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  1. That's unbelievable. Who would buy it? If you like goldfish, why would you put them through that. If you don't like them, then you'd still have to take care of them. Get wallpaper.
  2. I also thought comet, but if it has the double tail I'm thinking fantail. But when it's older it might end up growing abit of a wen. You never know.
  3. My goldies were in the basement. It was alot easier to change water (minimum 60 gallon water change/day), so that was my main reason. Plus they were in rubbermaids. So it wasn't very "pretty". My boyfriends(at the time he was) convicts were upstairs in their 30 gallon. But I took care of them. My guppies were underneath the 30 gallon. We didn't have much room. We were in a furniture collecting sate and had three couches and too many other pieces to count. So I had to use the room best as possible.
  4. Is he the only one in there? Wow, thats like moving from a bachlor apartment to a mansion. Lucky fish!
  5. Comets are my favorite goldie. I had so many of them at one point, then I had to move across country and couldn't take them with. But in the short tiem I had them (3-4 months) Bubba must've grown a inch. I miss my fish, they were so much fun.
  6. I wish you good luck. It sounds like your doing whatever you can. I hope everything turns out for you and Jowls.
  7. I love ryukins, just cuz they look different from everything else. At least when they're full grown. I've seen baby ryukins that already showed a hump. Beautiful fish, and definately my favorite fancy.
  8. Very pretty fish. I love the fused tails. i tend to think they're the prettiest.
  9. You could probably sneak one more in with that filtration. But, um, maybe you can make more room by moving or taking out some decorations. I think you should be alright as long as you do plan on getting a bigger, or even a second tank. You could get a thirty gallon, put in the old filter and whatnot. Put in two fish and all fish will have more room. But if you wouldn't be able to upgrade one way or another, than maybe you shouldn't. Hope it works out, he sounds like a cool fish.
  10. Congrats on the soon to be new fish. And welcome to Kokos. Great site! Anyhow, I wish you good luck. Goldfish are great, and I am so happy your parents care so much that they didn't just tell you to put a feeder in a bowl. Would you give them a pat on the back for me? Just say its from you though, they might be a bit freaked if a strangers sending pats. LOL Ok, I'll stop. But congrats, and I wish you good luck. Keep us updated.
  11. And also, when it comes to a bigger home, if you really o care about these fish then at least get a big rubbermaid for them. You can get 10$ somehow I imagine. And just change alot of the water everyday. Make sure to use water conditioner. If you take good care of your fish, they will live long, get big and you might even be able to teach them tricks. Having them eat out of your hand is really cool. Goldfish are awesome. But if you just want a fish to fit in a 5 gallon, get a betta. but you still have to care for it. I wish you and your fish good luck. I hope you stick around and decide your fish are worth it.
  12. ok, I have to say I skipped most of the posts here, but stopped to view the pics. They are absolutely beautiful. I wanna get a butterfly koi tattoo. But with flames instead of a tail. I think your an awesome artist.
  13. Thank you to awrieger and TetraLover. I feel much better now that I did not just alianate everyone because I brought up something like this.
  14. I wasn't really referring to your post, but I won't mention which ones I was reffering to. Anyhow, the idea of it is not that bad. You can't tell me you check everything you buy to make sure it wasn't tested on animals. And if you do, good for you. But I realize that fish have to be used sometimes, and living in the dark for a few weeks is alot better off then living in a feeder tank for a few days. Or in a fishbowl for a little while. Cuz other than being in the dark, the fish would be well taken care of. Say if I was to do this little experiment. My fish were well taken care of, even if I did not use fancy filters and whatnot. They had a large home and good food. And also good light. I doubt it would be as bad as some people make it seem, especially if the fish is well taken care of otherwise.
  15. No need to go on the attack. I was just saying how it would be interesting. I never said I would. You would think I was posting that to a PETA board. I saw something menioning it and decided to post about it. No wonder some people only post a couple of times. They tend to get attacked.
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