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  1. a ph of 6.3 for goldfish is low. you should increase it by adding baking soda, or a comercial buffer. I am not sure the size of your tank, 10 gall?? ... if that is case use a small amount.. 1/4 teaspoon or less.. add some baking soda to a cup of tank water then pour it in. then measure the ph level after a few mins.. increase the ph to 7.4-7.6 hopefully your goldies will stop jumping.
  2. did you check your tank parameters? ammonia nitrite nitrate ph I seen fish dart around when the ph was below 7.0.
  3. I believed my fantail had costia, he passed away a few weeks ago, and not my comet has it as well. He got really bloated and developed this lump on the right side of his body near his gill. I took him out of the tank and isolated him in a 5 gallon bucket. Ive been giving him .. .3% salt dips and doing the bucket to bucket method, with a constant temp of 80 degrees F. The swelling has gone down, and he has been eating everyday. The lump on side has closed up. i will continue to keep him in buckets for 1 more week. 50 gallon tank running over 2 yrs ( 1 comet and 1 oranda) other comet in the bucket. ammonia= 0 nitrite= 0 nitrate 5 ppm.. ( i used to 2 different test kits i get the same results) ph 7.0 2 bio filters, penguin and emperor. I hope this info helps with your costia problem. Fish really suffer from this.. they look terrible.. this goes with any other diseases. remember isolate the fish, costia spreads like a wildfire.
  4. I had my progold for over a year now. I keep it in a dark and cool place underneath the tank. At times I smell it and it seems fine like the same day I received it in the mail . I looked through the forums and I found all different types responses from other members. some say 1 year or 3 months ... etc.. anyway I guess what i'm looking for is for someone that has progold.. how long do you keep it before throwing it out? thanks
  5. no no the cycle is good... the nitrate is at 0-5 ppm.... I always keep the nitrates low... i got a 50 gallon tank with only 3 goldies.. 4 inches size... i keep them clean =) the other comets are fine.. only the fantail is sick.. which i research and i believe he has a tumor. The tumors are opening and some whitish ooze come out of it. I think they suggested feeding it Romet B.. i'm sure someone on the board came across this type of illness. I use this brand of test kits for all parameters http://www.vvvv.com/global/product_det...D=1108746149674
  6. I have been researching his disease for about 2 days now. It looks like he has some sort of parasite .. (costia)... fluke related... does that sound correct?
  7. My fantail has white patches on his body... they are not ick spots. they are actually a white patch near his fin. on the end of his body there was an opening and white stuff was oozing out. He is lethargic at times. lays on the bottom until i come near the tank. my 2 other comets are no affected they are the same as before .. excited to see me and constantly moving around until its time to sleep. 50 gallon tank, ammonia = 0 nitrite = 0 nitrate =0 tank running over 2 yrs .. 25% water changes weekly. i added .1% salt to the tank... i gave him a 3% salt bath yesterday, and i treated the water with quick cure and raise the temp to 80 degree Fah. Any suggestions.... i left for vancouver for 5 days ... i came back and he was stressed ... =( .. tank parameters were still good when i came home from vacation.. what could have happened.. :crp
  8. yep, im going to cool off on teh treatment. im just going to continue with the water changes, and wait for it to go away. thanks for the help
  9. I had a small case of ick a few weeks ago on the other comet.. so i did the treatment and they went away. During those weeks, that spot came up on his anal fin. It's just there.. im trying to be patient, but every time i look at it, it bothers me hahah. well i will take your word of advice.. it could be some type of scar tissue.. i rather it is scar tissue than ick.. thanks
  10. My fantail has 1 spot of ich on his anal fin. I treated the tank with malachite green ( quick cure). I raisted the temp to 80F and kept the tank dark. I have been changing 25% of the water twice in a week. Still the ich is still on him. I was hoping the increase in temp would speed up the cycle of the ick. It still clinging on him... i was going to a salt bath on him.. so i wanted to know how many teaspoons or tablespoons of salt to achieve .3%-.5% in a 5 gallon tub.. 55 gallon tank 3 fish ammonia = 0 nitrite= 0 nitrate= 5 thanks
  11. also forgot to mention that I am 2 water changes per week since his fin rot has started.. 25% each change..alos added melafix after each water change.. i hope this helps...
  12. My baby oranda just recovered from fin rot. I had him isolated for 2 weeks, and all of his fins healed. I let him back in with the other guys, and everything looked cool. The next day I found him with a shredded tail. I don't know if the other fishes attacked him overnight, or he got hit with another infection. He is swimming fine, and his appetite is normal. I just put in the divider in the tank, so he is isolated again. None of the other fishes ( 2 comets, 1 fantail) seemed to be affected. They have all been living together for the past year, until 3 weeks ago when he started to develop fin rot.. could someone please advise... all tank parameters are good.. ammonia = 0 , nitrite= 0 nitrate 5ppm, ph is good too. After he heals I am considering putting him in a 10 gallong tank by himself..
  13. thanks, i will keep up with the water changes.
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