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  1. I have been fighting green water for a long time. I have been changing 90% every week, and a few buckets every other day, but still green...


    Today I checked a swedish forum and found 3 possibilities:

    - Algae Stopper, could be dangerous to the fish...

    - Plants, but they might cause algae...

    - Darkness for 48 hours...

    I decided to try the last one, changed 90% of the water, turned off the light and put on a big towel.

    The other tanks are OK.

    My 2 last fry, the huge one, Bamse, and Calle (calico).


    The whole fry tank, they have stones and floating plants.


    The other big tank with some new stones, bought in Stockholm!


    My newest plec, little MiniMal, has grown! I don't know yet if it is a male or a female, though.


  2. Of course they can, but I can't sell fish, deformed in any way, to my LFS. He won't be able to sell them...

    and I can't keep all deformed fish by myself...

    By the way, only 2 fry are left now, the big one Bamse and a smaller calico with only a tiny kink on the back...

  3. Funeral today, in the snow (have you seen my snow pics in your thread?)

    Sad, I've never had a dead plec before...

    But MiniMal looks fine, so tiny and cute, and very interested in the algae!

    Does a female have no bristles at all? This one has very, very tiny bristles going on, maybe it is another male!

  4. It's OK! The new one is young and doesn't have any bristles yet. I hope it is a female.

    S/he hasn't met Uno yet, they are in separate tanks!

    I do not know what the other plec died of, I just found it dead, nothing special had happened...

  5. Oh, that tank looks beautiful! A little bigger than my biggest then, and new!

    I want another new tank, I hate my old, so many scratches, can't see the fish properly. And right now I have green water problem...

    I am so very sorry about your plecs, I saw your avatar today and thought Oh no what's happened.

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