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  1. I'm guessing it's not aeration but something impeding the breathing, either damage from parasites or nitrites/nitrates.
  2. If it's the picture in your sig then probably not. It's got it's tail held too high.
  3. The first one I think looks like a sword. The pictures are very small though.
  4. Do you have a canister filter? How many gph does it do?
  5. Fishbert


    The only thing I would be concerned about is the probable transfer of diseases. Flies aren't exactly the cleanest animals in the world.
  6. I believe he's refering to hydrogen sulphate which won't build up if you got plants. Also, I'd recommend you go with a richer substrate such as flourite. Either that, or fill the bottom with laterite and cover the top with gravel.
  7. Superglue is safe for fish. It's used to cover wounds so they don't get infected.
  8. OMGWTFBBQ!!!11! Amazing! Cycled water! Because we all know that water is meant to be read like a book. Darn it, my water feels like a sack of bricks. Best of all:
  9. Get Bio-spira, if not, continue the fishless cycle by adding fish food in the same amount you'd be feeding fish. The food will rot produce ammonia and continue the cycle. Raise temperature ane aeration if you want to speed things up. Also, sea shells raise the Ph.
  10. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer bought a little lobster and raised it huge. Then he tried to give it a warm bath.
  11. Perhaps...if you try hard to make it work.
  12. Facing the spray bar toward the back wall should help and doesn't need modifications. edit: Shoot, it doesn't have a spray bar. Facing the nozzle toward a wall should do the trick though.
  13. You'll need some of the higher watt UVs for the flow rate of a 2028. Something that you might not want to invest in. But if you're fne with that, by all means I encourage you. Why not use a smaller Eheim and keep one of the Aquaclears? You can hook it up to a smaller UV and fill the canister with purely biological media while the Aquaclear still does the mechanical filtering.
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