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  1. about three weeks ago i went to aquariumplants.com and decided to buy plants from them, so i bought 2 bannana plants which are hard to find now a days and i also bout the fourleaf clover(Marsilea Quadrifolia). the plant started to grow but hasnt grown any lately i did notice today when i took it out that the roots are growing very long inside of the degradable pot it came in and was wondering if i should take this plant out of the pot, if you have any tips please let me know so that i can make this plant grow thanks.
  2. ok recently i bought 20 ghost shrimp and already had four in the tank then today i purchased twenty more so i was wondering how many is to many in a 30 Gallon fish Aquarium please help i really need to know this.
  3. So friday i started my search to find the cheapest Ghost Shrimp in town, i already had four that was mutating j/k but had grown over a inch and a half due to beef heart so i decided that i should increase the shirmp population in my tank so my first stop wast PetSupermarket and it ended there they have the CHEAPEST shrimp 10 for a dollar so i decided to buy 20 and also they had bloodworms frozen for 2.99. so when i released them into my tank my Danios and goldfish went crazy, it seemed as idf it was an invasion they all went diffrent direction and started to clean immediately and was everywhere i was amazed at this, now all i have to do is find cherry shrimp, black shrimp and crystal red shrimp if you guys know of a place please let me know.
  4. its a possibility that it is Young Ghost Shrimp
  5. i was in nnnn today and had a random conversation with another customer bout good foods for goldfish that when he told me i should purchase the frozen beef hearts he said thats what he uses as a treat for his goldfish and that it also helps them to grow Larger like the ones in Chinese restarunts. anybody know if he was correct
  6. they all seemto like each other the goldfish swim together and the danios school and theirs not a problem, its just they told me its not possible for danio to be in a tank with goldfish
  7. i have 3 bunches of anacharis 1 bunch of Bacopa myriophylloides 1 bunch Frill, 1 bunch Coboma 1 bunch Water Val. is that to much for my 30 gallon.
  8. so a week ago i went to vvvv to buy two commons but then i seen a zebra dino, they said my goldfish would eat it bu they all live happy together so today i went and bought a xl leopared danio and a Blue finned Danio and caught some plants very cheap. is there really a problem with my danio and goldfish
  9. i was wondering what i could do to make my plants gro all over the tank, i'm really trying to go for a Amazon look maybe a tropical rainforest. Any Ideas.
  10. i seen it last night when i was buying comboma and water wisteria, but i said maybe it will let off poison because a year back i remember people saying that on this site
  11. well my tank is a 29 gallon the brown algae has been leaving because the light has been off for a week. also im thinking of getting me some elodea, moneyworth, and hornworth
  12. okay if i turn my lights on, when i come from school brown algae returns. i heard that there are aquatic plants that compete with the brown algae for the nutrients in thw water. can some post a link to the plants
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