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  1. ive now created a harness using cotton sticks and paper tapes. he keeps opening/closing his mouth. he cannot/will not eat. any ideas? heres pictures: when will my goldfish's bouyancy return back to normal?
  2. like ive said, its an evil shark in a gf's body.
  3. other fish is fine. thanks guys.
  4. swimming well. my dad did feed him before turning lights off, maybe feeding before bedtime is bad? thanks guys.
  5. dad found him bloated and floating this morning. he was lay to bury at 8:45AM this morning. now my biggest goldy is three inches since i lost chubby. >< if goldfish are bloated, does that mean they were overfed and thats how they died?
  6. yeah. shes a koi. you can tell by the streamline bodies.
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