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  1. Yes I have shubie/common mixes. These guys looks a lot like mine. Good luck with the little ones! Adorable!
  2. Soo cute! I like the purple one too! I also want cutouts...
  3. Very special! And singletailed!
  4. They are soo cute! I don't know anything about genetics, I just keep the fry that looks good! And my "pink" fry always turns out calico colored. But I have commons/comets!
  5. I saw these pics on FB, ooh I want summer, pond days, sitting there listening to the pouring water... I am really tired of the winter now...
  6. I always give my fish names, except for the fry I am going to sell. The names always comes to me. My fish are: (from the left, smallest to biggest in my siggy) - Silver - Yellow - Belly - Brownie - Zweetie - Zorro - Gullmer and "King" Angus McFish.... !!!
  7. Thanks! Yes he had a common brother, called Mac, I called them the McFish brothers. Sadly Mac was lost in pond one summer. Angus is named after Angus Young, in AC/DC!
  8. Thanks! Love my specials soo much!!!
  9. Ok, new siggy! And little Silver too!
  10. I will have to edit it, since Brownie has changed his color completely, and Yellow has grown a lot. And I'll have to add little Silver, the shubie fry.
  11. Thanks! Angus, also known as King Angus, is the biggest one! They are all in my siggy too, but Brownie has changed from brown to orange, and the little Yellow one has grown big! Gotta make a new siggy!!
  12. The King of the Tanks! Angus McFish! Gullmer, the Curly Fin Fish! Brownie, not brown anymore... Brownies new face! And little Zweetie Doubletail!
  13. Thanks all! I will post some new pics of the others soon!
  14. Have no idea, I raised the fry myself. Here is a pic of Brownies tail, before he changed color. from above! Tripod!
  15. Yes I am a singletail, I have 2 doubles, they were "accidents" or "mutants" I love my fish very, very much!!!:heart
  16. Took some fishy pics last night. I like this one, looks Christmassy... All four fry! Closeup! The Brown one! And little Yellow, getting big!
  17. Sorry, I have no idea what happened. I don't have fancies in my pond, only common/comets and shubunkies. The water in our pond is different from our tanks, but fish seems to like it anyway... My fish are inside now, for the winter.
  18. I was lucky, I had another fish, little Yellow, who was rather tiny. So he moved in with Silver, the lonely fry. Now both Yellow and Silver live with the bigger gang, he is doing fine. The fry tank is occupied by this years fry, 4 little ones.
  19. I am sorry about your losses, I know exactly how it is. You get so attached to those little ones... But I have lost so many fry through the years, last year only one survived, this year only four. Sometimes the biggest one suddenly dies, happened to me last year.. I don't know why, it's not the water..
  20. Thanks all of you! Yes it seems color changes can come anytime! Brownie was 3 when he lost his fry color!
  21. Thanks! Yes I hope Angus will get big white markings, that is so beautiful! I suspect Brownie will be all orange later. But Angus has those pretty white fins!
  22. Thanks, I love them whatever color they have!!!
  23. I have always admired those huge old white goldies, mostly commons/comets I guess, and wondered if my fish too would get white. Now it seems that my big Angus, 5 years old, is getting white! And my silly little Brownie is getting deeper orange... Both of them, father and son!
  24. That is one beautiful fish! And special!
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