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  1. Thank you all! I was pretty sure the one with bark couldn't go in, but I was hoping. The plain branch likeone, I think it was made for either dry or wet use. I am going to talk to the LFS where I bought it. I know the people personally and I'll ask them about how the wood is treated and get back to you on it. Thank you so much for the replies!
  2. I have some wooden peices that are from my bearded dragon tank that I was wondering if I could use in my goldie tank. One peice one of those half logs for lizards to hide in. I thought the fish might enjoy this as well since it the really large one. But it is all bark-like on the outside and I wasn't sure if that was ok for the tank or if there was a way to make it ok for the tank? I also have this really large, smooth branch that is supposed to look like drift wood, it has no products on it (finish or anything) just plain wood. Can these things be used in the tank or not? TIA, cyn
  3. this is the 45 and i've realized that i am very low on lr. so i went and bought a 16lb beauty!! i went to a different store and thier rock was amazing! actually live things on thier rock! i picked one out that had some white wormy things on it and A FEATHER DUSTER!!!!! of course it's so small you almost can't see it, but it's there!! then while watching it in my tank i am finding all sorts of stuff on it! i see this puffy white looking thing, but it's too small to tell what it is. and i saw this thing scooting along, when i looked really closely it was a sand colored star fish?? but it only had three legs and looked like it was missing one. so it's a four legged star??? what could it be?? anyhooo, this rock has tons of the purple algea on it! my other had white and green on them. then last night i noticed that my power heads now have a dark green algea and one of the smaller first rocks has some red algea growing on it?? are any of these better or worse for the tank? do i need all of them are there certain ones i should get rid of? i read that the prople one is good for the tank or reef or something. anyway, my water as of today finally looks crystal clear! i'll test later again but so far the amonia has stayed in the safe range **crosses fingers**. i'll have to get the better test kits and the ones specifically for alk and ca, but the ones i have say they can be used for sw. but it said that i needed buffer up?? what do i need to do? ok, i think that's it for my rambling questions right now. thanks!! cyn
  4. OMG!!! Reef Man that is one goreous starfish! makes me want one even more!! but i promise i will be patient and wait till everything is right for one to thrive in my tank. UPDATE: my salt water has been mixed , in the tank and curculating since thrusday with reg. argonite (sp?) sand. Sat we went and bought 6.5 lbs of live rock. we added 3 blue leg hermit crabs, 2 scarlet hermit crabs, one emerald crab, and one camelback shrimp to the tank. so far everyone is doing well. i will wait now and mae sure the cycle is ok before we add anything else. couple of questions. one what is the best temp for a FOWLR tank? mine is at about 82 F right now. is that ok? also to check the levels, do i have to have special tests for salt water tanks? or can i use the same strips i was using for FW tanks? and at what point can i had one or two fish to start off? ive read that some people actually cycle thier SW tanks with fish, but i thought that that mightnow be such a good idea. that's why i started out with a small amount of very small critters. should i wait till the tank is cycled completely? will it cycle completely without fish? how different is cycling in sw from cycling in FW?? thanks for letting me pick your brains!! hugs! cyn
  5. i haven't specifically looked into the clowns yet. i wasn't aware that there were so many until i started browsing the fish section. they're all so pretty. but i will definitely be researching that cuz i would like at least 2 . as for the stars, i didn't realize they were all so difficult, but i did suspect that they'd be one of the later things i'd put in a tank. i do plan on having live rock. i am a little sad aobut the tang being too big for either of my tanks, but thank you Mfishfor the suggestion of the yellow clown gobby, i found a photo and they are very pretty!! i think that would be a wonderful substitute. and the RC is my new favortie research site! i have just been reading, reading, reading! i have realized that i am not going to get into corals at this point. they are for a more mature tank and harder to keep ( imo) i also have discovered feather dusters!! i think they are absolutely the cutest darn things in the world!! and they live on the LR if i am correct in my understanding. so no coral needed for them. again thanks for the help. i am having fun just with the planning stage!! i can't wait to actually start doing it! i'll keep you all posted as i go along! hugs! cyndl
  6. thanks so much for the replies and for all the info. i did go over to reefcentral and have already started reading some very interesting articles. thank you for that info. i had been reading on a couple of other sw sites but the info at RC seems to be more complete and helpful. i definitely think i will be doing the 45 gal tank not the ten. i think i may also post some of these questions there and what responses i get. not that the info here wasn't great, it was, just to see other suggestions and ideas as well. i hope in a month or so to start this adventure and i will try to post here when i do. thanks again!! cyndl
  7. i have a 45 gal tank and a 10 gal tank that are currently ready to be redone with fish. my 10 was a snail tank, but i am going down to just 2 snail tanks now so will have the extra 10 for fish. i had my big beautiful goldies in my 45. they all succumbed to an aweful bout of ick and one by one died. i haven't the heart to do goldies again right now. they just can't be replaced. they were my buddies. anyhooooo... i have done fresh water my whole life and have always played with the idea of sw but they always kind of scared me. i have done tons of reading onoline and i think i am ready to brave it. i know that a bigger tank is more forgiving, but i also don't want to spend so much money and then realize i can't hack it. i also have an idea of what inhabitants i want and don't know if they'd do ok in a 10 gallon. i would like a few shrimp, a blue starfish ( don't know the name of it, saw someones tank with it, gorgeous!) a yellow tang, some "nemo" fish for my son, and maybe a blue or purple fish of some kind. i also like the looks of the soft corals, but not sure as they seem difficult. so, cna i have that in a 10 or should i bit the bullet and to the 45? also this might be a stupid question, but everyone keeps saying you can use a HOB filter, but if you have a sand bottom, how do you keep it from messing up your filter? i had a sand bottom with my snails and i ruined my hob filter, kept getting in the motor. could i just do a crushed coral bottom? or could i keep my current gravel? thanks! cyndl
  8. thank you everyone. unfortunately my only tank for qt is a 5 gallon. there's no other tank to keep him in that's away from other fish. so it's either keep him in the five gallon or put him back home. thanks Abrienna, i was thrilled he made a full recovery. he looked horrible, i thought for sure he wasn't going to make it. but he's a tough little guy. this past week he's even been acting happy again. he has been symptom free for days now and it even looks like his tail is starting to grow back some. it doesn't look as jagged as it did before. so i think i will put him back with his buddies. i'll just watch everyone extremely carefully. thanks all! cyn
  9. yes or no? i have some mts that i caught wild in the lake. i have had them in qt for over a month now. all the sickly one have passed on and the ones left are very hardy and healthy. i was thinking of putting them in my 45 goldfish tank to help with gravel maintenance. but would the goldfish eat them? or would they hurt the fish? i know they reporduce fast but i only have 6 or 7 of them. tia! cyn
  10. i have a black moor in with my other fancy goldfish. one morning i woke up to find that he had no tail left and one of his sides was raw, scales missing. i qt'd him with melafix and he has gotten better his side is all healed up and his tail looks great. it's still short but it looks all healed now. can i put him back in the main tank now? no one was picking on him before this illness. i suspect he may have had an infection of some type and got picked on due to that. he's been in there for a yr with no problems before. i just want to put him back in his home. he can't be thrilled with going froma 45 gallon with friends to a 5 gallon hospital tanks with a few snails in it. tia, cyn
  11. for future refrence the med was called Mar-Oxy. from what i understand, my frogs already had it too bad to recover. sadly all three frogs succumbed to the fungus and died. my son is very sad. we told him that we would go get some new frogies. he sais "i don't want new froggies, i just want my old ones" so i guess no more frogs for us. hugs, cyn
  12. hi! thanks for the replies. i have seen them shed before, it's not that. it's actually this thick white fuzz growing on them. i went to the lfs i got them at and she was very kind got me the right meds and told me what to do and everything. i also checked a froggy site ( don't know why it didn't occure to me that there was one of those? ) and the med the lfs gave me was one of the first ones reccomended. they are now in asmall QT with the meds in there and hopefully we'll beat this thing. it's appearantly some kind of fungal infection that is extremely difficult to get rid of. so i'm really hoping they pull through. thanks for the help!! hugs!!!! cyn
  13. i have a 10 gal in my 4 yr old sons room. it has some tropicals, two brigs(snails) and 3 dwarf frogs. everyone has been fine and dandy. then i noticed that the pleco (common) was getting rather large for this tank and that he seemed to always be "accidentally" sucking on the frogs. so we returned him to the store since i don't have another tank for him. i am planning to get a bristle nose for that tank. ok, now for the 911. last night hubby noticed that the one was floating towards the top ( they do that sometimes) but that it didn't look too good and that another one looked funny too. so when i went in there this morning to check on them the one has white fuzz completely covering his two back feet!!! and the other one has it just starting on his back. the 3rd looks fine and all fish look fine. so here's my dilemma. i can't salt cuz of the snails. is there a different med i can use? should i use an ick treatment? should i quarantine the frogs and treat them only? should i remeove the snails and treat the whole tank? my son doesn't even know the frogs are sick yet. he's going to be devistated if they die. he gets so sad when any of our fishy friends die. he cries. he's like his mama, so attched to our fishie babies. i have to do something for his beloved frogs. HELP!!!! ( this is my son "helping type :roll: :wink: ) nj hvcgyhgbnbdyxhtgvne7fnbhjyfu8 jnhfu8jhfujyh7uhughujgujghujghujnhujntfguhnrgtfujhtfntfunhjnimuhjnfgujmrgujftuhjtfbcjhnntygvbcfbgx bfn vxyfugmhgmjnimhun mhtjn8 y,mtujhmg9h i0ofyjk;myi 9ub,gihj,tihugm 08bhbk, ,uyolg.oj,. k.b k jihu777yyh67yhfc6thy6h cyxyfgvhncdvnbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzn cyn
  14. well, i can't believe how far away from me most of you live! i am in Niagara Falls NY the Honeymoon Capital! I grew up on Grand Island ( about 10 minutes away) then moved to NF. i would love to visit some of the beautiful places you all live in!! i like this thread! cyn
  15. i use a gallon ice cream bucket. it's super easy to scoop them out, plenty of room for them, nice handle to carry them and you can just put the bucket in the tank ( or holding tank) to release them gently. what i find cool is that i can sometimes catch more than one of the smaller goldies at once! less trips! GL, cyn
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