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  1. I think it is at least 30 fry left, can't count them. Many of the little calicos have crooked tails... I'll just wait and see...

    But one fry is HUUGE! I call him Bamse, twice as big as the other.

    Some pics!

    Bamse and "normal" fry!


    Some brownies!



  2. Hi all!

    Still practising, taking pics...

    Not perfect, but here are a few of Gullmer, my oldest fry.

    He is 3 years old, and he is growing, his fins too. The new growth is curly!

    Maybe the only fish in the world with curly fins?

    All my fish are strange! :D







  3. My plec Uno is not a goldfish, but he had an accident recently. His head got stuck in an ornament, and I was terrified. I asked hubby for help, and told him: if you can't release him, put him down...

    But my plec survived, and is doing fine now.

    I will seal all ornaments...

    My fry keeps growing, especially Bamse. Here is a pic of Bamse with a "normal" fry...


    I keep practising taking fishy pics, and I am crazy about "portraits". So I fix them in Photoshop, I have learned more and more.

    Zweetie is getting paler, maybe she'll turn white???


    And here is little Yellow or Caviar or whatever his name will be... I don't want to interfere, he is my sons fish!


  4. Can't wait to hear more about the babies!!

    Hey, I have always been curious........why the name OLD HAG?

    When I suggested that name, my daughter thought it suited me fine... she was an angry teenager then...

    Here are some pics of my fry from today. They grow so fast!


    Here is the biggest one, a calico!


    Little fishies!

  5. not the fry. :(

    I have had those plecs with fry before, and it worked just fine. Now these fry are in a small tank, so maybe it isn't such a good idea.

    OH dear. Next time break the ornament carefully so he wont get hurt.

    My friend has 5 goldfish in a 55 gallon and one of them got stuck in an ornament and she broke it to get it off the fish. Still had some damage(from trying to get itself lose during the night) but less then had she tried to pull the goldfish out.

    I didn't want to break the ornament either, I got it from a very dear friend... and I would have had to crush it completely to get the plec out, and maybe hurt him that way... I didn't know what to do... so horrible.

    He is alive and moves, just like before.

    I will try to seal the ornament.

  6. My granddaughter Millie is here today, and this morning when we went down to feed the fish, I found one of my plecs stuck in an ornament, the bottom of the "No Fishing" sign. I have never seen anything like it... The whole head was inside...

    I tried to pull him out but I just heard the sound of cracking fins... I panicked and called for hubby. He was outside so I had to get Millie dressed and take her out too.

    Hubby pulled the plec out but he is wounded. He is in a salted bucket now. I hope he will heal...


  7. Fry are almost a month old now, and a few have died. That's okay, I have so many.

    The calico's are starting to show, but I haven't seen any doubletails at all...

    They grow very fast thought!





    I guess this will be a fry diary!

  8. I bet you all are tired of my fry pics...

    but they are growing fast!

    Here are pics from yesterday evening!


    this one is blurry but you can see all the swimming fry...


    I have never had so many fry at the same time!!!

  9. Last year I took some really good pics, but now something is wrong! I should have written down the settings I used, but I have tried everything! These pics are the best I can get. They are not 100% sharp, and the colors are not quite right.

    Brownie is the easiest, he always looks good on pics!

    But the little yellow one! I can't get ONE decent pic on him! The color looks weird and he is always blurry... I will post and example...

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