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  1. I am cutting down the light, only a few hours in the morning so I can feed them! It is spring now and the daylight is enough.
  2. The light was too strong! It is for the pond filter. Yes, fish are doing fine now...
  3. You can hardly see little MiniMal...
  4. Oh... Well, so far they look Ok. I will take pics of them in the tank.
  5. Thanks all! I guess I'll just wait and see then, if my goldies will eat them or not...
  6. Just got 2 moss balls, from Swedish Ebay, I have never had moss balls before. Do they work with goldies, or do they eat them? Do moss balls grow? I don't know anything about them, I just think they look cool!
  7. Sorry you've got green water, I know the pain. I have been fighting green water, and I made my fish sick...
  8. Looks like this today! Tank number 1: I think Brownie is changing color... The other tank: At least they are swimming and eating now!
  9. My fish are better, thank God! They are swimming around now, no bottom sitting or clamped fins anymore! But the water is soooo green, the medication I use makes it even greener! But I hope it all will go away when I finish the medication. I am so sad, I made my fish sick with the UV-light, they were "sunburnt" on their backs... My poor poor fish... I am so sorry. But they will make it.
  10. Well, now the fish in the other tank are sick, I think it is the UV-light. It is for pond use, maybe too strong for indoor use. But the tank is still green and I have to medicate now... The big fish looks just fine now, so I guess the medication worked! They are active and the grey/white stuff is going away!
  11. Hi Queenie! Haven't seen you around for a long time! We have pollen in our pond and it doesn't hurt the fish, but of course it looks bad...
  12. The fish looks a bit better, they are happy, active and eating fine. I am treating them with Dessamor-P. But my other tank is getting green now, have to use the UV-light again... Just for a few hours a day, in case it makes the fish "sunburnt" or whatever it is... Well, as long as the fish doesn't act sick...
  13. Well there are "die off" periods, but I don't know the percentage. My latest batch was a bad one, there were hundreds of fry from the beginning. But they were crooked and deformed, and a lot of them were eaten, one of them grew very big very fast!. Now there are only 2 left, the big one and a smaller calico!
  14. Yes, I know, but the fish are covered in something grayish... I don't know if it is fungus or velvet. I don't know if it is the green water, the Algizit or the UV-light that caused this. I will ask my LFS tomorrow.
  15. Sounds good! I wanna dance! Sorry it's late here and I've had too many beers!
  16. Looks like this now! Compare:
  17. Works fine! Walk by and say Hi sometimes!
  18. Well the fish are going gray, so I think the light was too strong... But the water is a bit better, I will take a pic.
  19. I am trying the UV-light from the pond filter. I hope it will work!
  20. Oh yes UV! I will check on that immediately!
  21. Still green... I have tried the Algizit from Tetra, but still green...
  22. soo much fins! the plec looks like mine!
  23. Yes, that is exactly what I am trying right now! I hope it will work!
  24. Do you mean in the green tank? That is because I am changing water all the time...
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