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  1. Yes, I was going to say that here in Sweden we don't have all those Goldfish medications that you in the US has. I always use salt for minor damages or frayed fins. There is special salt like Ektozon but I don't know if it is any better...

    My fish spawns all the time so I am dealing with a lot of frayed fins...

    Btw welcome to Kokos, we needed another Swede!

  2. Thanks. Yes I cannot look at them when they swim in the clove oil.But they went fast.

    I have a few with crooked tails left, but I will wait. They look good otherwise.

    I guess I have 10 left, a few looks really good.

    Here is one:


    And here is Bamse, the huge one. Looks good!


  3. This batch of fry are so many, and many of them have crooked backs and/or curled gills. I will have to cull a few of them, since I can't sell deformed fish. And I have to sell most of my fry, since I can't keep all of them.

    Apart from the most obvious, what would I look for? These are common fry, single tails, some of them are calicos, hatched in october!

  4. Now I am really jealous... I can't afford a new camera right now.

    Do you use extra flash? What settings do you have, shutter speed, ISO...???

    Your plec looks like mine, just a bit more spotted!

    Don't be jealous. You probably don't need a new camera, and flash will not contribute to a quality photo.

    For the pics above, I just needed plenty of light and a steady hand. My 29 has a hinged glass hood and a High Output Compact Fluorescent Strip-light. It's got a 55watt, 8000K color temperature compact fluorescent lamp.

    I use a program mode, so I don't have to think about the technical details. I'm not a control freak if I can get good pics with the program mode. However, the info you want is in the EXIF data in the images, and follows for the respective pics:

    Thank you very much!

    I will change my settings then.

    The Proffessionals says that you should use 2 or 3 flashes, and from above...

    and a very high shutter speed...

    but, I'll just try, and try and try...

    My fish just won't stand still!

    Well the plecs will! You have already seen this pic!


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