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  1. Bad news... neither of them are eating the flakes or sinking pellets i've been putting in the tank. However, they must be eating something considering they are still around. I put some lettuce in the tank and they may have nibbled at that but i am very unsure about them. Has anyone else had this problem? My little bala used to eat but he has taken on the traits of the big one and now both arn't eating.

  2. I'm not so worried about them harrassing the females considering they are more aggressive towards each other (the males that is). That's the main reason i chose the 2 males i have in the 10 gallon with the females, they get along fine. I'm worried that if i introduce the other males that it will ruin this relationship and plus create a big sausage fest haha.

  3. You can see the other 2 males that were not chosen for mating on the left side of my 55 gallon. One is yellow and the other is red and leopard. Do you think that they should be added into the 10 as well? They appear to be more aggressive than the others.


  4. I have a 10 gallon tank set up for guppies. I have 2 males and 3 females. I picked the best 2 males out of 4 and stuck the other 2 into the 55 gallon to keep the aggression down. I was wondering will they still mate even though there is more than 1 male? i read that you should have 1 male and 2 females for best results but obviously my case is different. Also, will the same male pregnant more than 1 female at any given time? or do they pair up till the fry come? Will they start mating as soon as you take them out of the bag or does it take them awhile to feel comfortable before starting? Thankspic::



  5. It's actually 3 different peices of drift wood. I just put them together to make it look like 1 big piece. The middle piece is still pretty big though. That way, there is lots of room opened up underneth to allow for hidding spots and fun for fish to swim through it.

  6. I got 2 onion plants in my 55 gallon tank and today i read that the bulb has to be only 2/3 under the gravel to avoid rotting so i pushed the gravel off the top of them to get the proper coverage and found that it had a brown spot. Its not very big but i'm wondering if i have to do something to treat it or if it will just recover on its own now considering i've uncovered it a bit.



  7. One more update:

    I took the rocks out of the tank and it seemed to clear things up a bit. The slate made a fine dust it seemed. Anyways, today i saw him try to get into the swing of things and bite at some food. However, he just held it for a few seconds and spat it out and then would go after it again. It appears to be a start but each time he spits it out the tinfoilds try to eat it before he puts it back in his mouth. Any ideas as to why he wouldn't be able to swallow them?

    I got a video of the new look to the tank. I got a couple guppies to brighten things up and an extra onion plant today so enjoy and take a look and see if you can spot anything wrong w/ Auto the big bala or Hank the smaller one. Pictures also.


    Video Link


  8. Here's an update:

    Got a pic and videos of all 4 of them although it's hard considering they're never all stopped at once. I would tend to agree with you that he is probably scavenging at night however with the barbs around there would never be anything on the ground for him to eat. They are extremely quick at feeding and if anything actually gets to the bottum it is quickly vacummed up by them. I see him putting his mouth on the slate rocks but there shouldn't be anything on them. The jr. version of my trouble shark is eating just fine and getting along with everyone so hopefully that sparks the big guy to begin eating. I imagine once he is hungry enough he'll start eating hopefully.

    please comment your opinions and suggestions

    close up video

    Full Video of tank


  9. I finally got my huge tank set up in the new apartment. However, I found a bala shark at my lfs who had just been brought in. Apparently he was in a tank with chiclids and other mean fish who beat the crap out of him so he is missing scales and is very sketchy. I felt bad so i took the 4.5 inch guy home. He swims against the glass following his reflection and during feeding he won't eat. I got 2 tinfoil barbs to try to make him feel more comfortable. He schools with them so they got him away from his reflection for awhile but during feeding he goes striaght back to the glass while everyone else eats. So... i got a small bala shark to try to give him a friend he could relate to. This is still not working. I've seen him eat 1 flake off the ground since i've gotten him so 4 days now. I've heard that it is common for balas to take awhile to adjust to new tanks but he is pretty messed up from his previous home. btw the other bala is doing fine and eating but he is about 2 inches however is not schooling with the others due to his smaller size i imagine. Any help on how to get him eating and feeling more comfortable would be appreciated.



  10. the nooppee in my city had some of the best looking fish i'd ever seen in a store while another had fish covered in ich. I just bought a 55 gal tank from them and it seems to be alright. I guess it depends which store you're at, mine obviously had someone who knew what they were doing

  11. I got a 55 gallon tank about a month ago and i'm waiting for september to set it up in my new apartment. Anyways, i was wondering if there were solutions to the high price of gravel at fish stores. I want to get natural looking rock but at $30 a bag and needing 4 of them its a bit costly. Do big home improvement stores like home depot sell rocks like the gravel you have in fish tanks? I'm betting that they have river rocks but i want something a bit smaller that resembles the size of normal gravel.

    Any ideas?

  12. Hello,

    I was just wondering what you do with platy or guppy fry after they are born. Do you leave them in the breeding box for awhile and feed them there or do you have to move them somewhere? Also can they eat just crushed flakes or do you have to feed them gel foods and such?

  13. true, but your gravel could be completely clean and you could still do a water change afterwards and the result would be nothing decomposing in your gravel making your water all murky.

  14. I was pondering last night of a better way of cleaning tanks and came up with this

    [Power Head] <- tubing - [cartridge with foam insert to collect waste] <- tubing from gravel vac [gravel vac itself]

    If my understanding is correct, you could clean your gravel without ever taking water out of the tank. Sure you'd still have to do water changes ever week but this way you could thoroughly clean your gravel without having to stop become too much water has left the tank. The cartridge could be made out of some kind of cylinder cut vertically then rejoined with a hinge of some sort so you can easily insert foam blocks then lock the cylinder back into place.

    Maybe if i have some time this summer ill try to create one.

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