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  1. I have slipped in our pond too, with clothes on... I hope my neighbors wasn't watching...
  2. We have frogs in our pond and we don't want them, since we think they eat the goldfish food. They are tiny and hop right through the netting! Haven't seen any toads though...
  3. Thanks, I will have to go out in the pond today, must clean the filter! There is 35 C on our front porch right now...
  4. Thanks! Yes I love to watch the fish swim around with their fins flowing... !
  5. Now Angus, Gullmer, Brownie, Belly, Zweetie and Zorro are out in pond. The Swedish Summer has been very warm for a few weeks, sun is shining heavily every day. I would like to join the fish in the pond... Belly Gullmer Brownie not so brown anymore... And just a few flowers... we call these jasmin... Orange lily
  6. Thanks! Yes it's nice to have a pond where the fish can have some summer vacation and feel some freedom.
  7. Everyone is out having fun. It's summertime. Yes I have noticed. But here in Sweden we have rainy days, so I am sitting here with my laptop... waiting for the sun...
  8. Thanks! Yes they both have long flowing fins! We will only be gone for a few days and there are mosquito larvae in the pond. it's cold here in Sweden so pond season is from May/June to Sept/Oct, I wish it was longer...
  9. Oh! No-one wants to see better pics of the Swedish Pond... ?
  10. Today at lunch time I took these pics of Gullmer and Angus out in pond! Come here, lunch time! No worry, the fake ducklings won't take your food! Hungry fish! Angus! Gullmer!
  11. Thanks! I think the net makes the pond ugly and it is so difficult to take good pics of the fish... but I am hoping for long sunny days by the pond!
  12. We have had problems through the years, fish has disappeared and I saw a heron once. So nowadays I don't let the fish out without netting the pond!
  13. Pond netted and ready Gullmer and the water lily Gullmer and Angus
  14. Well, your fish are a bit... special.... My tanks were both bright green. Water changes did not help!!! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...ic=76732&hl= I had to use AlgoStop to get rid of the green. Now the tanks look OK again!
  15. Oooooh green water! I have been fighting green water for a long time, and it seems I'm finally winning...
  16. I sadly lost my little fry Bamse. He was the biggest and healthiest of my fry... Now there is only one left from that batch, little Silver, Zorro's baby. Bamse and Silver... I didn't want him to be alone in his tank so I gave him a new friend, little Yellow. They are doing fine together. Yellow and Silver! Compare, Zorro as a baby! And my Brownie keeps changing his color. He is really beautiful right now, but I'm sure he will be all orange in time... Brownie/Orangie!!??
  17. Oooh those faces! A whole tank of them! And yes the black/orange is so beautiful!!! My tank is much greener... The other one has cleaned up, but the first one is greener than ever...
  18. I would like him to stay like this! No more orange, this is enough!
  19. Did she have those curled gills when you got her? I once had a fry who developed curled gills...
  20. I have told him so many times: Don't change! Stay brown! But he looks very special with these orange spots... And of course, I love him!
  21. Now I am definately sure that my baby Brownie, at the age of 3?, finally will change his color I have been so proud of his fantastic bronze color, and I hoped he would keep it... But now he looks like this... Getting orange I suppose...
  22. How are your little cuties getting along? I noticed you have named the blue one Princess, that's cute!
  23. Well I have seen chasing around feeding time, but not eating from anothers mouth, sounds a bit unusual. Maybe they will calm down when they get to know each other.
  24. Unfortunately it isn't pond time yet! If the spring is warm maybe at the end of may. Otherwise June. I didn't know green water needed extra aeration, thanks Imo. I should get some airstones then, but I don't have any extra power outlets (is that right word??)
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