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  1. -And that thing is... 'Food, food, food, food....oooh scary thing.. nah, food, food, food, food, ooh another fish.... food, food, food, food' And once they reach a certain age... Thanks for the replies!
  2. I really like your redcap! Beauties!
  3. Holy cow! You have the cutest goldies i've ever seen!
  4. Looks really nice! It looks real 'Fresh'
  5. Yes, the internet thing stinks. Especially when i've got so many nice goldfish photos to view! Thanks!
  6. Hello, I've recently posted about a bottom-sitting fish. Since transfering him to a fully cycled tank with some Dojo Loaches, he's been acting great. Always swimming around & trying to find food. I also got 2 fish from a lady who could no longer care for them. One died within 2 days (I think a internal problem) but the black moor is now in a fully cycled 15 gallon, with some ottos, which he harasses by the minute. As for me, my internet is down (Hence the lack of posting) so i've been using the library every few days. Just thought i'd share. Thanks for everything!!
  7. Yes, I think they need that mental stimulation. Naturally they'd always have something on their mind.
  8. Beautiful! I'm enjoying your betta, as well. I've got a few (6) myself. But they reside in much more bland 'homes'. Something to really look at!
  9. Okay, thanks. Just as you responded I read that in the 'Goldfish Types' Section of the website. Thanks again
  10. Hello, sorry for the bother- I?ve seen some really nice fish lately at my LFS including: Sarassa Comets, Shubunkin, and just some regular commons/comets. I have a large 22 gallon Rubbermaid tub that is open for any fish. This tub looks like a 30 gallon in my opinion. It tapers upward a bit, and has a good depth & a good amount of surface. Would I be able to get 1-2 goldfish for this? I?ve really been liking Comets & Commons. I plan on seeding it with one of my well-established tanks, and adding a stocking of media in the tub. It should cycle fairly quickly. Thanks !
  11. Thanks for the post- very interesting. Do you think lethargic behavior can often times be linked to boredom?
  12. Yes, in all your photos you've posted always together - very cute. Now that my goldfish is in a stable tank, he's doing real well. In a few weeks perhaps i'll look for a tank mate. I imagine it would make him much more happy. Thanks-
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