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  1. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fumi.
  2. Ree-you kin The "Ree-you" part should rhyme with few. Most English speaking people tend to stretch out Japanese words. The pronunciation for "kin" is halfway between the English word "kin" and "keen". Not as short as "kin" but not as long as "keen". Ryukin is a word created by shortening Ryukyuto Kingyo. Goldfish from the Ryukyu Islands.
  3. I'm so sorry sweetie. I know he was your fave. He was a beautiful fish with tons of personality. You gave him a long and wonderful life. And he left you with an offspring that looks just like him to remember him by. Moo :
  4. Great job HC. That was a really nice thing you did and I commend you. As for the cruel shipper...
  5. You guys look so happy together in these pix!
  6. You're welcome! BTW, speaking of impurities, didn't Amy Mitchell have some really weird stuff inside her box of salt?
  7. Salt is always going to have some impurities. Solar Salt is produced in an open pond so it will always have impurities from the environment. It can be anything....dirt, sand, rocks, minerals, etc. Nothing really unusual.
  8. Salt will usually increase GH & KH. Since the product you are asking about is labeled as "Water Softening" it must actually decrease the GH & KH. This is good if your GH and KH are already at the upper acceptable limits for the kind of fish you keep. That is why I asked you what your GH was. Goldies usually prefer 100-200ppm. So if your GH/KH was already well over 200, then yes, you would probably not want to increase it. That being said, I personally have no experience with this product as I have very soft water as is. I went to the Mortons website. Direct quotes from their site... Q: Which Morton products can be added directly to a koi pond or fresh water? A: When salt supplementation is advised, Morton recommends using Morton® White Crystal® Solar Salt or Morton® Canning and Pickling Salt for fish ponds and fresh water aquariums, as these products do not contain additives. Note that it may be advisable to make a solution from the salt before adding it to the pond or aquarium. Please see your fish expert or veterinarian for the proper use of salt in a pond or aquarium. Back to Top Q: Which Morton products can be added directly to a salt water aquarium? A: For salt water fish, Morton recommends using commercially prepared seawater (marine) mixtures, as they should contain the proper ratio of trace minerals. Morton does not make a product specific for salt water aquariums. Morton® White Crystal® Solar Salt is not a sea salt obtained from evaporation of ocean water to dryness. It is a higher purity salt, and therefore cannot be used to make seawater for salt water fish without additional trace mineral supplementation. Please consult your fish expert or veterinarian for the proper use of salt in a pond or aquarium.
  9. Are you trying to lower your GH? What is your GH right now?
  10. Trinket and I were talking about last year's new years eve/new years morning when we were all in your chat room. We always thought we typed fast but Kokeshi-chan is hands down the fastest "typist" I have ever seen! Not only is she blazingly fast she has no typos either! Those teenage kids have absolutely nothing on her!
  11. Yes but this mutation does not seem too detrimental to the fish's livelihood and well being? I think pearlies and bubble eyes have it much harder than these guys in terms of detrimnet to their longevity?
  12. The one that doesn't belong to the family!
  13. For the medicated food like Medigold and Metromeds, Rick says 6 month after the jar is opened and 9 month if the jar is never cracked open. Since Progold is not medicated food so it should last at least as long as those two. Progold of course contains probiotics so the shelf life is not as long as the other mass produced stuff sold at petshops.
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