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  1. Oh, I couldn't find this blog. I thought it was lost!

    But summer has been fine for my fishies. Everyone has survived pond life though spring was pretty chilly.

    Now they are in for winter, and I think they have all grown.

    Brownie is almost orange now, but I think I will keep the name. He still is Brownie to me!


    Zorro has completely lost his grey/blue color. Sad. Here he is with Belly and Yellow.


    We have emptied the pond and I found 2 very tiny fry. I put them in with the others and they are still alive.

    They are in Tiny Tank with the new plec, Flora, and they seems to do great. There are 6 fry now!

  2. Ja nu ?r dom inne f?r vintern.

    Har 2 st 260 liters och ett litet, som ynglen ?r i.

    Does this Swedish mean:

    No. I moved them in for winter?

    I have 260 liters tank ...I have some fry? Just guessing blink.gif

    They look really good. Zorro is very beautiful now with his new colors. Your fish make so many fry you could have your own fish store! heartpump.gif

    PS I was expecting to see pictures of trees changing color

    not fish changing color rofl3.gif

    Very good. Almost correct!

    Did you notice Brownie in the first pic? Just below Angus. He is almost orange now!

    I think it'is a bit sad that Zorro didn't keep his beautiful silverblue. But his fry Silver is still silver.

    I will try to take a pic of Zorro with his fry!

    And maybe some trees too!!!:)

  3. It is a bristlenose, (Ancistrus Dolichopterus), albino.

    My sons teacher asked my son if i wanted plecs, since she had tons of fry.

    When I found out that she had albinos I said yes!

    I wanted a female since I have 2 males already, so I had to wait.

    But this one has no bristles, so she is a female!

    And soo cute, I love the color!

    She is in with a tiny male plec, so maybe I will have fry later... maybe......!biggrin.gif

  4. Ooooh, fry! That little calico is a cutie. Your pond fish must be happy if they're reproducing. Very cool!

    Is that a little bit of head growth on King Angus???

    That is correct! Angus has some headgrowth, his head is soft and round, so cute!

    I don't know if it is because of his age or his size!

    He is a big comet.

  5. Today we had beautiful late summer weather, and when I went down to the pond I saw a few fry in the sunny water.

    I tried to catch them with my camera, but they are so shy and so fast.

    But finally I got one pic!

    It's a little calico!


    I have seen 2 calicos and at least 2 "brownies". They are very shy so I don't know how many they are together.

    I tried to take a pic of King Angus but he turned the other end...


    But all 6 of them are doing fine in pond this eummer.

    Soon it will be time to go back in...

  6. ohmy silver is the cutest thing ever :D !! Who are the parents? I didnt know you had more than one shubunkin to be parent :o ??

    Zorro is the father, I don't know mommy (Belly or Zweetie) but Silver looks exactly like his father! That's so cute!

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