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  1. My family is fine with regular water changes. It's not that big of a hassle since all they have to do is use the python. I originally wanted the tank to be bare bottom but my family insisted on gravel. Plus, they refuse to let me take it out. So....I'm screwed. lol
  2. Any idea to decrease the frequency of vacuuming the gravel will be appreciated.
  3. No, I currently have cannister filters for filtration.
  4. Not sure if anyone asked this but I am trying to cut down the problem of vacuuming gravel for feces. I live away from home due to college and I want to minimize the maintainance of my 72gal for my family as much as possible since it is my tank and I am the only one hardcore enough to take care of it like a baby. So I searched online and found an article about undergravel jets. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/ug_jets.php This is made with cichlids in mind but would it be possible to put with my goldfish? The current described in the article may be too strong but I think i can adjust that by getting weaker pumps or adding more outlets to diffuse the power. Also would it work for goldfish? The bio-load is a lot different so I am not sure if it would work as effectively. Does anyone have experience with this project or any insight to minimize the vacuuming please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I am having trouble sexing my fish. I have one ryukin who has developed breeding stars so I know it's a male. This ryukin, however, does not chase the other fish at all. The other fish have pimple things on the pectoral fins but nowhere else. I tried the anal opening method but the spots on the leading pectoral fin is throwing me off. One of my ranchu has the white pimple sticking outward anal opening which is suggesting its a female, but, again, the pectoral fins are confusing me. I have trying to breed for a long time with no success what so ever. I am afraid I may have all males in my tank. Can anyone shed some light?
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