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  1. Just wanted to post a pic of the only indoor tank I use right now, well at least for Goldies.

    This is little Yellow and my only fry, Silver the shubunkie!

    I have some gravel, big black stones and some driftwood for the plec, Minimal. That's all!


  2. Now Angus, Gullmer, Brownie, Belly, Zweetie and Zorro are out in pond.

    The Swedish Summer has been very warm for a few weeks, sun is shining heavily every day.

    I would like to join the fish in the pond...






    Brownie not so brown anymore...


    And just a few flowers...

    we call these jasmin...


    Orange lily


  3. Very pretty!
    It's just been quiet here Anette. People haven't been posting so much.

    Everyone is out having fun. It's summertime. :)

    Yes I have noticed. But here in Sweden we have rainy days, so I am sitting here with my laptop...

    waiting for the sun... :D

  4. Thanks! Yes they both have long flowing fins!

    We will only be gone for a few days and there are mosquito larvae in the pond.

    it's cold here in Sweden so pond season is from May/June to Sept/Oct, I wish it was longer...

  5. I sadly lost my little fry Bamse. He was the biggest and healthiest of my fry...

    Now there is only one left from that batch, little Silver, Zorro's baby.

    Bamse and Silver...


    I didn't want him to be alone in his tank so I gave him a new friend, little Yellow. They are doing fine together.

    Yellow and Silver!


    Compare, Zorro as a baby!


    And my Brownie keeps changing his color. He is really beautiful right now, but I'm sure he will be all orange in time...

    Brownie/Orangie!!?? :)


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