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  1. We went to the store a couple of times today morning looking for the right faucet adapter and came short each time! It was disappointing, but I think my mother's going to try again later. If that doesn't pan out, though, the pump idea is a great one! Thanks a lot for sharing, Shakaho! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/meghna9/2013-10-21111037.jpg This was how the tank looked today morning, though, so I'd say it's a huge improvement! The parameters are mostly the same, but with any luck, he'll start getting the water changes he needs. Before I left, I put in a lot of new decorations/air stones and removed those black rods (they were part of an old divider, I think). I would have taken a picture of it if I didn't mess with the filter slightly, and make the whole tank really cloudy again! I'll get my mom to send me a picture of it once it clears up and post it here
  2. Oh! Almost forgot to mention. While I'd love to get him a partner if my parents can keep the water quality up and going, he can be a little aggressive, and has a habit of chasing after and pushing other fishes around in the past (hence why I think he's a male), sometimes to the point of fairly substantial injuries, so I don't know if I trust him with a new one!
  3. Aww, thank you. He used to be pretty normal looking, but he's turned pure white over the years. I don't know if that happened for a good reason, though... I don't think there's any room in there for a fish tank of that size, but I'll also see what I can do about this, and discuss that option with them the next morning. They were pretty satisfied with the idea of having someone from the store come and clean it, though! I've always been under the impression that he was large, too, but it's definitely sad if he's been stunted in growth. I guess I wouldn't be all too surprised. Yeah, you're definitely right there. For now, my mom seems willing to put that much work (thirty minutes was a grave underestimate on my part, yes...), and she's definitely going to consider getting help for it too, so hopefully that'll make a difference. The tank was just in such a bad shape that they kind of didn't know where to start, so hopefully me coming here has helped in that regard. I also definitely prefer pellets to flakes, and he was raised on pellets for quite a while, too. I think I'll buy some pellets online and send them over here to feed the lil' guy. As far as the cleaning goes, well. My mother changed out the faucets a couple of years ago, which is one of the major reasons the fish tank hasn't been cleaned. The Python doesn't fit any of the nearby faucets! We were planning on digging out some old adapters/buying new ones to attach to the faucet, but Walmart didn't have what we needed! The hardware store is closed on Sunday's, so we're gonna' head out there tomorrow morning and hopefully find one. Then we can finally get started on that yucky gravel. But I took off the lids and cleaned them all thoroughly. They had who-knows-what growing on them, and it was really disgusting, but at least it visually looks a lot better. There isn't that feeling of 'There's no way I'm touching that...', That itself took me almost three hours, aha. Asides from that, I went ahead and attached the new filter early after topping up the tank with fresh water, and got that running, at the very least. My air diffused won't work in the tank, either, so I removed it. I figure it's better to get those big bubbles straight from the tubing rather than no bubbles at all, but I'll pick up some more air stones tomorrow, hopefully. I think just having that second filter will make a big change, and even though I wasn't able to do as much as I hoped, I'm pretty satisfied so far, and hope to find that adapter so I can do a last minute water change and gravel clean-up before I leave!
  4. Haha, thank you very much, Redcap! You bring up a really good point that I never considered until now. My parents own a local restaurant here and employ many teenagers. I'm sure some of them wouldn't mind spending a little time once a week cleaning up the fish tank (as long as they were taught how to do it properly, of course, and are paid!). I think I'll pitch that idea to my parents, so hopefully something will come out of it! My dad is an animal lover, and he can't stand seeing the tank in such a state. He just, unfortunately, doesn't know how (or really have the time) to maintain it, so I think he would be all up for this idea! Thanks for all the help, once again! I really do appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for all of your support, guys. It means a lot! This is the first time I've visited home all year, so I really can't be around enough to do much of anything, but my mom seems determined to spend about half an hour once a week to do small water changes, and she's been making more time to do things, so I'm hoping that things will get a little better here on out. I went and bought a second filter, but Walmart didn't really have much else for me to buy, so I'm going to just get as much of the gunk out of the gravel as I can, slowly refill the water so that it doesn't shock him, and then attach the new filter and clean the lids of the tank (oh boy, does -that- need cleaning). It's about the best I'll be able to do, now. Unfortunately, there aren't any local pet stores, and certainly not ones I would trust to take care of him, haha. The best I could do is visit a Petco and the like some forty miles away, but they don't actually take care of old fish, do they? I couldn't imagine. Either way, maybe we can work with the gravel as long as my mom keeps on cleaning it often. There's too much there for me to get. But right! Thanks again! Hopefully it'll be in a much better condition from now on!
  6. Thanks for all the replies! They were all really helpful, and I'm going to try and see what I can do before heading back. I'd love to rehome the fish if I knew anyway I could, because I'm just definitely in no position to take care of him, and my parents are far too busy to do a lot with him, though I think they'll be more willing once I can get the python up and running. In fact, my dad is the reason I'm trying to do whatever I can so quickly (asides from genuinely having wanted to help). He wants me to fix up the tank before I leave. But the problem with rehoming is, as I mentioned before, my family lives in the middle of nowhere (rural Arkansas), and finding someone who wants to buy it -and- can pick it up seems highly unlikely. The same goes for Whirlwind. He's such a large guy, that someone would need a lot of space to give him and be knowledgeable enough to take care of him, but that doesn't seem to be much of a possibility at the moment. Especially with me being away.
  7. Does the bleach need some time to fade after running it through the python, or is it good to go once it's soaked? The use of bleach scares me, haha, so I just want to make sure! That aside, I was clearly very wrong about my tap parameters and must have been thinking of just ammonia when I said it. My tap results are as follows. Nitrate: 10 Nitrite: 0 GH: ~150 KH: 120-180 (it was very vague) pH: 7.0 Ammonia: .25 I couldn't give you an estimate on how long it's been since the water has been changed, but it's definitely been a -long- while. The python can't be attached at the moment because the nearby faucets were changed, so no one ever removed any water. They just added fresh water whenever it got too low. And as far as the filter goes, is that all it would take to get it cleaned up enough? The inside walls are covered with quite a bit of gunk, so I should just leave most of that there and maybe just gently shake it in the water so the loose particles come off? I also looked inside, and one of the cartilage's have been replaced with a mesh bag filled with http://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/details.php?productId=88&catId=1, something I suppose I did a long time ago. I used them in place of a cartilage, and now I'm not even sure if I did it right. Would that be a correct use for them? And if so, should I just gently rinse them too before reusing them? Haha, sorry, I know I have a lot of questions. I just want to make sure not to mess up! Thanks, all of you, for all this help!
  8. Ahaha, tomorrow. This is kinda' short notice. Also, I just wanted to mention that my old python doesn't look very -clean-. Like, it's got gunk on the insides of it too from over the years of use (and no use). I'm thinking it might be best to buy a new one? Either way, I'll see what all I can pick up tomorrow and work with, for sure! Hopefully it'll be a productive day.
  9. Sorry to double post, but it wasn't allowing me to edit my previous post! I found some more recent testing strips (not the drop ones, unfortunately), which should give a decent estimate, I think? Mind you, a lot of these readings also probably have to do with how my tap water naturally is. Nitrate is high: >=200 Nitrite: 0 GH: ~300 KH: ~20 (it's in between 0 and 40) pH: 6.0 (My pH has always been notoriously low) Ammonia:.25-.5 (somewhere around that area)
  10. I'm almost embarrassed to show the horrible state it's in, but here we are. You can't really see much with how murky it is. http://i39.tinypic.com/fk1euu.jpg It used to have two filters a long time ago, but definitely not now. I'd absolutely love having the option to go visit Petco, but since home is in the middle of nowhere (literally), the only option I have for anything is Walmart or ordering online, and the latter won't really be here fast enough, I'm afraid. I'd definitely like to do something about the gravel, though, so if I can find some sort of usable sand or river rocks, I would love to make use of them. Any suggestions on what would be safe? The filter media hasn't been changed out on years, hence why I'm thinking of just dumping the whole thing, and the best option I really have at the moment is to buy two of those Aquatech/Whisper filters that are advertised for 30-60 gallons at Walmart (like http://www.walmart.com/ip/AquaTechPower-Filter-30-60-Fish-Aquatic-Pets/10291977) . I think the one I have right now is a Whisper filter of that variety. I think they'd at least do things like change out the cartilage/do a small water change and stuff like that as long as I made a schedule for them. They've at least taken care of the feeding part, though the Pro-Gold I fed him has long run out, and now he's just enjoying his fish flakes. : <
  11. They're around four-five years old, so I don't know how accurate they are, but I could still try and get a reading if they're still around. I was planning on making a Walmart run tomorrow after getting an idea of what to buy, but I don't figure the parameters are that great. They can't be awful for Whirlwind to survive this long, though, or so I'd like to think. I'm pretty sure the gravel is awful. I was going to try and clean it with just the python. I was thinking of moving him to another container, but I'm not very confident in moving him from one container to another. I'm not sure if there are any clean ones I can house him in, at the moment, either. : < And unfortunately, I'm never really going to be around enough to clean it, but I'm hoping to make sure my parents somewhat keep up with it, and to work on it more the few times I visit.
  12. Howdy folks! It's been I don't even know how many years since I've posted here. The last time was early high-school, most likely, and now I'm almost done with college. I have a 55-gallon tank with one common goldfish living in it. It's been an absolute mess ever since I've gone to college, and I haven't really had much of an opportunity (or the knowledge) to do much with it. To be honest, I'm surprised the big guy's lasted this long (nine years, now? He was one of my first, too). I want to try and clean up the tank, and plan on getting a new faucet attachment so I can hook up the ol' python, but I don't know where to start. I only have one full day to dedicate to it, though, and I don't want to end up harming the poor guy by changing too much. He's got an old filter attached (just one--the other one died a long time ago), and the filter cartilage is clogged with years worth of gunk. I'm considering just buying some new filters altogether, but I don't want to destroy the cycle in the tank (if there is one). I have an air pump with one of those air wands and an air diffuser from The Goldfish Connection running, but it's not giving much air output at the moment. I think the pump might be too low, or the actual items are clogged. There's a lot of crust growing on the light panes, and I'll need more than water to get it off, but I want to be careful and not let any sort of chemicals enter the tank. The decorations are dirty (what little there are). Also, I have a Clarifier Excel, also from Goldfish Connection, but I'm pretty sure the UV bulb burned out a long time ago. There isn't enough room to have two filters and that, so now I'm thinking of just storing it and focusing on the filters. The water is pretty dirty, and the only water additions that occurred were when the water was low and the filters started to make a lot of noise. Off the bat, I'm thinking off doing a 50% water change (and making sure my folks do them a little more often after I teach them how to again), cleaning out as much of the gunk from the gravel that I can, buying one (or two) new filters, cleaning the exterior, buy some more test kits for the water, and possibly boiling the decorations in hot water, but I wanted to get your guys' input! What do you all think would be the best way to go about this? Thanks for all of your help!
  13. Oh, I forgot to mention! I -do- use Prime! Thank you, though! And for this, well. I do not know the actual gender of the Black Moor, and I thought about mating in the past, but I was not certain. They've never spawned before to my knowledge, but he DID seem to always bump the others on their butt and push them around from the backside. I have no idea how it is at the moment, but I can definitely ask! And I use drop kits, though I don't really know the name of them at the moment. They'd come in a yellow box for ammonia, blue for p.h, and so on, I believe. And for P.H, I did buy a P.H stabilizer from Goldfish connection a while ago, so I used to use that in the past, but I haven't used it recently!
  14. It's been a long, -long-, time since I've posted here and life has been pretty hectic, but it's a little comforting to see this familiar site again, so hello to everyone! I've got a problem now, though. For the past few years, I've kept a 55 gallon tank, and the amount of fish in it a few days ago were three. One Common, one Comet, and one Black Moor. The first two are roughly five years old while the latter is about four. It's a bad combination, I do know this, but the Black Moor was never given too much trouble from the others! Right now, I'm in college, so the fish are at home for my family to keep watch off. A few weeks ago, I left for home and came back to see my favorite fish, my Comet, lying on the ground at a tilted angle breathing heavily. I was told that the common was at fault and that he was apparently ramming my Comet against the class prior; this seemed to have been going on for a good bit. Now, my Common had always been the "Alpha-Male" aggressive-esque one, and he did something like this to my Comet once before when he was injured, but not to the point of such harm! It didn't seem like I could do anything for him, though I did whatever I could with what I had on hand ( Which wasn't much). He died the next day. Now, flash-forward to today. I got called and I've been told that my Common is now terrorizing my Black Moor, who I believe to be blind in one eye. I've ordered a divider for the family and here's hoping it gets there soon, but what could be the cause of his aggression?! I mean, it's always been there, but this is pushing it and I'm worried! I'm not nearby to test the water either, but I always had P.H leaning towards the acidic side. (Nothing too extreme) My tap water's always been alkaline though! My tap water -also- has slight traces of ammonia, so getting rid of it in my tank has been near impossible. So there's always around .25, which I know is really bad. : < Nitrite and Nitrate, I've never had problems with. I've tried things like bacteria to get a good cycle going, but to no avail. ...I hope this wasn't too much of a text wall either. And thank you! : <
  15. Helloe again everyone, last time I asked for help here, it was for Ninja, my black moor again and his cloudy eyes/finrot. His cloudy eyes havnt dissapeared but he seemed back to normal and his fins were healing, but not it seems he has another problem. :/ Lately he's had a white hue to his whole body which I guessed was a thicker slime coat, but I'm not really for sure. He's still as energetic as usual and eats like a pig, but his eyes seem to have grown bigger and has a white ring, and I remember the ring being a sign of popeye. The tank still hasnt cycled and it's been over half a year and I really dont know what to do. I use Prime as my waterconditioner now in hopes to make the amonia situation better. The amonia never goes above .25 but Nitrites never form either. Here are some pictures of him: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/meghna9/DSC01124.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/meghna9/DSC01122.jpg Ammonia: .25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 P.H Level: About 7. I used to struggle with Looow PH, but I've been using Buff it Up from Goldfish Connection and that's helped loads. Tank Size: 55 Gallons Fishes: 3 Goldfish. A Common, comet, and a black moor. (I know, not the best combo, but they work well with each other) I try to change the water every weekend. I wish I could do more but I honestly have no time anymore, especially on weekdays. It makes me feel like a bad fish owner because I can never change their water as much as they need. I'm sure that's not helping any :/ There are no meds in the tank either.
  16. Nope, it isnt. It did work before though before I moved. Though I did change my tubing, so I'm thinking that that could be it. But it dosnt seem to pulled.
  17. Ah, it all works. It's hust when I put it at the bottom of the tank, it stops bubbling. But halfway, it still bubbles. The airstone is new aswell and my bubble wand works find. But if I put an airstone in, it only works half way D:
  18. Hello everyone, I have a quick question to ask. When I put an airstone in the tank, it only bubbles when it's about half way up the tank, but if I put it down all the way, it dosnt bubble. It used to before, so I dont quite know whats wrong; but I was wondering if the tube length was affecting it. I know it's not the stone itself since I've tried more than one and it bubbles if it's higher up. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the help, but I think it's gotten a bit worse D: He's still sits at the bottom by the filter intake tube and the bubble wand. He seems to have another white cottony patch on his side and it's lighter colored on top of his eye. He wasnt too responsive at first, but when I opened the drawer to start to feed him, he ran over as always XD But I'm still worried about his red eye and the patches.
  20. Sorry fot the double post, but it wont let me edit the earlier post for some reason :/ Ah well. I was just thinking, would it be affecting my cycle if, when I'm doing water changes, I put the water from the python/tap directly. I always put de-chlorinator before and after filling in the water and try to take the best care to not hurt my goldies, but, could it affect my bacteria? Also, I didnt know my P.H had dipped so low again since the last time I checked it, it was pretty good. But I'm thinking that water changes probably affect them too because the P.H is so high out of the tap...Ugh D:
  21. None at all. The ammonia stays around .25, sometimes increasing to .5 (D:) But not Nitrites or Nitrates yet. It's pretty frustrating xD And I'll pick up a KH/GH test kit. No matter what I do, the P.H drops. Before I moved, my P.H would always be at 6.0. I even tried to use baking soda and it came back down quickly. Actually, I have! That was on my list to buy next time I made an order. (Along with a new bulb for my Clarifier Excel, ProGold, and Spirulina Flakes.) My fish seem to be lethargic all the and just kind of float in one place often, but I never thought it could be the P.H. I'll order all of that today. Thanks for that help. And anymore ideas on the eye? I'm thinking he may have poked it on something, but I'm not too sure. And just a bit out of topic, but could anyone reccomend be good bubble wand? Mine never seem to be even or blow out a lot of air. Though some of it may be my pump, which is an Aqua Culture with two um...I'm not sure what to call them, but two areas to connect tubing to them. Thanks a lot! XD
  22. Hello guys, its me again with another question on my Black Moor, Ninja. From the last thread I made, I said I had finally moved them to the new house and so far, and so far, the tank has still not cycled. So I'm guessing it's obvious I may get into some problems xD But anyway, I again have a problem with my Black Moor. Before, he came down with a really bad case of ich and finrot that killed two other fish in the tank, but I managed to get rid of it before it killed anymore. Some people who helped me said that I over medicated, and I think I panicked and did. But he's been fine after that. Now, I'm a bit worried again. I noticed yesterday morning that it looked like he hurt is eye. In the 'bubble' around the eye, it looked like there was blood inside. And there usually isnt anything like that. Heres a picture of it: Bloody Eye And another one Also, he has a small white cottony looking patch on top of his head, which I think may be fungus. Sorry that the pictures of this one is bad, it was a bit hard to catch. But, if you need a clearer one, do tell. Fungus Back of It He also tends to sit at the bottom in the corner an awful lot and has done that since and before we moved. As I said, the tank still hasnt cycled (and it's been about a month and a half) so the levels keep jumping up. I know that's whats causing most of the problems and I do try to keep it low, but, it just crawls right back up unfortunately. My levels are: Ammonia: .25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 P.H: 6.4 ( Low, yes, but it keeps dropping. My tap waters P.H is usually around 7.8) Tank Size: 55 G Filters: 2 Whisper 30-60 G Filters Thanks again! You guys are life savers XD
  23. Aah, thats wonderful! Thanks for the help and support guys : D The good water is a bit tough, but I'm trying to do water changes every day xD The ammonia keeps creeping up, I wish my cycle could have been kept Dx Ah well! Thanks!
  24. Alright! Thank-you, I'll do that! The P.H in my old house would keep dropping down to 6.0, no matter what I did. But here it seems to be able to stay constant. They all seem to be in better condition now and I think you're right xD I may have panicked a bit and overdoses them, now I feel a bit bad Dx One question though, if the edges of my Moors fins are still white, does it means that he still has fin rot? I dont think it's progressing anymore, but I could be wrong. I'll start salting the tank right away : D And thank-you for the support Lynda, I hope they get back to themselves. (They seem to be close to being there)
  25. Hello everyone, my post may be a bit long, so please bare with me xD My goldfish have been staying in my old house (while we were trying to sell it) for the past year or so (yikes). I visited whenever I could to change the water, and they were fed around 3-4 times a week by my parents. It wasnt the best of situations, but that was all we could do. They were doing pretty good during that time. They werent as active as they used to be, but they were fairly healthy until about a month ago. My mom checked up on them, and apparently, they had a very bad case of ich, and two of my five goldfish died. I got her to give them a dose of coppersafe and that apparently cleared up the ich by that night. The next day, I went to the old house to check up on them, and I didnt see a sign of ich, but there were a a few secondary infections, mainly fin rot in my black moor. His eyes were also cloudy/hazy. I raised the salt that was already in the tank to .3% and got some Tetracyline (sp?) tablets to give them. I think that got rid of the fin rot, because it hasnt been getting worse, but all of the fish were a lot less active than before. Now, last week, I had them put in about a 10 gallon tub and finally brought them to our new house. Though, I had a problem, the water was VERY different from theres. While their water was soft and had a PH of 6.0, the water here had a PH of around 7.6 (thats as high as my test kit would go, so it may be higher). I tried to slowly aclimate them to the water over the week by doing water changes and introducing more and more of the water in their tub. They were kept in there with a bubble stone, bubble rod, and filter. Finally, the water was about the same, so I set up their 55 gallon tank yesterday and out them in just an hour ago. Now that I finally have a good view of them, I can see that my Moors eyes are still quite cloudy. He also sits at the bottom in one spot most of the time, and isnt seeming to eat much at all. (even though he's sitting right no top of the food) My other two, a common and comet (I know, bad combination for the Moor) were busy on the other side, going against the glass with their head. xD ( I think they see their reflections? I'm not too sure) They all sort of stay close to the bottom, but I'm pretty sure it's because their still new to their surroundings. All of the food where the Moor is sitting is still untouched and has all piled up to the sides. I'm a bit worried about him, and I was thinking of maybe buying Metro-Meds since I heard it helps fish who dont eat, but I dont want to be hasty. I'm sorry if the post is a bit scattered all over the place, or if what I was asking wasnt too clear xD But I'm mainly worried about how they've all been quite less active, and that my Moor still has cloudy eyes and seems to be sitting/not eating. And for my params, since it's just been set up yesterday, they are still 0. But it hasnt cycled yet, so I'm a bit worried. It's using all it's old filters though. Params Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 P.H: 7.8 or greater Tank Size: 55 Gallons It has two Whisper filters made for it's size tank. I changed their tub water everyday, but havnt done anything for the big tank. There are three fish in there, one a common (Whirlwind) , about 7" with his tail, a comet (Aqua) about 8" with his tail. And a Black Moor(Ninja) about 5" with his tail. I have no medicine in the tank yet, though I do have some Maracyn and Trisulfa. (Though the Trisulfa is expired...) I feed my fish Pro Gold : D My problems are: My moor sits a lot, dosnt seem to be eating much (maybe a few pellets, but not actively going for the food). He has cloudy eyes. His fins are also very tattered, but dont seem to be getting worse now. I also just noticed that my comet has a few read streaks on his tail!! They're very thin, and he's had them before once a few years back Again, sorry if it's a bit scattered around xD I'm horrible at getting all my thoughts put down properly! Thanks a LOT! And one more thing, boy am I GLAD to be back to Koko's! I havnt visited much in a year or so. (Though I do lurk around occasionaly xD) Edit: Ninja's moved a to the other side now, bt he still stays to the bottom. None of them have gone high up though. I sitll think they're getting used to it again : D
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