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  1. True, but the stuff you don't really need is never that expensive and usually you can just discard it. I was looking around other stores and found that big tanks alone are almost 100 plus the hood is around 30-60 plus the filters are around 50-60 so as i see it, i might as well just get the package and use what i want rather than just buying seperately. Considering the tank is on sale that is. I dont know... this looks like a high quality tank, not one of those cheap ones from nnnn or petcetra. It's a small store and they seem to know their stuff, however, their fish are over priced. Cardinal tetras for $9.99, medium goldfish for 12.99! you can easily get one at nnnn for $3-4. But i guess you won't have the disease and death problems with the smaller store. I'll stop rambling.


  2. I've never had a tank big enough to require aeration but now i'm getting a 25 gal I would like to know whats involved. I'm guessing you have to buy a air pump of some kind and connect it via tubing to a bubble wall or something like that. Do you have to buy this stuff seperately or do you get them in a kit together? and how many watts would my air pump have to be for a 25 gal tank. I'm new with these things so any information would be helpful.

  3. Hi,

    just wondering... I'm in the market for a new 25 gal tank and found one at a fish store on sale for $175 CAN. It includes the tank, hood, light, aquaclear 50, heater, food, and some other useless stuff. It seems to be a good deal for a new tank. It's MSRP according to the store is around 250. Any ideas as to whether or not this tank should be my choice?


  4. I would like to have my tank planted with java moss and java ferns. My substrate will not have much gravel (maybe 1/4 - 1/2 inch) so i need a plant i can attach to rocks and driftwood(i will have many chucks of wood in the tank). So i came to the conclussion of java plants. First off, will goldfish eat them? Second, how do you attach java ferns to plants and rocks. I know java moss is tied using fishing line but i imagine java ferns have roots? :blink: And finally, how do you go about finding java moss. It seems to be a popular plant but i never really see it at any lfs.

    Any tips or comments would be appreciated considering i've never attempted a plants tank before.


  5. it seems of all the live bearing trops mixing with golfish stories, mollies and swordtails seem to be the nippy ones and the ones people seem to have problems with. Does anyone know if platies and guppys are nippy too?

    Also, would weather loaches (dojos) eat planted tanks?


    As of now, I'm thinking of getting 2 black moores and a weather loach or 2 for a 30gal.

  6. While at my lfs researching possible tank combos for my new appartment in september I though it would be cool to have a goldfish or 2 with a couple platyf fish. I know their tropical but they do not require the high temperatures of most other trops and could live without a heater. Also i know there would be another problem with feeding as platies are pretty fast. But in a large tank would this be such a problem? I have no intentions of doing this combination but has anyone here ever successfully had goldfish with any type of tropical before? or on the other hand had a disaster from not knowing better?

    Your thoughts and ideas please.

    ps. remember i dont intend on doing this, i was just curious so save me the lectures ;)

  7. i chase mine around with a large coffee mug then scoop them to a 5 gal bowl (containing original tank water) while i do significant water changes. I'd never use a net plus my way makes it so they never have to leave the water.

  8. You have to remember, my sharks will only be 1.5 - 2 inches when i buy them so i dont think having them eat any other fish is possible. Once they get big enough (and I know they will get that big quick) i will have a tank to move them to. But for now i can't see having 3 types of fish overpopulating a 33 gal.

    as of this moment,

    3 baby bala sharks

    4 platties

    8-9 neon tetra

    However, that will most likely change as there are so many options :krazy: plus i have 4 months to think about it and the time it takes to grow some plants.

  9. I've done a lot of research on the sharks... I'm more concerned about it's tank mates getting alone with each other rather than with the balas. I'm open to other considerations. I was thinking of maybe having platties and neons with them. However, its been awhile since ive owned platties and I can remember if they would be too slow around feeding time.


    1) i wanted to have golden barbs, what other kind of fish would go well with it and the bala

    2) if i wanted neon tetra, what kind of fish would work well with them and the sharks.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  10. I'm going to be setting up a 30 gal tank in september which will contain 3 bala sharks. (i know that i'll need a bigger tank in a couple years). But i wanted to add a couple tank mates along with the sharks. I was hoping on adding golden barbs but i would also like a small school of neon tetra. Is it compatible to have both barbs and tetras in the same tank? Also, any ideas as to a kind of snail that would thrive in these conditions?

  11. I'm planning on starting a 10 gal tropical tank for either guppies or platies. I want to try and build the tank using live plants. Does anyone know what steps are required to start a live plant tank and how to plant them. I see that they're sold in little cup/buckets. Do you take them out and stick them into gravel or what? Some need wood and things to grab onto. I would like to use a little java moss too. Any ideas or explanations would be helpful.


  12. I was reading that i shouldn't be feeding my Sasara Comet flake food that contains more than 30-35% Protein. However, i'm currently giving him something with a 44% concentration... is this something i should worry about? how about other percentages? ie. fat, fiber, moisture?

    He's about 3 inches(total) and in an aquarium not a pond.

    any thoughts would be appreciated


  13. recently my fish tank has had a boost of green color in the water. Its horrible, the tank gets so green that i cant see my fish. i have to do water changes constantly. i dont understand whats going on. Theres some brown algea on the tank bottum but i always clean it off during water changes. is this a common thing that will pass or am i going to have to do something about it? It looks like water you would find in a ditch somewhere.

    please help


  14. I just added a second aquaclear to my tank (a bigger one) and i was just wondering which inserts are required. i dont think i need activated carbon but i have the ammonia remover, tons of foam inserts and mesh to catch stuff. i saw there was a new one for bio stuff. anybody have those? anyways just tell me what you have in yours or voice you opions and such.


    ps pictures below

    one more

    and the last




  15. I got a group of 7 neon tetra the about a week and a half ago and they are currently with my golfish. I have to report that they are getting along fine(alot better than i was expecting). My golfish are fairly big and leave them alone and the neon tetra don't bother the goldfish bit nipping at their fins or anything. I've always loved neon tetras but never got them because i always had goldfish. The climate where i live is usually pretty warm so the tank temp stays around 78-80, a good temp for both fish.

    just though i would post my success with them incase anyone else was thinking of it. I know its not usually a good thing to mix trops with non-trops or goldfish but it seems these two are very compatable.

  16. he's too fast. he'll go for everything at once and the lionhead will manage to get in the way. Ill try some different combinations though and see what works best. Its not life threatening for the lionhead but it would be nice to see them get along

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