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  1. I looked again and the red isn't really in circles but more just like thin red lines or streaks.
  2. I have had my ranchu goldfish, Filbert, now for a number of weeks but I bought him with a swim badder problem and was able to make him healthy again but now for some reason he has developed light red(almost rings) kind of under his skin. They look a little like blood blisters. It started when I went away for the weekend and had my boyfriend (el paz) look after him while I was gone. He said that while I was gone the algae eaters attacked Filbert and when I first arrived home I saw that they had sucked the fins (or what looks like) off the base of his tail. Then he started to develope the red blotches so last night I put him into a separate tank with new water, a little salt, and Pimafix (which is said to work for fungus, internal and external bacteria) and I just woke up this morning and he was lying belly up not moving. So I immediately put him back in his original tank which has been stable now for months hoping that will help. I don't know what to do from here or what it is that is wrong. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  3. Here's an update on the tinfoil tank. It's not what i want it to look like but for now this is it. I went to the store the other day to try and find something to put it on and they wanted $250 for a crappy pine stand so i went to my hardware store, bought some wood and put my capentry skills to work and this is what i made for $40.
  4. they will be getting a 125+ gallon once we finish our degrees and settle into a house in 2 years. They are fairly small right now and i understand they get big fast but they're enjoying the 33 for now. The reason i moved them is because they've gotten way to big for a planted tank and i also wanted to give my growing bala shark some more room aswell. They enjoy ripping all the plants out of the ground for no reason. Leave them alone for a hour and every plant will be floating at the top. I'm expecting them to get around 11 inches, i've never seen one grow to their potential in a aquarium other than at a zoo where they have 10000 gallon tanks. By the time they are big enough they will have a big enough tank. but for now i'm worried about making them a natural looking environment that they cannot destroy. ideas on that?
  5. The tank is a 18 gallon with him and a black moore both are young. The water params are fine but the tank sometimes has a algea outbreak. it sounds like this: Fluffy cotton wool-like growths that appear on the fish?s body or tail, fish fungus responds well to proprietary treatments. Brief saltwater dips using special brine salts can also be effective, provided they don?t overly stress the fish. Since fungus typically only affects one fish at a time, it is best to move the patient to a separate hospital tank or large bowl, which should be kept clean via frequent changes of aged water. Note: A special kind of mouth fungus is much more difficult to treat, and may only respond to antibiotics from a vet. any other ideas on how to treat or how to apply things like hydrogen peroxide?
  6. He has a white fluffy looking ball on his fin that protrudes on each side. The white mass has red blood looking dots/small streaks. We have started a treatment of 0.3% salt as a start. Anyone have ideas as to what it is and how to treat it further.
  7. Hello, I have recently moved my three large tinfoil barbs from my 55 gallon planted tank to a newly setup 33 gallon. It only has black gravel on the bottum and a aquaclear 30 powerhead and a filter. Considering I already have my heavily planted tank w/ Bala sharks, I'd like to have a tank that has no plants but rocks and bare logs instead. I've seen tanks like this before and think it would be a nice contrast to my other tank. Also, i want to add another type of fish to the tank. I clean the water twice a week so the extra fish won't be an issue. Any ideas of what to do? If anyone has pics of tanks they think would work please add them too. thanks
  8. the grassy looking stuff is called Jungle Val. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the kind that jump but they reproduce or expand by using a stringy shoot to plant itself somewhere else.
  9. a better view of the tank via a video:
  10. I don't believe it is java moss as it is lighter and more "ferny" than java moss but works much the same on logs and rocks. It likes to grow out rather than up. Anyways, today was a big mix up with the tanks in my apartment. My tinfoil barbs have gotten too big for my 55 gallon tank so i went down to my lfs and strolled a 33 gal for a mile back to my place on my long board. I simply filled it with water and some black gravel, added a 30 powerhead from aquaclear and a smaller normal filter and stuck the 3 piggies in there along with their smaller brother. I know that it is actually down sizing for them but with nothing in it they actually have more space to swim. So i decided to take down my amano tank attempt and added those fish into my 55 with the bala sharks and gouramis. With the tinfoils out of there it allowed me to plant the tank so i gave it a shot and it has turned out well. My biggest bala shark seems to miss the company of the 3 huge tinfoils but i guess it is time he learned to make friends with his own kind aka the smaller balas. I'll add a picture of my 55 tomorrow. It is more impressive than my little 10 gallon i think. hope you like it.
  11. Hello, I posted this in the tropical section but i'll add it here too. I recently decided to trim all the moss off the logs in my goldfish tank as it was taking over the tank and i was left with a small bucket of the stuff. I decided that i would try to create an Amano style tank (complete with amano shrimp haha). Anyways after a couple days of trying to create a moss wall and use that as the bottum of my tank and failing at it i decided to try and just weight down the moss with some of the gravel in the tank and a few well placed rocks. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tryed this or if you think it will work or not. I'm concerned the moss won't grab on to anything and just float around. Also, I'm concerned that I won't be able to vacuum the bottum due to its lack of hold to the bottum. The tank has about 11 tetras (neon/glowlight) and 2 amano shrimp and a ghost shrimp. I'm hoping the moss will fill out the bottum and start growing upwards. Pictures are coming. What do you think?
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