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  1. Thanks for the link Ranchu. I am wondering if hooking up UV lights above the tank would have the same effect? Fredct - Where I live, there are no such things as a local pet stores. I can get a pH test and an Ammonia test here. Closest fish/pet store type deal is about 5 hours or so away. If I could test my parems, I deff would! This is generally the main problem. Cape Breton is an isolate rock. So setting up a spare tank tonight for the fishes, if and when I find them. I have to run a hose out and in to empty/fill my tank, and by the time the water reaches proper temp and what not. Geez. <rolls up sleeves>
  2. Dont have a nitrate kit. I have yet to be able to find one where i live. How does this UV business work? I have an iguana, and there fore more UV lights then you can shake a stick at.
  3. I tried the frequent water changes, it seems to make it worse! I changed, over the course of a week, about 150% of the water after I was out of the hospital, even though that is the only time I saw fish in there... and after about a week, pea soup. I was thinking that because the water changes seem to feul the algea... I might have a mineral or something in the water or some thing it likes? I will try to do a water overhaul, and see if this helps. Maybe a massive water change all in one day would choke it out. Cycle crash mayhaps... at least ammonia is easier to deal with. Thanks muchly guys Ill put some baby pics up in community if yas want, lol - not that i mind showing her off!
  4. I tried looking in previous posts, but all I am seeing is how to maintain a pea soup green tank. My tank maintains itself, so this is not a problem for me. However, for all the benifits of a green tank, the fact I have a huge tank in my living room full of green water, and not a fish in site, is kind of bringing me down. When I had my daughter and was in the hospital, and on bedrest prior to that, my poor tank didnt get a water change for the better part of 4 weeks, lo and behold, I had fish again! I changed the water 25% a day for a week, and after 2 days, pea soup. And since my Pleco died of unknown reasons, the tank has gotten worse, as there is now a film on the glass. While this might be a blessing to some, I hate it, so how do I make it go away? I leave the lights off, and the tank is out of the sunlight. - Meg
  5. you put it on the stand before you fill it up. lol. - meg
  6. they grow over two feet in length. plus they can fit a human fist in their mouths. They cant see all too well and do strike out if some thing nibbles at them, and they will leave quite the gash on whut ever that may be. Sure they may be cold water, but the size, feeding habits, and salt quantity in the tank all suggest they are terribley uncompatible, methinks the site gave out some bad info if they listed goldies as right proper tankmates - Meg
  7. Oh my, after a long <and hard> 4 month Kokos withdrawl, i have returned! So i am now in the process of setting up a 60 gal long tank for my goldies, the cycling is taking forever, so i bought two dainos (sp?) today to help it along, whut crazy fish they are, theyve been zipping round my tank full tilt for the last 4 hours. But anyways, this tank is massive, some 4 feet long and 18 inches wide, 3 high or something? The filters put out about a 750-770 gph turn over, and it has the nicest stand i have ever seen. The whole set up cost me about 350$ Canadian (taxes out), which is a great deal round these parts. The tank is on the second floor of my 120 y/o house, and im waiting for it to fall through the floor, though i've taken as many precations as i can think of. Well, just wanted to leave a little shout out about my absence, and if any one can think of any thing i can do to hurry my cycle along, or secure my tank, it would be very much apreciated - Meg
  8. "No more then they can eat in several minutes" is usually half the can with goldies. I feed mine little pinches of this and that through out the day, with the main meal being gel food. They dont get more then a teaspoon/teaspoon and a half each a day though.
  9. Goldfish will never go off there feed for no reason. It is highly unlikely he is just being 'fussy'. It will be best if you post this in the Desease and Diagnosis section, and answer all the questions in the white box at the top of the reply page. (you will see it once you go in and try to post)
  10. It was my ex boyfriends fish actually, annette, and I came into the picture when the old girl was in the tank. That fish was simply astounding, and her water was changed almost every day due to how dirty it got in her little tank. I was simply amazed when i was told of the 6 years she spent in the little thing. Its just another story to show how truly amazing these little creatures are. Not many animals could survive the way a goldfish can.
  11. Too true Annette! I have a 3 year old 4 inch fantail, stunted as heck. I also have a comming 2 year old fantail, who was never in less then prime conditions from the time i bought her, she is allready at over 3 inches, and is a year and a half younger then my fish who, because if a serious injury, had to spend 3 months in a 3 gallon tank, as it was the only other tank i had at the time. Both fish came from a pet store chain with...less then ideal conditions. Both are Allready stunted, as both should have grown over the size they are now in their first 6 months. I have had my shub for 3 months, and he has allready doubled in size, as he was purchased 'right off the truck' and was only in stunting conditions for a couple weeks. I have also kept an over 12 inch comet in a 20 gallon, and that was just sad. She lived the first 6 years of her life in a 2.5 gallon betta tank, and was only moved when my ex-boyfriends family realised the poor thing could no longer turn around. So she was MAJORLY STUNTED going into the 20 gallon, and she was still well over 12 inches!!!! Imagine the potential of her growth had she been kept in ideal conditions?
  12. I have 3 goldfish in a 33 gallon tank. I am within the rule of thumb for goldfish keeping. Yet, i still do two 25-30% water changes a week on that tank, with proper filtration, to clean up their waste alone. Of these three goldfish, i have a shubunkin, this shubunkin is only 5 inches long. I can tell you that this 5 inch long shubunkin is busting out of this tank becuase he simply has No Room to Swim. Even if he was in the 30 gallon by himself, which would give him plenty of girth for the Rule, his biomass would be under control, but he is an unhappy fish becuase he cant swim. It is my expierience, that the 10 gallon rule is for biomass ONLY. For space needed, even the wobbly-swimming fancy goldfish need 30 gallons. And single tailed species should be in no less then a 100 gallon long or a pond, for the sheer fact that they are too large, swim too fast, and need the room to swim. I do not have the funds for a larger tank atm, but as soon as i am able, i am getting no less then a 60 gallon for 3 fish. As for the 43 year old goldfish in a bowl, goldfish are amazing creatures. They can survive horendous conditions. However, stories like this are few and very far between. With millions of goldfish being sold to bowls each year, the avrage life span of a fish is like a month. The 'average' counts in these cases of fish living for years. So whut does this tell us? This tells us that millions of fish have to die in a week to bring this average down.
  13. yes they get wens, yes they get them as they age.
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