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  1. Ah Tinko. Daniel got her maybe a year or so after we met. A surprise for one of my visits out to CA while we were dating. She was a little water hippo! <3 So y'all are right. She was an indoor aquababy, and she had two other tank mates, Charlie and Ferrero. They all passed, but it seemed Tinko seemed to outlive all her tank mates. I believe her last set of tank mates were Istvan and Kiku; although they weren't really in a tank in the end. They were in a 100g rubbermaid stock tank - makeshift outdoor pond. They did well with the move to our new house, but the water quality here is horrible! Tinko is now buried underneath the Cara Cara navel orange tree in our orchard. <3 No new indoor tanks as our little 650sqft house doesn't really have room for it. We do have 2 koi out back, and they are quickly outgrowing the stock tank, so we will eventually build a nice big koi pond out back. As for my large collection of tanks, they are all stored in the garage, but will be sold for the time being. Until we have space for aquariums again, then we will start anew! I'm still patiently waiting for that day! I miss keeping indoor aqua babies.
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