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  1. Ah Tinko. Daniel got her maybe a year or so after we met. A surprise for one of my visits out to CA while we were dating. She was a little water hippo! <3 So y'all are right. She was an indoor aquababy, and she had two other tank mates, Charlie and Ferrero. They all passed, but it seemed Tinko seemed to outlive all her tank mates. I believe her last set of tank mates were Istvan and Kiku; although they weren't really in a tank in the end. They were in a 100g rubbermaid stock tank - makeshift outdoor pond. They did well with the move to our new house, but the water quality here is horrible! Tinko is now buried underneath the Cara Cara navel orange tree in our orchard. <3 No new indoor tanks as our little 650sqft house doesn't really have room for it. We do have 2 koi out back, and they are quickly outgrowing the stock tank, so we will eventually build a nice big koi pond out back. As for my large collection of tanks, they are all stored in the garage, but will be sold for the time being. Until we have space for aquariums again, then we will start anew! I'm still patiently waiting for that day! I miss keeping indoor aqua babies.
  2. The most I've ever spent was a little under $100. Tinko was purchased from DandyOrandas for around $200 (including shipping).
  3. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! I like Cooky.
  4. I wonder if that's why Istvan turned orange. Daniel fed Tinko and Kiku Saki Hikari goldfish pellets which is supposed to enhance color. LOL. Well now we know why Istvan went from completely jet black to a jack-o-lantern. Oh well. I personally think fish are beautiful so long as they're healthy and I don't get too attached to coloring. (Or try not to at least.)
  5. If there's nothing alarming going on, and water conditions are good, then just keep checkin'. Make sure water is clean, water changes are performed as necessary, and the torn fins should heal up nicely.
  6. Hahaha. I was just looking at that smiley and thinking... man! when will I ever get to use this?!
  7. It's difficult to predict the colors of goldfish, and typically if you're purchasing fish from a petstore that's not obtaining quality bred goldfish, chances are the colors aren't very permanent. Usually the stable goldfish colors are orange and red. Again, there's no real way to guarantee a goldfish will keep it's color, unless maybe if you purchase from a reputable breeder who's bred a line of fish with certain colors. Generally black can be a very hard color to keep because sometimes it will turn to bronze or orange. If a white fish has orange spots, chances are they will probably deepen and spread. To keep your vibrant oranges and reds, there are color enhancing foods. Many of the hikari lines have color enhancers as well as a couple other imported goldfish foods. Quality foods can be expensive though. For your black moor, if you chose on with a deep, velvety black belly, chances are it will more likely keep the black velvet color. If you notice any bronze on the belly, it will likely eventually turn to orange. For white, if you purchase a 3-4" fish that is all white, I would say 50-60% of the time it will stay that color. I've found that white is a pretty stable color if there aren't orange or red spots.
  8. Most medications that do blanket treatments don't do any of them well and are highly stressful on the fish. In general, unless you know that there is something specific going on or unless you have a fairly good diagnosis of what is causing an illness, it's not a good idea to just medicate "just in case" kind of thing. Medications are highly stressful, and if unnecessary can cause more harm than good. Bacteria and parasites can also build tolerances to medications if used improperly. Are your fish not doing well? If it's the torn fins, good water quality and a little bit of salting should help that heal up quick. If good water conditions are kept in an aquarium and fish aren't constantly stressed, it's usually not likely for fish to get sick.
  9. If you're planning on treating long term, you can also purchase PondPrazi. It's made for ponds, so the dosage might be different but of course labelled on the bottle. If Nyn's got flukes and aside from that is in fairly good health, there should be visible improvement. It kind of depends on how bogged down he is with flukes as they can get in the gills and cause difficulty breathing and such. If your water is clean and you keep treatment up though, a healthy fish should bounce back and heal up. I've got my fingers crossed for the little man too! If you plan to remove gravel, it's important that you don't do it all at once since some of your beneficial bacteria (bbs) will be colonized in the gravel (along with the biomedia in the filter). I'd recommend doing a very thorough vacuuming of the gravel in the section you are choosing to remove. You can remove it by handfuls or with a small scoop, but the idea is to try not to disturb all the decaying matter and other gunk under the gravel. (Hopefully if a thorough gravel vac has been done, there shouldn't be too much.) The main worry is to disturb and release an anaerobic bacteria pocket. All in all though, if done carefully and patiently it should be ok. At this point though with Nyn being so susceptible to stress, I'd recommend doing thorough gravel vacs (I mean getting down in there and making sure the water almost runs clear with each twist down of your siphon into the gravel) throughout the tank, and just removing maybe a handful at a time. Slowly but surely a handful or two handfuls at a time will help you get rid of the gravel. Hoping all goes well with Nyn!
  10. Sounds like your stocked right to the max, so no more new fish in this tank. You've got good water circulation in the tank with your power heads. The only thing I would worry about is that your 1 canister filter may not be able to keep up with the bioload for all 5 goldfish. If you haven't had a problem so far, it may be all good. I would worry that when it's time to maintain your filter and you clean it that you might cause a blip in your cycle with all the waste that 5 goldfish will produce. The other thing is, is there proper water circulation under these "zen garden grass mats"? It might eventually be a place that will accumulate dirty gunk. Otherwise, the rest sounds pretty good.
  11. one more scrub around wouldn't harm things. I'd probably feel compelled to do the same.
  12. Yes the cherry shrimp are also easy breeders. Daniel got a few babies in his 5 gal. setup. Babies do get eaten by other community fish though, and sometimes so do adult shrimp that are molting. I'm not sure if goldfish eat them, but I wouldn't worry about overstocking. The shrimp don't have babies like crazy. They have small batches at a time, and not all of 'em hatch and not all of them survive. It's just cool to see the eggs in the female shrimp's swimmerets.
  13. So sorry to heart about Krang's passing.
  14. I've never had experience with cherry shrimp (my husband has). He says it was similar to keeping ghost shrimp. I have kept ghost shrimp before, so I'll share that experience with you and you can take it into consideration. Ghost shrimp are all right in small environments as long as the water is pristine clean. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and water chemistry, but it is important that it not fluctuate. If you're stocking a 2 gallon tank, I'd recommend a thin layer of substrate and live plants if possible or marimo balls. If live plants would be difficult, silk plants work too. The shrimp like to hide so make sure that there are hiding places for them. I think if you have a well established, cycled tank with live plants. You could probably have 4-6 ghost shrimp in there. If they're happy, they'll make babies. The shrimp with munch on whatever foods you throw in there. My ghost shrimp would go BONKERS for Saki-Hikari goldfish food. Just make sure that the food isn't too big and that it sinks. It's important not to over feed though because it can and will pile up. Just toss in a small pinch of food maybe 1-2 pellets per shrimp.
  15. There are many lines of underwater LED lights for pools, aquariums, etc. Although we've been brought up all our lives with the mindset that electricity and water don't mix, I'm sure that the chance of your fish frying are very unlikely.
  16. Well my guess is if you got it at smartpets, it's a female. Unless you got it from a wildtype betta breeder, typically the bettas with the shorter caudal fins are female and the ones with the more elaborate tail fins are male.
  17. No worries. It probably sounded like because they're different chemicals that they wouldn't work. I shoulda been more clear on that, that I was just mentioning that they're not the same stuff.
  18. Oh, I'm sure you can use dechlorinator for bleach. I was just answering the question as to whether or not the chemicals were the same.
  19. To remove phosphates from your tap, you will need an RO/DI filter.
  20. Is it the Hydor air bubbler thing with an LED light?
  21. Is your betta really a male betta? The finnage looks almost like female.
  22. The chlorine in water is not the same as chlorine in bleach. The chlorine used to treat your municipal water is most likely chloramines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloramination
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