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  1. Now I am definately sure that my baby Brownie, at the age of 3?, finally will change his color

    I have been so proud of his fantastic bronze color, and I hoped he would keep it...

    But now he looks like this...


    Getting orange I suppose...

  2. Are they moving to your pond anytime soon now? :D
    I like the green look. Maybe Im weird. By the way Anette, not to be a big partypooper but be careful you have enough oxygen in there. Green water needs extra at night as oxygen levels plummet at night. I have woke to a tank of dead fish in GW in the past because I didn't have enough aeration :( Green water/phytoplankton consume sooo much more than clear water and this is even worse in summer as the water warms up :bubbles .

    Of course if they are all moving to the pond for summer this is not a concern!

    Unfortunately it isn't pond time yet! If the spring is warm maybe at the end of may. Otherwise June.

    I didn't know green water needed extra aeration, thanks Imo. I should get some airstones then, but I don't have any extra power outlets (is that right word??)

  3. Just got 2 moss balls, from Swedish Ebay, I have never had moss balls before.

    Do they work with goldies, or do they eat them?

    Do moss balls grow?

    I don't know anything about them, I just think they look cool!


  4. My fish are better, thank God! They are swimming around now, no bottom sitting or clamped fins anymore!

    But the water is soooo green, the medication I use makes it even greener! But I hope it all will go away when I finish the medication.

    I am so sad, I made my fish sick with the UV-light, they were "sunburnt" on their backs...

    My poor poor fish...

    I am so sorry.

    But they will make it.

  5. Well, now the fish in the other tank are sick, I think it is the UV-light. It is for pond use, maybe too strong for indoor use. But the tank is still green and I have to medicate now...

    The big fish looks just fine now, so I guess the medication worked! They are active and the grey/white stuff is going away!

  6. The fish looks a bit better, they are happy, active and eating fine.

    I am treating them with Dessamor-P.

    But my other tank is getting green now, have to use the UV-light again...

    Just for a few hours a day, in case it makes the fish "sunburnt" or whatever it is...

    Well, as long as the fish doesn't act sick...

  7. Well there are "die off" periods, but I don't know the percentage.

    My latest batch was a bad one, there were hundreds of fry from the beginning. But they were crooked and deformed, and a lot of them were eaten, one of them grew very big very fast!.

    Now there are only 2 left, the big one and a smaller calico!

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