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  1. He's lovely, I know how you feel with the comments tho, two friends who were round the other day said it looked like my fishes (orandas) heads were about to explode!!! What was worse was hubby agreed with them :angry: I can't wait til their wens grow more and then it will really freak them out
  2. They are really good prices, thanks for sharing
  3. It can't really be run by Dawn French can it! lol
  4. Found this on their site: http://www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk/events/events.htm unfortunatly i'm probably going to be on holiday for their annual show. Will have to look next year.
  5. Yea, when you see the fish at the store they look so tiny then you realise that big fat thing in your tank was that size when you got him! lol
  6. Don't forget as well if you see them every day its quite difficult to tell when they have grown, my dad was here last weekend and he said Berry has grown quite a bit since he last saw him but i hadn't really noticed til i got some old photos out then i could see. So try asking someone who hasn't seen them for a while. I'm sure they are fine. Rachel
  7. I'm sorry CU, he was a lovely looking fish and i know you would have done everything you could for him and he was well loved and well looked after. I really hope you have some good news soon. Sorry about your fish to, Jen. Rachel
  8. ok, i'm now almost tempted to get one for the goldies just to watch them rip it apart, perhaps as a birthday present
  9. Mmmm, my goldies aren't that big but Berry is a greedy guts so that was what i thought, if i could afford it i'd but 10 moss balls and hope some survive but i think the answer will be no, the goldies would probably be happy tho Shame, oh well another reason to get a trop tank
  10. I love the idea of moss balls, i think they'd look very cool rolling along the bottom of my bare bottom tank but i have no idea if they would be ok in a bare bottom with 2 small ish goldies. I have only seen moss balls on e-bay, not in the flesh as it were. I don't really want to end up with an expensive goldfish lunch Any one have any experiances they'd like to share? Rachel
  11. What type of filter is it? could you fit a spray bar? Or a piece of filter foam over the outlet works really well in my small tank, its just 1/2 a small sponge filter and i cut a hole in it part way through (like a pocket) and put the outlet in the hole. Hope that makes sense, Rachel
  12. lol at the thought of a crab 'test driving' new shells. They must be really interesting pets, different, cool (I must not decide i want one, i must not decide i want one,......)
  13. I saw that when i was looking up some info about it, still hoping i won't have to use it as the salt seems to be working quite well. scary stuff.
  14. I've been looking for info on treating fin rot and have come across this page: http://www.aquae.com/handbook/Handbook.html It mentions copper sulphate dip for fin rot and I wondered if anyone had tried or done this and what the out come was. Thanks, Rachel
  15. Don't know if this helps but king british fungus and fin rot (no 6 i think) and interpet anti fungus and fin rot no 8 both have active ingrediant of phenoxyethanol. no concentrations or anything but the king british one treats more gallons of water from the same size bottle and was the same price, i haven't used it yet but will let you know how i get on if/when i do. Rachel
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