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  1. nice tanks. if you ever wanna try bare bottom again just get a bristle pleco. i have 3 and they do wonders for my tanks
  2. yea i tried neons for a little bit.. and sad to say they didn't last a day. the goldfish gobbled them all up.
  3. thats really cool... if only i had the money...LOL
  4. i feed small omega one goldfish pellets to the goldfish, omega one tropical flakes to the trops, omega one betta pellets for the bettas, and finally omega one veggie things for the plecos.................. as you can tell i LOVE omega one and my lfs has half off refills on everything except the betta pellets
  5. currently there is a albino bristle and 4 dwarf platies
  6. this apon is a different one. it doesn't shoot flowers up but rather just a chain of new bulbs. i have never seen it shoot up a flower. my other aponos in there shoot up flower on a weekly basis and im always clipping them along with the surface leaves.
  7. yes the betta and blue mickey platy got new homes. all the plants are from the bulbs except the java fern there is one that i got in there that is absolutly amazing. it doesnt produce surface leaves and doesn't produce flowers. when it does shoot a stalk up it is just a seed that i can plant. these seed things sometimes come in chains. can anyone help id this plant? fyi the plant im talking about is the large one in the first and second photo
  8. i got these pictures off my phone but i hope it turns out. right after i got all the bulbs. they are planted in water bottles close up of above dwarf lily java fern after the disposal of water pots some growth more growth today right before pruning there is two java ferns one in each corner. one is on a coconut and the other is attatching to the gravel. the red lily is still the same size. running a topfin 20 filter on it. no ferts no co2 no added stuff, just fish poo and snaily poo. all are planted in plain gravel. all plants probly cost around 8-10 bucks. got java from lfs and the rest at wally world. o and the fish in there right now are 2 dwarf platys, 2 adult guppies, 2 baby guppies, and one rosy red. also have 2 apple snails.
  9. that looks really cool thanks for sharing and welcome to kokos
  10. yep general rule 20 gal per common/comet and 10 per fancy.
  11. i think those frogs look more like this kind Green frog i think the frogs will come back after the winter. my neihbor has a pond and his freezes over completely and after it thaws out there are always at least 10 frogs there everyday.
  12. i started a triop culture about 2-3 weeks ago and now they are all at least one inch long. i got 4 that made it to the size of being "scoopable" without being eaten. i think they are really cool and fun to watch. i tried feeding them omega one pellets and they loved it. even thou the package says only use the green and brown. i dont even crush the pellets and they just carry the whole pelet around until its gone
  13. i would advise against it just becuase they are a wild species and taking them from a huge lake and putting them in a 55 gal isn't too humane. also i from from my fishing experiences that the sunfish would shred up your goldfish's tails.
  14. i once had neons with my goldies and sorry to say the next day there were none.
  15. i bought my ruber lip for $4 and the albino bristles 2 for $10. i like the bristle alot better becuase they eat more algea
  16. my fish has had sbd for 2 years now and its still fine. i agree with tinkerbell you need a larger tank asap
  17. for one thing you have 2x the amount of fish you should have. this adds stress to the fish which can trigger the outbreak. in a properly stocked tank you should be changing about 8 gallons a week. i cured my fishies from ick with quick cure and a bit of pickeling salt.
  18. if you wanna keep the fry then i suggest taking out the big fish. otherwise you can leave the bigger fish in and they will eat the fry. i also have tons of baby comets right now and i have them all in a kiddie pool. the fish had another batch of eggs but i just let them eat all the eggs.
  19. i think u could use the garden hose if the drop is low enough. i drain mine using a gardenhose down the driveway.
  20. i had one bad experience with the vvvv price matching, but the other 2 times for my biowheel350s were perfectly fine.
  21. cool now i got another omger one thingy to get. ill now have the pellets, flakes, and veggies. i also prefer omega one becuase they use whole ingredients.
  22. i think they turn pink just becuase they are shrimp. like when you cook shrimp they change color. the first time i got shrimp they died and i think its from cold water so.... maybe that helps
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