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  1. Very nice fish. They're beautiful. Is his name really Angus McFish? Because that's like the best fish name ever.


    Yes he had a common brother, called Mac, I called them the McFish brothers. Sadly Mac was lost in pond one summer.

    Angus is named after Angus Young, in AC/DC!

  2. Oh I love your siggy banner, do you have to change it :painting:

    Lovely pics :heart Thanks for sharing them.

    I will have to edit it, since Brownie has changed his color completely, and Yellow has grown a lot. And I'll have to add little Silver, the shubie fry.

  3. I was lucky, I had another fish, little Yellow, who was rather tiny. So he moved in with Silver, the lonely fry.

    Now both Yellow and Silver live with the bigger gang, he is doing fine.

    The fry tank is occupied by this years fry, 4 little ones.

  4. I am sorry about your losses, I know exactly how it is.

    You get so attached to those little ones...

    But I have lost so many fry through the years, last year only one survived, this year only four.

    Sometimes the biggest one suddenly dies, happened to me last year..

    I don't know why, it's not the water..

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