mentioned this breed as having those features LoL As for the plants, I split them up and have 3-5 inches between the stems. A bit much probably but it makes it look a little more interesting now. Most of those plants have roots starting down too and seem to be doing okay. Rotated some of the bulbs. One is sprouting nicely, another has a small root poking out but the others aren't doing much yet. The Waterlily has little somethings (not sure if they are sprouts or roots) but the Onion bulb doesn't have anything going on yet. Will give it another week before I worry about the other bulbs. In the past they usually took 5 - 20 days to get some good sprouts going on.
  9. I didn't get a chance to do the tank today but it's at the top of the list for tomorrow now. It was time to spray out the computer tower and clean the window and such today. Couldn't put it off anymore and it took longer than I thought LoL About how far apart should the Hygrophila and Ludwiga be separated? I can start picturing it in my mind tonight so I don't have to spend all day trying to figure it out at the last minute tomorrow Once the plants are moved around I'll try and get some more pictures. It took forever to upload just those 4 on dialup. Sites sure don't make things easy for dialup users now days One of my other Danios isn't looking good. I didn't see it eat earlier and it's hanging around the top away from the others. The other 3 still look healthy and very active. I don't know if the one that didn't make it and now this other little guy are getting picked on too much. I know they setup their pecking order but I've noticed one of the larger ones seems more aggressive. Any ideas? I have an old breeder container I could put in the tank to separate the one so it's not picked on for a few days if that's the problem but I can't be sure. This is my first time with Danios. The Guppies were never this aggressive towards each other.
  10. LoL Yeah, it looks so naked still. Most of my bulbs have sprouts so if they do good it will start to fill out a little along the sides and middle. I was going to do a little work on the tank today... a couple bulbs are upside down so I need to rotate them a bit. I will also split up the 2 stem plants a bit and scatter them a little. Whenever I can get to town again, I plan on getting another of the Java Ferns or two (or 3 if the buy 2 get 1 free sale is going on still lol) and I will look in the tank again for the Crypto or any of the others that had been listed here too.
  11. Pictures! Got some new batteries today. I woke up to find one of my danios didn't make it though They haven't shown any sign of illness and the tank they came from didn't either. The others are still active and no signs of illness so hopefully they'll do okay. 20g tank.. kind of naked looking still but I see little sprouts and roots (some are upside down so I need to flip them over lol) starting so it will hopefully start filling out more Danios... they don't hold still long enough to get a good picture. I don't think I can do much better than this The Ludwigia and Java Fern... The Hygrophila and Pygmy Chain Sword
  12. Oh, bummer LoL Thanks for letting me know about the Edit... My camera batteries died on me last night trying to get pictures. I have to wait until Tuesday to get more, and then I'll be trying to get a couple. Any tips on getting good aquarium pictures? In the past I would always see the flash reflecting in the glass or the lighting looked horrible. If you have any for snapping a picture of the fish too, that would be great! I had trouble in the past with my guppies too. They wouldn't hold still long enough for a good, non-blurred picture! My plant setup is probably not the best, I did the larger ones in the back, the pygmy in the front and scattered the bulbs around along the sides and one in the middle so the front will stay open. It's all so naked looking still but I wasn't sure which of the bulbs would grow well and how well the plants will do so I didn't want to crowed them or buy too many at once.
  13. Is there an Edit button to edit my own posts rather than posting a new reply so I don't double post sometimes? LoL Had fun at the fair yesterday and dropped by the pet store on the way home. They still had a couple of the plants I had looked at, but the Crypto was either lost among the new stock or sold. I did get the Java Fern, and the "Ludwiga Paulustris" (tag says Green Ludwiga underneath) and the " Hygrophila Augustifolia" (tag says Blue Bell underneath). I went ahead and did the Pygmy Chain as well just to try, since it was a buy 2 get 1 free, so if it doesn't do well in my tank it was a freebie... I added my Aponogeton bulbs too and hopefully they'll start to sprout this next week. It never took very long to get them going in the past I also have 5 Zebra Danios in my tank to start with. Such funny little guy! They are so busy compared to the guppies I used to do. They are all doing well this morning still and up looking for food so I better get to it I guess!
  14. Thanks Hidr I tried to look up some of the plants names last night but only found a couple of them. I learned that last one, the Micro.... is actually the Java Fern? That one and the "Gold Ribbon" plant were in those plastic containers with some gel. The others listed were in a tank of water. I will have some more time to look up a couple more tonight too. I will definatly look for your suggestions again tomorrow though. The plants are on a sale through the end of the month so they are $1 each instead of $3 right now. It makes it a little easier on the learning process if things start cheap LoL I will check again tomorrow for any of the other mentioned plants first too in case they have any new stock in. I'll see if I can get pictures tomorrow of the fishies and plants! I always had trouble in the past getting pictures of the smaller fish. They are too fast and dont' want to hold still. Might be easier to make a movie and take a still from it LoL
  15. mmm was in the middle of doing freight today it was a big mess today LoL I had a hard time trying to read all of the labels on the plants, but here's what I seen they had today (they may have different ones Saturday though). Ludwiga Palustris Ludwiga Repems Hygrophila Augusti... (couldn't read the rest of the name, it was in the gravel) Hemigrahis (purple waffle) Pygmy Chain Sword Cryptocoryne Dracaena (gold ribbon) Microsorium Pteropus They also had some Amazon Swords and a couple other plants that had 4 or 5 names on the same tag so I wasn't sure about them. They might have different stock on Saturday when I go in again for the fishies and such. I grabbed a little packet of the bulbs again too. I liked the Aponogeton plants. This also has an Onion Plant and Water Lily bulb. I managed to get a new light strip too. Still need a new Nitrite test otherwise I'm set to go!
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