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  1. I have always admired those huge old white goldies, mostly commons/comets I guess, and wondered if my fish too would get white.

    Now it seems that my big Angus, 5 years old, is getting white!



    And my silly little Brownie is getting deeper orange...



    Both of them, father and son!:heart


  2. Ooh yay update pics! In the first pic I thought one baby was upside down on the bottom until I realised that was the reflection in the shiny tank bottom.doh11.gif

    Nice to see Belly, dear Belly, she gave you so many worries before with her tummy problems didn't she, looking fine now.

    And is that really Brownie ?? I can't believe that color change!He can come and join my gang of orange and blacks anytime, he'll fit right in heartpump.gif

    Yes it's the reflection! The bottom is so clean now, Flora the new plec keeps it shining!

    And yes Belly! Everytime I look at her I remember her problems in the beginning of her life. I still have pics of her swollen body. I am so proud of her, my little special, daughter of Gullet. She is not so big, but I love her so!heartpump.gif

    Yes I realised that Brownie nowadays looks like your fishies! Wish he would stay like that forever! It's really beautiful. I don't want him to be all orange...

  3. I am happy right now, though I have a cold.

    Because my fry are well again!!!

    I lost 2 but the other four are doing just fine!!!

    So some pics!

    The brown one was heavily dropsied and the other were very slow, swimming probs.


    The 2 calicos were the first ones I found in pond. The tiny one in the front has it's own story, I slipped and fell in

    pond while trying to catch it!rofl3.gif Splash! Don't think anybody saw me!


    So the other ones!

    Yellow posing!


    My dear, dear Belly!!!heartpump.gifheartpump.gifheartpump.gif


    All four in that tank!


    Big fish tank.

    Brownie, not brown anymore!


    Angus with his soft head, and his son Brownie underneath!


    All four in Big Fish Tank!


  4. Thanks Brian, and thanks Annette.

    No, my tank isnt cycled yet. Its been running for 2? weeks.

    I cant do anything but changing the water as else it will kill them. I cant put them in with the parents, cuz theyre out in the pond, and its way too cold.

    I had a strange smell from the tank too.

    I got the nitrites down to 0,05ppm(mg/l) last night by doing another two WCs.

    Im trying to feed them less, but its a hard choice as I know they need their food too.

    I had to put teeny weeny down last night as hed been struggling so hard all day.

    I asked at the fish shop if I could seed the sponge filter with my filter from the pond, but he says the bbs die when its this cold.

    So I really cant think of anything else but WCs sad.gif

    Thanks again, Annette :-)

    Well, I'm sorry you can't get bbs from somewhere.

    I wish you and your little ones good luck.

    I know how fascinating it is to raise fry!

  5. I had a lot of problems with my first fry tank. I had nitrites because I changed too much water, there were no cycling. I didn't know anything back then, but fry started to die and I felt a strange smell from the tank.

    I changed some water every day, because I thought that was right.

    I saved the fry by putting them in a fry net in the grown fishies tank.

    But it is difficult to get rid of nitrites. Here in Sweden we have Nitrigon and Nitrivec to put in the water, I know it works.

    Are your fry tank cycled?

    I have been through this many times.

  6. Hi, Old Hag from Sweden here!

    I have raised tons of fry from pond and inside tanks.

    This year I only found 6 fry out in the pond, 4 has survived so far and they live in my 54 liter fry tank. I will sell them to my local LFS in May. A couple of years ago I sold 18-20 fry.

    I have 3 calicos and one brownie.

    I have pics somewhere.

    Yours are common too, I suppose? Single tailed?

    I got 2 doubletailed fry some years ago and I kept them.

    They are special!

  7. Very nice! I wonder if they know they're related?? rolleyes.gif

    Wow, Zorro has had quite a change. He and his child are looking good. I like the last picture where you can see the size difference between them.

    I think the shiny scales are called nacreous.

    Haha, maybe they feel close for some reason.

    Yes nacreous, very difficult word for a Swede! Thanks!

  8. It looks so fresh and pretty. I really like the blue tone of the walls, peaceful. Do your fish enjoy the music smile.gif?

    You have your fry tank on the floor like me!! And you got Eheims YAY.. aren't they great filters!

    Your green water is looking very good and healthy.

    I can hear them swim alot when I play. But I don't know if they like it or hate it!biggrin.gif

  9. I have a shubie called Zorro. He was very tiny when I got him, looked like this!


    Last winter he had a baby. I think it is a boy, and the name is Silver. Mom is Belly or Zweetie.


    But this summer daddy Zorro has changed color. He is not at all silvery blue anymore...

    So he doesn't look like his baby at all... here are some silly pics!


    This pic is very stupid, Silver is in the front and looks huuuuge!!!


    And the whole gang sneaks in behind! 4 fish in this pic!


    Zorro has grown a lot since I got him!!!

  10. I love him. He is very pretty. Are they 100 percent safe with goldies do you think? And do they eat brown algae?

    Yes this ones should be safe, and I have never had any trouble.

    Yes Flora eats brown algae, the bottom was covered in them! In a few days she had cleaned it out and now the bottom is shining!

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