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  1. Well it's 3 meter across, and about 1 meter deep, I have counted it before but always forgets... I'll do it again...
  2. This is what I see when I come home working late shift. I have to check the fishies everynight of course! Angus and McFish to the left! If you look close you can see 2 fry in this pic! (at least their little red heads! )
  3. Someone called them "spangles" too... my calicos have a few of them, looks like silver!
  4. I'm sorry you lost your fry, that happened to me to the first times I tried to raise fry. Now I've ended up with 6 oneyear fry and about 15 2-3 month old...
  5. Right now I've got a tank with seven babies and in the pond 2 adult goldies (1 common 1 comet) and 11 fry, that makes 20, doesn't it?
  6. There might be 2 batches of fry if the fish had been in pond for a long time. But I have that experience that the size could differ in the same batch to. My 6 one year fry still differs, 2 are bigger but the other 4 are now about the same size!
  7. Update already! I think they have grown! I'm sure there is 8 calicos and 3 brownies! One fish! 2 fish, one calico, one brown! 3 fish! 4 fishies!
  8. Oh! I'd like to see pics of the shubunkin cross! How big are they? My babies are also common/comet/shubunkin cross!
  9. Oh I envy you so much, this all looks so beautiful... sigh
  10. Looks good! How are your pond fish doing? How many are they now? My pond is filled with little calicos right now!
  11. Oh fry fry... I love them! You get really good pics in the sun don't you! Cute!
  12. Took some pics out in pond today! There are fry everywhere, most of them calicos! McFish with some fry! A new Gullet?? McFish sucking fry food! Angus! His tailfin is gorgeous now!
  13. Oh, another new fish! Yes they look great together!!!
  14. I have about 5 - 6 fry who has survived in pond, though their big daddies are in there! I will try to catch them in the fall and then I'll give them to my LFS in spring! He will take them!
  15. Very cute little panda! He seems very friendly too! I'd like to see more pics!
  16. This is the dog head I see... Swimming yes!
  17. Oh what a wonderful collection of fish! The big comet looks like a huge version of my little Goldie, I hope he will look like that when he grows!
  18. A goldfish show! Wonderful, marvellous! I wish we had those in Sweden...
  19. I love Kokos too, I'm totally addicted and I have to check in here everyday. I want to read the news, to check if the sick fish get better and so on. And I feel that I am among people who are just like me, crazy about goldfish!!!
  20. We think a snake took my dear fish Gullet... She was big!
  21. This looks like a dogs head and there are something reflecting that looks like and eye but I don't know if this is what you mean... ?
  22. Looks great! Now we just wanna see the fry!
  23. Hi again. Try to post a video from ZippyVideo this time, it's updated with my new fry Gully. I also try to speak a little english... Hope it works, fry are so cute...
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