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  1. You can get the sleeves from Atlantic Ultraviolet. Website is at http://www.ultraviolet.com/ You can get both the lamps and quartz from them but fairly costly. You can specify the length of the sleeve when you order as they can customize the size for you. I am using a 1" OD quartz sleeve with one end closed cause the lamp I am using is thin type. If your tube is of bigger diameter, you have to order a bigger sleeve. What is the dianeter of your tube? They normally call it COE (Close One End). You can check out their website and you might get a good bargain if they have offer items. You can use a plastic box provided the exposure time is short or else the UV will decay the plastic material and eventually caused it to crack.
  2. Hi Captk, Below is the picture of the UV lamp placed inside the sump. The wiring is a little messy as I am still waiting for the stainless steel plates to be fitted on the quartz sleeve and around the sump to prevent the UV rays from irridating the 2nd stage filter. The end of the sleeve is also not covered, also waiting for the parts to be machined. I am presently using a piece of plastic to cover the 2nd stage filter but plastic is not good with UV as the degrades rapidly and crack unless the plastic is made to withstand UV rays. You will note that the starter is placed inside the quartz together with the lamp to reduce the number of wires coming out from the lamp. The ballast is fitted externally as it is running fairly hot and has to be well insulated from plastic and wood (to prevent accidental fire should the ballast failed). I will take another picture once all the metal parts are in place and it should be quite neat. A piece of polished stainless steel reflector will also be installed to the sleeve to reflect the UV rays back to the bottom of the sump. The lamp is working well and water is crystal clear. I have just changed 25% water a while ago. Cheers............ UV lamp placed in the sump.
  3. DG, My lamp has 2 pin on each sides (see attached pictures). The lamp rating is 10W and I am using a 11W ballast to run it. Since it is like a normal florescent lamp, it will also need a starter. For wiring connection, it is just like any ordinary florescent lamp. Since you ontained a 25W UV bulb, you should be able to get hold of a 25W ballast. Is your lamp with 2 pins or 4 pins? If you cannot get a 25W ballast, a 30W should work with a little overdrive. This will increase the power slightly but may reduce the UV lamp life a little. There is 2 ways to mount the UV lamp. The one I am using is immersed in the sump using a quartz sleeve. You will need a quartz sleeve to prevent the lamp from touching the tank water. If you do not have a sleeve you can mount it above the water level in a sump. Using a polished reflector will maximize the irridation of the UV rays to the water passing through. I think the effectiveness is much better if the lamp is inserted to a sump than a in-line version. The contact time in a sump is much longer compared to the in-line type as the flow rate is usually failrly fast thus reducing the contact time. Most of the in-line type UV sterilizer are quite short and small volume. Let me know if you need further information. Cheers.............. UV lamp UV lamp label Cheap conventional ballast
  4. I found another tooth today!! I have all together collected 8pcs. I have 9 gf, 1 Oranda, 1 Black moor and 7 Ranchus but not sure which one is loosing teeth. I would guess the biggest one as the rest are moderate size between 4-5 inches. I will snap some pix next week of all the teeth collected. Cheers........
  5. Yea, I have read the thread on goldfish teeth and it is really funny. I am quite surprise to see such a tooth in goldfish as you cannot really see it from the outside. Most other larger fishes teeth are quite visible though. I have collected 7 pcs and I will use a trinocular to shoot a good picture of them to share. In most cases the teeth will not be visible in a tank with gravel and most likely a lot of gf keepers like me do not know gf have teeth. It is funny that I will cut most of the life food into very small pieces to prevent choking. I think I do not need to do that anymore since they have teeth that can chew!!!
  6. This is the best goldfish site so far and provides lot of excellent informaiton from members and moderators. I have no problems using this site and my PC is mostly hooked up with Kokos 10 hours daily. I have also never seen a rude or bad posting so far. Cheers.....
  7. My gf is passing white poops. Upon inspecting the white hard stuff under microscope, it looks like teeth!! I have collect 7 pcs today from the bare bottom tank of various sizes. It have a enamel coating and pointed end with a small cavity on the other end. I am quite surprise to see this but not certain it is from which gf but could be from the biggest Ranchu. Will the teeth grows back like some other animal?
  8. Cathy, So sorry to hear that you have lost so many gf Since you have high copper in your water, you may need to use RO system to filter off some of the heavy metals in the tap water. I have just found out the white poops are very likely the teeth of the gf but I am not sure whether gf have teeth!! I have 9gf in my tank with one fairly big. Under the microscope the white poops looks like a vey small teeth with a layer of enamel coating. It looks like a human teeth, miniature though with a small cavity on one side probably for the veins to grow and this part grows on the gum area. It is also flat in most cases with a fairly sharp end. From the mouth of the gf, I cannot see any teeth growing but I know most fishes have teeth but gf?? I will look up the anatomy of gf to see whether they have teeth. Cheers........
  9. Cathy, do you have the full picture of your Chilly Willy? It looks very special...I know it is gone now.
  10. Hi Cathy, how are your doing? Hope you are in great shape!! I noticed you have been extremely active at Kokos and surpassed the 1500 post mark...wow. I think my case is probably different from yours as the white poop is very tiny sizing about 2mm X 1mm diameter. My tank is bare bottom thus this white stuff should not have been consumed by the gf. It is very hard though but not sure how it gets into the gf digestion system. I am thinking like in humans, we sometimes gets stones in our bladder or kidneys but not sure gf had similar problems.. Anyhow all the gf are OK and I am just curious where in the world the white stuff comes from. You can only see this if the tank is bare bottom as the bits are very small.. Cheers...........
  11. I only feed the gf with Hikari pellets, green peas (once a week) and nothing else. All of them looks very healthy and very active. The only concern is the white stuff appears at the tank bottom and I am wondering whether the rock like poops could have comes from the accumulation of dissolved calcium in the water. I am certain that the white stuff is coming from the gf as my filter will be able to filter off any debris in the tank. Cheers.........
  12. Is it normal for gf to have rock solid white color poops? The poops looks like small pieces of corals but it is very white and very hard and heavy and it sinks. I tried smashing it and it turn into powder. Is this normal? My tank GH is about 100ppm. I am not sure the poops belongs to which gf and I could see this everyday.
  13. The following link was provided by our beloved Dataguru. You can find a lot of UV models for aquarium use. If you read all the contents in this thread, you should be able to solve the green water problem in your tank. My tank now is super clear and I have never seen water so clear in my tank before using the UV lamp. I am running the UV 3 hours daily with great results. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/NavR...m?N=2004+113778 Cheers.....
  14. I think your tank is having the green pea soup syndrom (floating algae). Mine had the same problem and using a UV sterilizer solved the problem. Do you have a unit? UV can clear up the water within a day or so. Make sure thae flow rate that goes through the UV unit is not too fast or else it won't be effective. Cheers....
  15. Thank you guys.. appreciate all your help. The tank is so clear now and the water looks "invinsible". Captk, I can give you one lamp as my gift to you but the freight might cost more than the lamp . I am serious and I still have 9 pcs in stock. It is just a UVC germicidal lamp but the quality is quite good. Cheers...........
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