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  1. Thank you all! I was pretty sure the one with bark couldn't go in, but I was hoping. The plain branch likeone, I think it was made for either dry or wet use. I am going to talk to the LFS where I bought it. I know the people personally and I'll ask them about how the wood is treated and get back to you on it. Thank you so much for the replies!
  2. I have some wooden peices that are from my bearded dragon tank that I was wondering if I could use in my goldie tank. One peice one of those half logs for lizards to hide in. I thought the fish might enjoy this as well since it the really large one. But it is all bark-like on the outside and I wasn't sure if that was ok for the tank or if there was a way to make it ok for the tank? I also have this really large, smooth branch that is supposed to look like drift wood, it has no products on it (finish or anything) just plain wood. Can these things be used in the tank or not? TIA, cyn
  3. sorry to barge in here, but i have some questions if you all don't mind. my plan was to purchase a 50 gal rubbermaid bin to make an outdoor pond. i have a very minimal (ok, non-exsistant) budget. so i was going to make a filter for the pond myslef. that's why i came to this bb. i was reading this thread and getting tons of info. but i'm a little confused about some things. i LOVED the lava rock, trickle tower filter idea! and it doesn't even sound too difficult for me. but i don't understand. is that all you would need? is it a complete filter? and how does it do it? i mean i don't understand it i guess. to me it looks like it pulls water out of the pond. and then just sprays it on top of the lava rock to trickle down. is that it? that keeps your water clean? sorry to be a dunce, i'm so new to this stuff. but i love learning and i love being crafty. also i was looking at those pumps ( the mags) just can't afford that. but might be able to afford a power head. could that work for the trikcle tower thing? also, i WAS going to do the rubbermaid thing, but loved the photos of the box, home built, with a liner, ponds!! those are great! but how do you all figure out how many gallones you got? if you build it yourself how do you figure that out? i mean i would want at least 50 gals. more if i can afford to build it that big. if i can't do the trickle tower, i just LOVE the planter, plant filter idea!! how cool is that?? does it matter what type of plants you have in it? how many? how big they have to be to start with? sorry to steal the thread, you were just talking about everything i was working on anyway! TIA! cyn
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