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  1. George had an accident 2 nights ago. He got stuck in one of the ornaments and is severly injured I've added Melafix and aquarium salt to the tank. I dont have a hospital tank and cant set one up. Anything else I can do without disrupting my tank's ecosystem?
  2. I had to put my Casper to sleep a little while ago... used the clove oil method. he was very sick... In 5 years he had never gotten sick before... he was a trooper and my little bully Im devastated. Swim free, angel! :(
  3. i just did it he's still alive... waiting... bye Droopy
  4. Thank you for your help! I'll get some vodka tomorrow... and will let you know later what happened
  5. the water you used to freeze him was from the solution or clean water?
  6. Thank you. I dont have Vodka... I was hoping I didnt need to use it... How much clove oil and vodka did you use?
  7. I need to put my panda telescope to sleep... he's been sick for over 5 months now in a hospital tank. i've tried everything i could. it kills me to even think of killing him but i cant see him suffer anymore. @ thoughtsofjoy: you said you used clove oil ONLY? no vodka? i just bought some clove oil... but i havent had the guts to do it yet...
  8. Hi Devs! Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately Juliet died overnight while at the vet clinic... I keep thinking if she was unforcomfortable to die in front of me... As much as I feel sad, I'm glad her suffering is gone though... I brought her home this morning and buried her in my backyard. My dog, Bia, has cushing's disease and heart problems. The vet said she's lived too long for a dog with cushings... now she's refusing to take her meds, her appettite is descreasing and on top of that she's very vicious... she bites even me! Many times I have to rush to the emergency at 3 am because she's coughing... and now that I'm pregnant it's been really hard on me cuz I live by myself and have no one to help me. yeah, it's my first child and it's a boy! Chris
  9. Sorry guys I havent been here for so long :{ I've been facing some problems with my 13 yr old dog who's been very sick for the last month. The fact that I'm almost 7 months pregnant is not helping either.... Juliet is still alive and miserable. She's lost almost all the scales on her abdomen and her skin looks whitish like she has wax on her. I had someone from the vet clinic to pick her up and take her to the hospital today. Hopefully the ver will still be able to do something, but at this point I'm just hoping for whatever is best for her. I cant see her suffering anymore
  10. Unfortunately the vet hasnt scheduled the appointments for the baytrill shots yet. Juliet has lost many scales.... still the same, but she's been moving more lately... I'm keeping her on medigold for now...
  11. Well, he doesnt know much about fish, but he's willing to help and he's known me for so long and always treated all my pets (dogs, cat, turtle...) Besides, I bug him all the time, lol I have books on how to give injections in goldfish as well as dosages, so... he's gonna try. I do know a fish vet who treated one of my fish for swimbladder disease last year, but the poor thing ended up dying anyways. and I got this vet's name from this forum's list. no, nothing came out when i rubbed her belly.
  12. Hi Jen! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you... my cat fell sick 3 days ago and i've been taking her to the hospital every day for shots, since i cant give her pills. Juliet is still alive, same thing. I started giving her Medigold 2 days ago and the only thing I've noticed is that she's been pooping a lot. I tried doing the "rubbing" method you suggested, but the edema is so bad that I dont think it worked. I was talking to my vet yesterday and he said he can give her an injection of Baytrill to see if it helps. What do you think?
  13. So the maracyn treatment ended last night. I changed 25% of the water this afternoon after testing the water and finding ammonia not zero, but not .25 ppm either and nitrites at .25ppm. While I was changing the water I gave her another Epsom Salt bath... She pooped some while she was there. I also noticed a wound (but not open) on her side, which I treated with mercurychrome (sp?). By the time I put her back in her tank, it looked like she perked up a little. She ate her metromeds pellets and then went back to her sitting on the bottom position. Every day I try to make her happy by talking to her... singing to her... it's funny how she starts "responding" (opening her mouth like she's talking back) after a while. I have the impression that 80% of what she's saying are complaints though. I know I'm crazy... Other than that, she's still pineconned and bloated Question: Do i continue giving her metromeds or should I give her Medigold?
  14. Unfortunately no changes whatsoever I've been testing the water twice a day, and params are fine though. she just looks so sad....
  15. I just tested the water. No ammonia, but there's .25 ppm of nitrites. Should I do a 25% of water change before adding the second dose of meds tonight or not?
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