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  1. I think it is just a territorial problem. The loach only starts chasing when the goldfish swims around what I know refer to as the loach's rock. The loach is not swimming nearly as fast as I think it could, so I think it isn't trying to really hurt the goldfish, and they aren't really touching either. I think it'll be okay, but I'll keep an eye on them. Thanks for the help!
  2. so a couple months ago I had a huge multi-tank epidemic where my fish started to die very fast with little warning. so i moved those who didn't show signs of the illness (very hard to tell) into a quarantine tank, where all but one fish survived. That fish was a pakistani yo-yo loach. So its been about two months since the other fish died, and the loach seems perfectly healthy. So a few days ago i decided to add another fish into the tank. I went to mmm and bought a fantail, which is very pretty by the way. So the fish is fine, and they seemed to be getting along until literally ten minutes ago when i noticed the loach chasing the goldfish around, not very fast, but the goldfish seemed to be trying hard to get away. i've seen minimal nipping, but should I be concerned. Help please! LOACH: http://www.loaches.com/species-index/photo...g/image_preview oh, and the fish are both the same size, about 2.5 inches
  3. maybe he is a descendednt of an ancient goldfish breed that the gene that made it what it was skips every 90 generations and he got it this time. ...just a thought...
  4. They are beautiful, but so cruel to get them that way. You know what I mean? Like, its sad that they are like that, but they are really pretty
  5. I've been very fortunate myself. Both of my vvvv in driving range have been re-modled and booootifull. AND they just built a new mmm that is really good about 5 minutes away.
  6. I've actually gotten test kits since. My dad said I only needed amonia and pH, and that is all perfect. And I am going to wait a while, thanks though! And I don't think overstocking had to do with it, that tank has always had atleast 3 goldies in it for almost a year now and I havn't had a problem until this past week or two.
  7. If I had been in a vvvv in the fish section shopping for fish I would have been all "I WANT THAT ONE AND THAT ONE AND THAT ONE AND THAT ONE AND THAT ONE!" ect ect. You're insane!!!!!!! My vvvv has some ryukins that are maybe 9 inches long at around 100 dollahs.
  8. Well a large sickness of infection took all of Frenchie's tank mates. I'll post some pictures of them all after the stuff I type. But Frenchie has never been alone, and I know she is just a fish and all, but this fish has so much personality and shows so much affection, eventually, do you think it would be okay to give her a tank mate? I think I'm going to, and if you say 2 goldies for 10 gallons is too many, well there used to be 4 goldies and a cory. But now Frenchie is the only one left. Oh dear...sad day. Frenchie lived through it all, I'm paying extra attention to her. Emotionally, will she be okay for a bit? Jet Mist Precious Frenchie Frenchie and Precious-They were always friends
  9. yeah sorry, my net wasn't working yesterday. Me and my dad got the tank replaced and put back togeather with only one casualty, a horribly disoriented mali.
  10. and also the most complicated set up. 6 corys, 6 tetras and two malis, a bunch of plants and really really really really pretty algae growth. Any ideas?
  11. Thank you all for your help and support, but Mist passed away yesterday evening...I'm going to type her up an obituary if you want to see it.
  12. oh no oh no oh no...Frenchie and Precious-the other two tank mates are showing symptoms of this...thing. I turned on the tank light this morning tos ee them sitting on the bottom of the tank, and every time I go up there they are there. But after a few lightly tapps on the glass, they get up and swim around like nothing has happened.
  13. my tank has been running for almost a year and a half. Like I said, there has never been that much of a problem with the fish's health. I moved Mist to the cooler and she seems fine with it. She stays in the corner or against the wall most of the time. I added the antibiotics and yeah. It begins. I'll keep you guys updated.
  14. Hey all, I just got back from out of town for the day/night/morning. I went up to check on Mist and I found her in the corner of my tank kinda bent around the underground filter tube. I nudged her out and she started lying on her side in an arch and she looked horrible. Her eyes were really wide and her fins streatched out (like her dorsal fin straight up) and she started twitching...After a while this stopped and her breating is so-so. After consulting my dad, I moved her into a small cooler full of tank water and a little de-clorinated tap and me and my dad are running up to the clinic to get some fish medicine. For those who don't know, my dad is a vet and has a lot of goldfish/koi patients. I know I am breaking a lot of rules here, but I have a 10 gallon tank, 3 goldies, used to be 4 but I euthonized one of the fish who was having the same problem as Mist. But I've decided I need to find a cure for whatever this is incase my other fish get it. The goldies arn't that small, Precious is about 1.5 inches, Mist is about 3 tail to nose and Frenchie is 5 tail to nose. Okay, maybe they are kinda big, but they have always been perfectly healthy until now. I put some plant scraps, like little pieces that float around the top of my other tank and are kinda rooting, in the tank. I do water changes every few weeks. I'm having some hope, even though she is ill. I'm doing my best guys....
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