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  1. ive now created a harness using cotton sticks and paper tapes. he keeps opening/closing his mouth. he cannot/will not eat. any ideas? heres pictures: when will my goldfish's bouyancy return back to normal?
  2. goldfish thinks theyre pleco.. is just being playful!
  3. lovely tank! im sure your guppies will like it. very much.
  4. like ive said, its an evil shark in a gf's body.
  5. other fish is fine. thanks guys.
  6. swimming well. my dad did feed him before turning lights off, maybe feeding before bedtime is bad? thanks guys.
  7. dad found him bloated and floating this morning. he was lay to bury at 8:45AM this morning. now my biggest goldy is three inches since i lost chubby. >< if goldfish are bloated, does that mean they were overfed and thats how they died?
  8. very beautiful tank, the male guppy looks brilliant.
  9. depends on how small because the gravid spot is another way to determine a male guppy from a female.
  10. very dark gravid spot means birth soon yes, if you just see the gravid spot, that only means it just started.
  11. yeah. shes a koi. you can tell by the streamline bodies.
  12. 30L tank? thats kind of small no? how many fish you got in there? oh and the bubbles.. you mean pump? or the filter? if its too strong, you should look for either a smaller filter or add to the filter mouth so the splash isnt as powerful. and yes, you could turn your filter at night so they wont bump each other, glass, etc.
  13. slowly introduce your current goldfish to new friends by putting the bag in the tank water. if the current GF is not like bumping the bag and just swimming around it, being playful, then its a safe introduction. if you notice any bad behavior just get the new fish out. im just curious what your tank size is.
  14. adf = african dwarf frogs?
  15. goldfish sleep. yup yup. ants, do not!
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